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Status Updates posted by Liam

  1. Heya, looks like from this point on i'll be your friendly neighborhood blogs moderator. Let's hope it lasts longer than my /newstuff stint, eh?

    Until now, most people have looked at Blogs as a hidden, unmoderated Everything Else, so of course the question arises: how do I know whether I should make a blog or post in EE?

    Simply, blogs is for things that mean everything to you, and little to anyone else. It's where you whinge about your bad day at work, voice your unpopular opinions, post your non-doom-related artwork and fiction, brag about an awesome high score, tell a funny story that happened to you last week, or anything personal like that. In short, if it's all about you, it should probably be a blog. This way, there's a 'friendly area' where the colorful and unique Doomworld Forum populace can learn about each other's interests and accomplishments, and people who don't care can simply stay out.

    Addendum 6/18: The fanfics mods have decided that all creative works are welcome in their forum, regardless of whether or not they're doom-related. Please post your art there from now on.

    For example, this is a blog:

    Today I found a used Britney Spears album for $1.99! I'm such a lucky shit!

    This is a post in EE:

    The Doomworld Britney Spears discussion/appreciation thread

    This is a blog:

    Watch me speedrun Duke3D in a minute and 34 seconds!

    This is a post in EE:

    3DRealms releases Duke Nukem Forever; the matrix has you.

    Easy enough? Doom-related stuff goes in the appropriate Doom-related forum. Threads that belong in EE will be moved there; if you find that you've 'lost' a blog so to speak, check there first. If it's not there, it's probably in post hell or has been deleted, which means that you've broken one of these rules:

    • Spam doesn't belong here or anywhere else on Doomworld. The fact that the blogs forum is hidden does not mean that piss-poor posting is encouraged or tolerated. Use of the blogs forum to make everyone-participates "Fun threads" will be dealt with on a case by case basis.

    • Flamewars are forbidden. If someone makes a blog that puts themself in a negative light, you are allowed to openly question their judgement, but you are not allowed to insult them. If the flames come in, you go out. If you have something personal against a member, take it up with them somewhere else.

    • Potentially offensive material is only acceptable in a reasonable blog that is in perfect accordance with the general forum rules, and then only if it's relevant and clear warning is given beforehand. Don't use the img tags for it.


      Today I was out grocery shopping and wouldn't you know, Britney Spears came cavorting down the pet food aisle completely naked. I luckily had my cell phone camera on hand. WARNING: Britney's tats [url-britney]


      Look at this god-awful picture I found: [img-t*bg*rl]. I mean, crimony, who puts this stuff on the net? It's almost as bad as this: [img-g**ts*]. I'd like to do this to the guy who photographs this stuff: [img-****** ********** photo]

    You get the idea. Never post porn. Never post illegal material, including pirated software (warez), mp3s to which you do not own the copyright, etc etc.

    If for any reason this FAQ needs to be updated, then Job or I will make sure to put a note in the topic that there are new or clarified rules.

    Now that you know the rules, here's how to use blogs:

    View recent blogs with this url: http://www.doomworld.com/blog/?user=blog.
    To view an individual user's blog, replace the underlined part with the desired user's forums name in your address bar.
    To make a new blog, click 'new blog' directly above any thread or forum index, between 'user profile' and 'F.A.Q'.
    To comment on a blog from the blogs index, click "# Comments" and reply as you would on any standard doomworld forum.
    To change the appearance of your blog with CSS, download blog.css, edit it to your specifications, then send a private message to the user "blog" with the title "css" and your modified css in the body. The changes will remain as long as this PM is in your 'sent items' folder.

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    2. Liam


      you may notice that prune juice has been spilled all over bloodskull's cruise ship blog. consider it a reminder that blogs is not for flaming or drama, some of you seem to have forgotten.

    3. Liam


      birthday blogs. from now on, if you must make them, try to make them substantial. share with us the fun shit you did for the occasion, or just blog about something unrelated and mention it at the end.

      this is not an iron mandate. it just weirds me out how you crazies feel the need to post just to remind the rest of us that you're aging.

    4. Job


      There's been a noticeable influx of "OMG my computer is dead" or "Why does Windows suck?!" threads in blogs. Please remember that this site is not a tech assistance forum, unless it's related to Doom or one of its many ports, etc. Otherwise please post techie questions/scenarios in Everything Else or consider the Major Geeks Forum or whatever you like. Thanks.