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  1. Zlpempleh

    Chocolate Doom

    Awesome,thanks. Hate to be a pest,but does anybody happen to have a .bat file for the Maximum Doom pack too?
  2. Zlpempleh

    Chocolate Doom

    I kinda got what you said to work,it brings up the interface,but it just starts the regular first level.
  3. Zlpempleh

    Chocolate Doom

    Just a quick question to some people who might know Chocolate Doom better. How do you get the Master Levels to work on Chocolate Doom.I used to have some system to do it but I don't remember what I did(my harddrive had crapped out on me since)and it was a little tedious if I remember correctly.Any easy way to do it,like to get the interface that it normally comes with?
  4. Zlpempleh

    Death animation of Lost Soul and Pain Elemental

    I know the Lost Soul just explodes,the Pain Elemental also explodes spawning about 4 more Lost Souls,like as if they burst out of the Elemental.
  5. Zlpempleh

    most satisfying dead body

    Probably the Mancubus.As my brother says,"The meat falls right off the bone".Ha ha ha!!!
  6. Zlpempleh

    Final Doom TNT map 31 patch question

    I already have the patch.I need to know if I can,and if yes how,to install it. I'm sorry,I'm just lazy to go searching.
  7. I got the Doom Collectors edition and I don't think there is a yellow key,making the level impossible,right?I'm trying to install the patch in so I can get it,and I don't know what I have to do.Is it possible with DCE to install it?And if it is,how?Any help is GREATLY Appreciated.
  8. Zlpempleh

    Who uttered the moans?

    The Doom sound most used would be the famous door opening and closing sound,which made an appearance in Batman Forever when the plane/jet thing batman flies turns into a sub after getting hit by a missile or something.
  9. Zlpempleh

    Switching from Chainsaw to fist

    Well,I can just use the Berserk cheat then,and just put it in on every level.
  10. Zlpempleh

    Switching from Chainsaw to fist

    Dammit,didn't see the questions forum,can a mod move this please?
  11. Zlpempleh

    Switching from Chainsaw to fist

    In the manual(In my case,the .pdf manual that came with the Doom collection)it says that you can switch from Chainsaw to Fist after the chainsaw is picked up.You also can do the same thing with the Double-barreled shotgun and the normal shotgun,which works.But when I try to do the same with the Chainsaw fist thing,it doesn't work.Is it a problem with my computer(Which I doubt),or is the manual wrong counting the fact that most game manuals have at least one wrong claim in it.I'm just curious,it's not like it's gonna get to me. P.S.,it's not possible to play Doom/Doom 2/Final Doom deathmatches with a Cable modem right?