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  1. superreddevil

    DOOM Dev Hints At Upcoming DLC

    its pure multiplayer modes. the single player campaign on phobos is going to be announced on E3, but its going to be a sepaarated expansion like the old blood. "continue the adventure" "uac research and development" Nice move id......
  2. superreddevil

    Playable Offline?

    as long as im concerned i dontn recommend you DL the game into another machine and then tranfer the data, cause the game create a manifest and a dbdata with the specs of the machine before you play, if tyou transfer all teh data, the files get corrupted. i try that on a frineds home and all the game was fucked up, textures messed and more. we delete all the transfer and started the DL on the original machine, and problem was fixed. i recoommend you DL directly on the machine you are going to use
  3. superreddevil

    Playable Offline?

    hey! glad to see your buying a new GPU and the game. heres some feedback from my RIG: FX-8320 R9 390 8gb SSD Win 10X64 8 gb DDR3 ram Runs like butter - FPS between 70 - 150 - Ultra nightmare settings - no texture popping or any weird shit NO crashes or errors so far, mission 4 played, and Multiplaya (level 20) and snap map played also. hope that info helps on your GPU desicions, i cant imagine my framerate when vulkan update came out cheers!
  4. superreddevil

    Who's buying this for $60?

    i will. WHEN ITS FUCKING COMPLETE, I HATE THAT DLC SEASON ASS BS! not going to spend 60 now and another 200 to complete the heck Steam summer sale 2017 here we go. FU BathesdEA and your "MODERN" bussines model.