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  1. I have been doing alot construction work lately so I have had my steel
    toe boots on. I have heard that if you get some thing heavy enuf droped on your steel toe that it could cut off your toe's. But I didnt belive it since allmost every one say that having them is better then not having steel toes. All that changed yesterday. I was helping one of the new guys cut and hang drywall. We put up 3 or 4 sheets. When we started to grab more sheets out of the truck things whent to hell.
    The new guy didnt knw how to carry it so that all of the drywall wheaght wasnt on just one arm. He droped his side of the load we were carying, 4 sheets of drywall. For those of you that dont know. Most drywall sheets ar around 50lb to 60lb a sheet. Insted of the drywall hitting the front of his steel toe it hit the back. This forced the end of the steel toe down into his foot cutting off 3 of his toes. Now
    I have to fill out a bunch of papper work since I am the boss. I will never ever ware steel toed boot after yesterday.

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    2. Ninja_of_DooM


      Numbermind said:

      I'm never tossing out my Navy-issue boots.

      And I wish I was able to have kept them. Bloody stores folk. Just less paperwork for them I guess. They took a lot of damage after being over assault courses, numerous long marches and bogs as well as Dartmoor. But the leather on the toes was in a hell of a mess. Still good after it all though.

    3. Naked Snake

      Naked Snake

      ROFL, a construction worker not wearing steel-toed boots because of one freak accident is like NASCAR drivers not wearing their seatbelts because Dale Earnhart's failed. It's retarded.

    4. pritch


      I'm worried that the boss is filling out legal 'papper work'. Might want to get somebody in to handle that.

      And yeah, just wear decent quality steel toes. To wear unprotected shoes in a construction environment would be madness.