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  1. > Playing Doom 
    > I'm in the last map of episode 2
    > 10% health left
    > Spamming rockets on Cyber Demon
    > Suddenly Lost Soul behind me
    > Lost Soul was like " Omea wa mou.... Shindeiru " 
    > And i was like " NAAAAANIIII!!!!! "
    > Dead and quit game...

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    2. Chickensoup101


      There is a 50% or 28% chance i could beat E2M8 cause the only weapon in that map is the rocket launcher. I don't know would try, for the shits and giggles~

    3. Chickensoup101


      *I could beat E2M8 in pistol start

    4. Voros


      That's right, E2M8 comes fully stocked with rockets and rocket launcher :P I seem to have forgotten that.

      I know I've beaten E2M8 on pistol start more than once. You'll need about 40 rockets to kill the Cyberdemon, and that much is present on the map.