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  1. mrbengaltiger1

    Abandon - Beta is here!

    I finally got around to downloading this after taking a lengthy hiatus from playing Doom. Being more of a watcher, I decided to watch very little of others streaming and encourage spoilers and play Abandon for myself. I only got through the first map today and found most of the encounters fun. I enjoyed the strategic traversal around imps and the rogue Archvile in the open at the start, good source of pressure while hitting the switch, then running past the lowered wall to escape danger was a nice intense intro to what the wad has in store. However I found the encounter after with the Pain Elementals, revanent and Chaingunners was easy to cheese, using the corner while methodically taking them out. A little disappointing how easy that trap was, but the areas that proceeded did not disappoint, I had a lot of fun mowing the revs and pinkies down in tight quarters with the rocket launcher, knowing that any bad shot would have me meet a swift death. The room with the Mancubi and Arachnotrons was fairly comfortable once I commenced infighting. I'm eager to play more now. Also, thanks for making this set Benjogami, appreciate your time to design + share your maps with us. 👍🏼
  2. mrbengaltiger1


    You know, I too enjoy this style. Many players do love linear cards with slaughter arena in mind. Because It's been done so much that has grated on me, even become "monotonous" My only critical problem with BeeWen's maps are he uses too many corridor fights in claustrophobic areas. I would like to see more **open fights** in his future Relyctum maps to avoid repetition :) Btw Tango, I remember your Mayan Mishap from 2014, and thought you did a great job.
  3. mrbengaltiger1


    You're now producing a 14th map. How many do you plan to do on the finished project, BeeWen? I've enjoyed playing Relyctum and I would like to know when @ anytime so I can finish playing the wad. Thanks :)