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  1. I'm on an older gateway laptop and it's running windows xp. I found Doom3 auto run and clicked it then notpad opened and said open DOOM 3 setup so I did went through the motions and got to where it says "Unpacking Archives 0.0% " time remaining " and shows no time remaining. And It hasnt moved for a long time. How long does it take to do that. Any help would be appreciated btw it's my nephews laptop he found in his friends closet and his dad said take it . I was snooping around and found doom3 so of course I wanted to show him Doom
  2. Hi I'm trying to install DOOM 3, non BFG edition, on my nephew's older gateway laptop (yikes..ikr) so far it's stuck on 0.0% unpacking archives.the laptop was given to him and I was looking through it and seen it had the DOOM3 setup.exe. so i was like "sweet" anyways it the laptop is kinda old but it has windows XP professional on it. Any help would be appreciated. Like i said I clicked on setup to install and it got to unpacking archives 0.0% and hasn't moved in a long time.