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  1. TurboBr0

    PC launch options to make your life easier

    Nope, still got achievements on my end when I skip the intro and disable mouse acceleration
  2. TurboBr0

    DOOM Collector's Edition Thread

    To be fair, some collector's editions include both the steelbook case and the standard case so that you always have the option of using either one. I bought a MGS HD collector's edition which did this.
  3. TurboBr0

    ITT: Alternate Universe Doom

    Goddamnit, another annual recycled doom trash game? And now they're putting Commander Keen Remastered with the $100 bundle? Ugh, just gonna pirate it anyway for the campaign. Btw, whos excited for the upcoming reboot of Call of Duty?
  4. TurboBr0

    Welcome Back to Hell

    Hell, why not the whole damn solar system?
  5. TurboBr0

    They Messed Up the "Classic Doom" Levels

    In a nutshell https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tfy-DSuc_Kk