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  1. Euden

    Full conversions

    This is great! I plan on immersing myself as much as possible in the world of DOOM and mods. From map making to full conversions. I want to learn and look forward to picking the brains of this community :)
  2. Euden

    Going back to DoomEd 4.2

    I'd love to see this, go even further back and use the NextStep Editor!
  3. Euden

    Full conversions

    Map editing is one thing but a full conversion is another. I'd like to spend some time converting the game, swapping out sprites, weapons, enemies etc and make new maps for that. So with that said, I'd like some advice on where to begin with this, what tools do I need, are there any videos / tutorials to help speed along the process? Any and all help is appreciated :)
  4. Euden

    Going back to DoomEd 4.2

    So I recently discovered I can run DoomEd 4.2 through emulated windows in DOSBOX. I thought it'd be fun to try and make a simple map with this editor, you know to see how it was done back in the day. I know we have things like Doombuilder etc but it's nice to see a bit of history that was before my time. I was born in 91, so this stuff came out whilst I was still a child. That said, I have absolutely no idea now to navigate this software nor how to begin using it, is there a user manual somewhere, quick tutorial perhaps? Perhaps someone who used it could give me some pointers? Please note, I'm choosing to use this editor, I know there are easier ones. Heck if it were up to me I'd go even further back and use the OG editor Romero used on the NextStep if I could figure out how to get it running. This is a learning exercise :)
  5. Euden

    Some Doom 3 mapping info

    Those links are completely dead, I do hope someone has backups :/