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  1. Some art i did today! Oh yeah, done this back in 2017
  2. Ok.... I really enjoyed playing Doom using  only the keyboard.

    1. Pavera


      It's fun once you get the hang of it!

    2. Marlamir


      +1 status update spam

    3. Chickensoup101


      Took me days to get used to.

    4. Chickensoup101


      Wait, did i spam something that i don't know?

    5. Marlamir


      yep, this status update is spam little bit

    6. Chickensoup101


      Huh, i didn't know i spam something. Might careful next time.

    7. 42PercentHealth


      This status update is Doom-related. I don't think it should count as spam.

    8. Marlamir


      Just my opinion guys :-)

  3. It's a different experience playing Doom only using the Keyboard.

  4. Doom problems..... I wish i has fabulous long hair as John Romero, though...

    1. Maes


      Wait until you reach an age/status where you with you had hair, period.

    2. Ex Oblivione

      Maybe he was born with it maybe its Maybelline.

    3. Captain Ventris

      Captain Ventris

      Not gonna lie, he's my hair goal.

    4. Captain Ventris

      Captain Ventris

      Not gonna lie, he's my hair goal.

    5. grouchbag

      While I'm not Romero, at least I have hair down to my ass.But good luck growing yours! :-)

  5. My today's unfinished or preview drawing! Kasumi Kenshiro from the Fist Of The Blue Sky! There are four more portrait artworks that i will post at the creative works section, when i've done all of them .... One of them is Doom Slayer unmask~ :3



    1. Memfis


      I like it.

    2. rodster


      Omae wa mou.... :D nice drawing!

  6. Play any J-RPG games... Without any save... Boi....
  7. > No save > Plays Strife and Hexen CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!!! ( O ^ O)9
  8. E4M1 is still the most menacing and difficult map to get through!

    1. Nevander


      I always just go slow and watch all the corners. The shotgunners are the problem in that map if they surprise or surround you.

  9. Testing out Chocolate Doom version 3 beta, everything's is fine and well, Fps seems to be improved. Except for Strife... Whenever you talked to an NPC, the main character instantly looked at the left, as if he was like... "It's not like i'm gonna take that 50 gold offer to kill and silenced Beldin or something .. B-BAKA!!!" But Strife runs well in version 3 beta, it's just the way you press the "use" button to talk to the NPC, your character instantly look to the left.

  10. A preview sketch i draw of Doom Slayer unmask... Not done yet~ ( = w = )



  11. Will Crispy Doom be available for Hexen, Heretic and Strife?


    1. Gustavo6046


      No, it will only be released for Xbox One.

  12. Me : Oh boy, i'm gonna do something productive and finish my Touhou and Heretic fanfic, today!

    Doom : Psst, how about you play Doom first?

    Me : OK! I only do 2 maps!

    - Hours later, I've beaten 2 episodes of Doom - 


    1. bzzrak


      ...Touhou and Heretic fanfic?

    2. Chickensoup101


      Separated fanfic project not a crossover.

    3. Chickensoup101


      Also, Hell naw these fanfics are not porn, lol! I'm not one of those fanfic writers who writes about their fetishes 'n shit.

    4. bzzrak


      "these fanfics are not porn" yeah right

    5. Zakken


      Doom's been my #1 cause of productivity issues for the past 8 years now c':

  13. Doom problems... Using a rocket launcher, killed yourself because you accidentally shot a wall in very close range!

    1. rdwpa


      Wow. That must be the first time that has happened to anyone. 

    2. Chickensoup101


      Cause I was doing the generic zig zag / left and right move using the wall as shield. Especially a risk using the rocket launcher in a very small space. That part with the fake exit though. 

    3. A7MAD


      Typical doom issue's , lets blame doom for this 

    4. leodoom85


      Try shooting a rocket to a nearby lost soul while charging and come here...blame Doom...

    5. bzzrak


      The RL sucks anyway, why even use it?

    6. Chickensoup101


      For crowd control...  If i have a safe spot not to blow myself up.

  14. Was in the local Internet cafe chilling watching folks playing Dota, Overwatch and stuff, then suddenly this random kid is saying every first person shooter is a carbon copy of Crossfire.... CROSS FUCKING FIRE!!?!? REALLY!?!?! 

    If you don't know what's Crossfire is, it's a first person shooter from korea... I live in a goddamn Philippines, i see kids playing this shit talking trash and screaming.

    It's like saying Doom is a ripoff of that game i mentioned.

    1. TootsyBowl


      Can't blame 'im. He's probably never played anything else.

  15. It's been 7 years! And you still didn't beat Doom 1 and 2 in Nightmare mode.

    1. MrGlide
    2. Poohlyash


      Hah man, its been 14 years and i still didn't beat doom/doom2 on nightmare