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  1. Chickensoup101

    Crispy Doom 6.0 (Update: Mar 31, 2023)

    Oh i see, i thought it's an error.
  2. Chickensoup101

    Crispy Doom 6.0 (Update: Mar 31, 2023)

    Minor problems and not sure if it's attended. Once it hits 1 hour the time result re positioned in the wrong way This is what it looks like! v
  3. Chickensoup101

    New interview(s)

    But... Haven't we already know the origin of Doom guy already? The soldier who almost killed his officer because he was ordered to kill a civilian, punished and sent to mars.... All is history and that's the origin story of Doom Guy.
  4. Chickensoup101

    Doom Eternal's confusing released date

    Ok, I really confused about Doom eternal's released date. Is the game gonna be released in December 2018 or 2019? some people said it's gonna released this year 2018 and some say it's gonna be released next year 2019. If it's December 2018, then whoa! they made the game real quick, or if it's December 2019 then it's kinda understandable if that's the case.
  5. Chickensoup101

    New interview(s)

    I got this feeling, Slayer's origin story is gonna be in DLC like Wolfenstein: The Old Blood!
  6. Chickensoup101

    About "Demonic Corruption".

    Damn the entire level is like a mini sandbox map! I like it! ( O w O)
  7. Last thread! When this game hits stores, i'll be playing the game with zero expectations. If you play the game with expectations, you probably gonna be a little bit disappointed. Thoughts about Doom Eternal.... It's actually way better than DOOM 2016 so far. I like the part where demons are roaming around the map instead of sitting there waiting for you in one small room, that's the only thing that i don't like in DOOM 2016...... Yeah, that's about it. LOL!!! ... And oh! do you guys realized there are two different mods for the Super Shot Gun... The one in the first teaser is like a legit bayonet, it looks like a horn or spike, nothing like the Meat Hook... So yeah, i wish The ID Software team for the best! \( O w O)/
  8. Chickensoup101

    The Invasion mechanic.

    I like this tactic~
  9. Chickensoup101

    How the Arch-Vile may work, even with temporary corpses

    I think the Arch Vile's job in the new game is to heal damaged demons and revived fallen demons... I don't know, how they gonna make the revive ability works when the dead demons disappeared in seconds!
  10. Chickensoup101

    The Invasion mechanic.

    Doom Eternal : Yandere Simulator addition? XD " I wish Doom Slayer senpai noticed me~ "
  11. Chickensoup101

    Hell Knights have eyes

    I would be much better if they have small horns, though.
  12. Chickensoup101

    The Invasion mechanic.

    I have my shitty experienced with this kind of mechanic before, Players would just screwing around with you instead of playing it serious. Don't know probably i suck it~ : p Also, i wonder if the demon selection will be randomized. it would be suck if you play as a slow moving zombie! XD
  13. Chickensoup101

    The Invasion mechanic.

    This new multiplayer mechanic will annoy the fuck out of people for those who didn't turned off the invasion mode. And what i like about this new multiplayer mechanic, this could be the best mechanic to annoy and troll a lot of players for the shits and giggles! So, just turned off the invasion mode so no one will disturbed your single player campaign experience. Tho, I rather prefer multiplayer story campaign, fighting against the forces of hell with your friends ala Contra! :D
  14. They should have titled Doom 4 to... DOOM: Awakening. Because it makes sense!
  15. Chickensoup101

    The Slayer's Arch enemy and the Marauder

    His name! If the dev called him the Arch enemy, i think the demon is probably the toughest one that Doom guy's faced in hell before he was sealed away.