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    Doom: The Movie: The Review

    Wow *looks around* I really like what you guys have done with the place! I havn't been here in ages... Anyway, a movie about DOOM. What should any person expect from a movie based on this game? Well, No matter how much money was thrown at it, and even if it had a star studded cast, there are things about making a DOOM movie that should always be foremost in mind.... 1) It is what it is: Don't expect an epic film based on a computer game's 2 paragraph plot line. 2) It had to be done: There is no argument here. None. Anything that has such a huge impact on the world eventually becomes a movie. In this case, it should have been done when they first talked about it. As for #2, I wasn't exaggerating. Maybe today noone remembers the huge impact this game had in the U.S. It was a phenomenon at the time. I'll see the movie and just take what it gives, because if you're a fan of Doom, you have to see it, if only to say you saw it. Thay also probably didn't have the budget to make a good 'hell'. And hell, no matter how we concieve it, was fire and brimstone and demons and satanic in the game, hence, how it should be in a movie. You'd be surprised how many people in our favorite movies are british. You just dont realize it until theyre in an interview when theyre not using an american accent! Freaks me out every time... That's all... Jason
  2. BlueBeast

    having a classic doom moment

    this is probably going to be a boring rant, but i'm in a mood.... I finaly built my killer computer, im using win XP and ill find the way that works best to play the classic Dooms... Lately ive been so busy making my own game stuff, that my Doom TC project has gone, probably permanently to the wayside. I will try to dig up and pass on what Ive created so others can enjoy the weapons, though the dehacked work will be needed yet. this may not happen soon either. I want to thank every one of you who've been there to help me when doing conversion stuff, you were the inspiration to me as well, and it's what made me realize at age 35 that I want to be a computer animation artist. And now i'm going to school for computer animation, and working on our first 'real' game with the Gamestudio engine. All this because of the Doomworld forums. I can't thank you all enough, except to contribute my 'stuff' i made. And for more babbling, recently i got to thinking about classic Doom, and after reading the thread of what will happen to doomworld when doom3 comes out (no change), it hit me. this topic has been done to death I know, but i figure you havnt had to deal with me for almost a year now so :PPPP Doom will always be popular to us, and contrary to popular belief, it IS the graphics, and it IS the sound quality. Doom is so unique. it is it's own world, and we expect nothing dramatic or photorealistic when we revisit it. we dont expect it because thats how that world is. I feared i'd lose interest in Doom with all these new, high tech games I can play now, but fear not. We never will because it is a world we are so familiar with, and it's a world that had provided us with so much damn fun. Doom will live forever, it really will I apologize for the rant, I'm off again to my new life, I'll be back soon though to share with everyone. Thanks again for everything!! *sniff* Jason J Adamski ps if anyone cares to eat some lead, i play RTCW on ECGnetwork often as Bluebeast. Come play and I'll kill you, just as friends should ;)
  3. BlueBeast

    Those darn sprites again (multiple questions)

    Ok, jeez, next time i'll start a thread about clever acronyms for WAD... does anyone have any of the other answers about editors or sprite limits etc as seen on the thread starter? Ive been waitinf for days for a reply! Please help me out here guys, I havnt been able to touch my project since i started the thread! Heeeeeeeellllpppp! TIA for staying on topic :P
  4. On another thread we all discussed what the size limits of sprites were.... sooo now we get a little more complex (maybe) using wintex and vanilla doom2 1.9, im trying to make weapon sprites work properly, except the 'rockets' were 340 pixels wide, and the explosion(s) upwards of 1280 pixels wide... none were taller than 252 pixels, (dont try to figure out what i'm doing, it's complicated, and id hate to give away my plans, but it's neat) well according to wintex, the offsets can be either pos or neg 640 pixels, theoretically being possible to use a sprite 1280 wide, but when creating the new .wad i get an error saying sprite .bmps have to be < 320 pixels! (320 exactly works though) So is there a WAAAY smaller limit on sprite size? Or just for wepons? or maybe just for projectiles and explosions? Or maybe it's just wintex? What's the deal? I guess Im open to using another editor, but it has to be able to work with the other changes ive made with wintex.but it's early in the game yet so maybe i can start. Is there any editor that can make all the changes that wintex can? Also, this has been bugging me, what is the difference between an Iwad and a Pwad??? Ive never learned that yet. Lotsa questions I know, but it may be a good one for other newbies too. Thanks!
  5. BlueBeast

    Where's the tutorials at?

    Where are the tutorials i hear so much about?
  6. BlueBeast

    No Doom 3 this year?

    I've totally missed the boat.... Who announced a dec 15th releaseand when? And who announced pushing that date back and when? I searched high and low here and all i couldnt find any sources of this thread. Who what where when why? if doom 3 release dates cant be found at Doomworld, then theres something wrong, which thread has the details and in what forum?
  7. multiple questions about this... 1 In vanilla doom, can i make it so, say, the 'wandering monster' sound (Demons, lost souls etc) will NOT played by one or the other, so as to keep that sound specific to only a demon(and spectre) but NOT the lost soul? effectively keeping the lost soul silent during wandering? (generic example) 2...Also, In Vanilla Doom, can I set say, a Torch AND any number of other objects (such as trees, pedestals, etc) to all be shootable AND share the exploding frames of the barrel? 3...and finally, How can i shoot say, a torch, and assign frames so it 'explodes' with another 2 frames... 4... can I assign a sound to these final frames to complete the effect of shootable objects I purposely did not simplify this thread just to be bothersome... ok actually it's so i may see different options that may share some common workings. Thanks guys You Rule as always! (mini-member... yeeesh)
  8. BlueBeast

    The Doom Beastiary

    Ok, I looked at the vilemom... That was funny.... But I'm afraid to look at all the other cool stuff. Ive been working on weapons, and monsters are next, but I want to see what I'm capeable of without cues from others work. It sounds like they all rock though! I just don't trust myself is all, and I promised i would do the artwork all by my lonesome... ok Just babbling now... or still.. whatever :P
  9. BlueBeast

    ? Single level wads to Megawad ?

    For what it's worth, theres a proggie called WADCAT that was very simple to use, Just some input.
  10. BlueBeast

    No Alpha-Bits with my milk, please

    OK, this time i will openly invite the flaming if it's deserved... I couldn't run the Doom3 Alpha even if i was inclined to look for it, but that suits me fine. I want the game to be as much as a surprise as it can, i'd hate to have actual gameplay ruined for me by playing it before it's release. The technilogical advances shown in the movies are plenty of info to look forward to. No offense to those who seen/played the Alpha, but i hope id has taken a cue from that little problem, and totally redesigned and/or removed those specific elements from the game, and worked around what everyone thinks they know about the game from fristhand use of the Alpha. On the bright side, it would be all new/more material for everyone to play later. I have to say that my respect for the senior members is tarnished, if only slightly, for not only accquiring, but playing and openly discussing the aspects and internals of the upcomming Doom, and this in the very forums so vehemently opposed to the leaked demo. It's seems somewhat hypocritical. For what it's worth, this post was supposed to be mostly about id changing the aspects found in the alpha... sorry if i stepped on any toes..... um, i'm just gonna go cower in this corner over here...
  11. BlueBeast

    I've done it.

    Fafnir, personally i think it's great you completed ANYTHING in nightmare mode! Though it seems that everyone here EXCEPT me can, and does, play in Nightmare mode, Ive only tried a few times and it's a bit stressfull to my taste! I think it's awesome whenever someone moves up a level in any way, Kudos, and Congrats! BTW did i mention I'm a Green Marine now? ;)
  12. BlueBeast

    Musics, Sfx, ...need assitance

    are there midi sound effects out there somewhere, or is midi strictly for instrumental sounds? and/or what do i use for making my own music, that failing?
  13. BlueBeast

    Musics, Sfx, ...need assitance

    I would like to add ambiant sound for background in various levels, and since they're to be a constant throughout a level, i want to incorperate that within the music. I know nothing about music replacement ecept there's a MUS2MIDI program from way back. With Vanilla Doom2... 1) How can I take a wav (or other if necessary) file and convert it to a useable format to replace DOOMs music, 2) Can I use Wintex to do some of it? TIA
  14. BlueBeast

    Doom 3 EXPECTED Release Date

    Maximum PC is a great rag, and usually quite reliable, but i agree that only id will be the 'Word of God' When a true release date is announced, will it be put on the homepage of Doomworld? What i mean is, instead of posting where it makes it's way down the page as Newstuff Chrons. are added, can it get a semi-permanant place on the top of the page? at least for a while? God Im pathetic... will ya do it?
  15. BlueBeast

    Chaingun Sound

    Couldn't in Vanilla Doom using dehacked just pick a sound you won't use and assign that sound to the firing frame? Though I just looked, it appears that theres no firing sound assigned to the chaingunner, but there IS for the trooper. Perhaps the troopers firing sound could be changed? on a semi related topic, (hate to make a new thread) the Spider Mastermind has a different action sound assigned to it than is played while walking!? What in the EXE defines the sounds to monsters that have no sounds assigned to them (or different than what is played)? is it through the first 'walking' frame? sorry to sidetrack, but it seemed relevant, plus i need this info too...