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  1. Alfonzo....the dealer of the year... Ho shit, error on the subject sorry
  2. Kingpin3

    Any good levels with huge open spaces?

    "5till L1 Complex" (cacoward gold) or "Doxylamine Moon: Overdose" and "Lilium" (the sequel of Doxylamine Moon...) 3 big big city maps from mapper Lainos...most beautiful work. Can run only with PrBoom+ for framerate (too lag with Zdoom and Gzdoom). ; ) >> Search the New York city map....a manhattan "reproduction" map.. I have forgotten exact name. Edit to Not Jabba: Hellbound have some big area : ) and every maps are connected +++
  3. Kingpin3

    What difficulty do you play Classic Doom on?

    Hi! On classic DOOM, Ultra-Violence isnt so hard because it's the first FPS with straff, ect..... But, i recommend to play 1x "normal" difficulty before replaying on "hard" (ultra violence) after. >>> You appreciate the difference on monsters placement, you know many secrets for better usage....and you can replay a second time your favorites wads : )
  4. Kingpin3


    A mini Sunlust at "congestion" format, hum..! :) +++
  5. Kingpin3

    Erkattäññe: 11 maps, 2 flavors.

    Really not my favorite concept but... why not for killing time.
  6. Kingpin3

    Army of Darkness DOOM Total Conversion

    Fun mod for killing time... no +. I dont find any key at the second map. Blocked... :/
  7. Kingpin3


    I love this for the first efforts for realistic architecture...with good ideas, new effects, new textures. Exellent... I download all "Roger Ritenour" wads now..!!
  8. Kingpin3

    GALAXIA.WAD (The Ultimate Czech Level)

    Really good. 5 stars for me because its from 94 (!) and i really love the realistic style and ideas.
  9. Kingpin3

    No Sleep for the Dead

  10. Kingpin3


  11. Kingpin3


    Doom engine in "realist" style...Take his other pwad "phobos" too :)
  12. Kingpin3

    Remain 3

    Eternal...aka Deadall is one of the best mapper on Doom :) Try all...
  13. Kingpin3


    Exellent new detailed version of Episode 1
  14. Kingpin3


    Not for me....good zdoom features but boring gameplay
  15. Kingpin3

    KZDoom Series.