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  1. Rotting Corpse

    Pc Special Edition?

    Well the game has been out for a long time now. Do you guys ever think we will see a dvd edition with extras that come with it? X-Box got one why not us. Would you buy a specail edition if they made one? Maby it could come with a Doom 3 Cyber-Demon miniature. Or they could go all out and package it with a Doom 3 T-shrt and put the shirt size on the box.
  2. Rotting Corpse

    Baron of hell, what is he made of?

    When us MMA fighters go for a photo shoot we fast for at lest six hours. So your skin sticks to your muscle and gives you more muscle definition. It could be the BOH has little to no body fat so that its skin sticks directly to the muscle giving it the look that it has no skin.
  3. Rotting Corpse

    what keeps you up at night?

    Same here. Other then that booze and my band. I have never had many nightmares. Even as a kid I dont reamber having many. Must be cos I grew up watching slasher movies.
  4. Rotting Corpse

    Vista bashing

    The sad thing is we all know HP is not going to be the only company doing that. Its just a matter of time and other will join them. At this point I would not be surprised if Microsoft is asking comapanys too only make Vista drivers for new devices. That way they can push Vista on us sooner. At this point I'm doing the same thing I did when Xp came out. Wait to upgrade tell Xp is no longer supported for the most part and hope they got all the major bugs worked out in Vista by then.
  5. Rotting Corpse

    Yet another misplaced "help with my hardware" thread

    Linksys isnt that great in the first place and Netgear is a joke. When it comes to wireless routers the only barnd that I have used is D-link. I have not had any problems with mine and I dont know any one that has. Some of them can be a bit expensive but they are worth the extra cash. http://www.dlink.com/
  6. Rotting Corpse

    Heaven and Hell

    Its a matter of taste. I do love Sabbath with Ozzy. But, there is just some thing about the albums with Dio that I like more. I think its Dios voice and IMO he writes better songs when it comes to lyrics.
  7. Rotting Corpse

    Heaven and Hell

    Man, I would love to go. Heaven and Hell for the most part is the album that got me into heavy metal and Dio. Too see Sabbath on stage with Dio would have to be one of the best shows ever. I might just have to head to NY on 3/30/2007 too see them.
  8. Rotting Corpse

    Who here would vote for Barack Obama?

    Is it just me or dose Hilary Clinton all most come off as a power hungry nut job? If any thing she would be the next Bush and run the states in too the ground even more. I dont think she even has the skills to lead this country. I mean lets face it Bush got into office because his dad was president that a lot of people liked. I whould hate to see Hilary take office because Bill was a great president. But, its a well known fact that she is not liked by a lot of people. So I dont think she will get the nod. As for McCain or Obama. I still havent read up on them. So I cant say who would be better. Why do people view McCain as extreme? I mean that could be a good thing. There is so many problems in the states now. Having some one in office thats going to take the country by the throat might be a good idea.
  9. Rotting Corpse

    32 Level Wads Too Long?

    Very true. The mega wads I have played that where made by one person kind of fell flat in the middle of the wad. The maps felt like fillers. Some of the end maps would be a lot better but for the most part the later half felt like it was made up of filler maps. The wads could have been cut down to 12 or 15 maps and would have been great.
  10. Rotting Corpse

    fantastic 4: rise of the silver surfer trailer

    When he first came to earth he was. Basicly Sufers job was to lead Galactus to planets he could "eat". Earth was going to be Galactus's next meal.
  11. Rotting Corpse

    How White is your Christmas?

    Like DJ_Haruko, I'm in Colorado. Not much snow up where I'm at. Wich is weard since nine times out of ten we get more snow in the Aspen/Glenwood area then Denver. The blizzard shut Denver down for the most part. Stores up here where out of things like milk and produce. UPS and Fedex where not getting truks form Denver tell yesterday.
  12. Rotting Corpse

    And God said....

    That is ture. Also what is ture is that some religions have some good morals that every one should fallow in there day to day life. Religion its self is not bad. Its the people that use for bad things are.
  13. Rotting Corpse

    And God said....

    Well, I dont know what my religion is. I have all ways said Ill find out whats next when Im dead. Thats about it. Religion has never been a big part of my life. For me living my life by rules from a book, created by a higer power that I have no 100% proof is even there just dose not work for me. I for one think most religions have a lot things they need to answer for. All most every major war or conflict has been deeply rooted in one fourm of religion or another. The crusades and WWII just to name a couple.
  14. Rotting Corpse

    Any new games out that are worth playing?

    If you like fps like the Battle Field games and some what like Wolf:Et then War Rock is worth downloading. It is still a beta but the only problems I have found have been very minor. This is the game I started playing when BF2 truned into crap. Also Unreal Tournament 2004 is still going strong and has a lot of players. So if you dont have it I bet you could pick it up for $20 or less.
  15. Rotting Corpse

    New Spider-Man 3 trailer

    Well Venom looks cool. I kind of wish he was bigger. It looks like hes going to not have the trademark white spider on him. Kind of sucks but he could look a hell of a lot worse. I also hope that peter dose a little less crying and a lot more kicking ass in this movie.
  16. Rotting Corpse

    Kramer spews racial slurs

    Words only have power over you if you let them. Getting bent out of shape about some thing some one said is your choice. When some ones says some thing is "offensive" to you. You make a choice to be offended. People need to learn they are just words. So if things like the word Nigger offend you. YOU are letting it get to you. No one else is.
  17. Rotting Corpse

    Ban black pussys in Idaho

    Oh know, they said the big F word! The biggest problem with the states is that we are too damn paranoid. People are all ways afraid or fear tha t some thing will happen. And what dose the media do? Add more fule to the fire. Its gotten to the point that maby 2 out of the 10 storys on the news might be a good one. But, when you have one good in a pile of shit its hard to reamber what the story was about. If any thing would help getting rid of most of the bs on the news would help.
  18. Rotting Corpse

    Holy shit!

    I did that with the 360 and made $1,000.00 for it. Got one the day it came out and put it on ebay.
  19. Rotting Corpse

    Battlefield 2142...

    Basicly that is why I quit BF2. BF2 went to hell after the 1.22 patch. Not only was it full of bugs and gliches. They started to "fix" the game cos a bunch of noob where crying. Reamber when the PKM was an unscoped sniper rifle? Thats when I quit. Now I hear about people gliching there way into buildings?! BF2 will be the last ea game I ever buy. Quake Wars here I come. I started playing once the demo came out and got the game the day it was released. I can say when the game worked it was great. But now EA and Dice have turned it into a pos.
  20. Rotting Corpse

    Lost in the video card world

    Well, I have been using a Gforce 6800gt pci-e. Games like Doom3, FEAR and Far Cry run great with every thing set to high. They are cheap also so if you are looking for some thing cheap to hold you over tell DX10 and Vista this would be a great card.
  21. Rotting Corpse

    Quest for YouTube's FUNNIEST video

    Man that Gothic 3 looks bad. The voice acting sucks and he got beat down two many times too count by a pig. And the pig took on 5 other guys a whooped there asses also.
  22. Rotting Corpse

    Colorado is the place to be for school!

    The thing about that is it all depends on the shooter, rifle and ammo. I know about the current world record. There is a lot of factors when dealing with just the rifle and ammo its self. Most rifles that you get in the store even if they are the same one that Lawinforcement and Armed forces use are two very difffrent rifle's. Same gose for the ammo. Some guns even have a Max Effective Range over 1700 meters. Max Effective Range is not how far the bullet will go. Its measurement of how far away some one can be and there shoot will be still be accurate. The bullet my travel more but due to bullet drop and other factors it s next to imposable to hit any thing beyond the M.E.R. of that rifle with matching ammo. For example the Barrett M-82A1 has a M.E.R. of 1830 meters.
  23. Rotting Corpse

    Colorado is the place to be for school!

    It shows that the Jefferson county Sharpshooters are not that well trained. I can put a bullet in a quarter from up to half a mile way with the marksmenship training I have had over the years. Most of your trained Snipers can hit a penny or even a dime from 1/2 a mile away. Jefferson county is not that big and the Lawinforcement is not that well funded so they cant get the same training like they would in LA or NY. For me this was a bit hard to take. Being from Colorado and going through Columbine was not easy. I was in middle school and I still remember running to the gym with every one in the school. The lights were shut off and the staff blocked the door ways with the matt rollers. Hearing the staff talk about shots being fired in a school when your 13 is very scary. Having the school that it happend in a 20min drive away made it even more so. I cant even put the fear all of us kids felt that day into words. You simply had to have been there to understand. As for SWAT rushing the building. That is never a good thing. Most people that do things like that are ready and willing to die. Some like this guy plan on getting them selfs killed or taking there own life. 8 times out of ten if SWAT would rush the person would try to take out as many people as he can befor he dies. So insted of having one girl dead you could have even more. People never think of things that way. This is not the moives you cant rush in gun's blazing and have every thing turn out ok.
  24. Rotting Corpse

    Bush is the devil!

    Ok, lets buy oil from the mmiddle east. The same place that Al-Qaeda and many other organization that are hell bent on destroying any thing they dont think is right. Let, continue to take farmers land using imminent domain so that we can drill for oil on land that has been in there family for generations. Ya, lets still use oil when we have the tech to make it out of sunflower's and corn. Sounds real smart to me. The point is we are buying oil from the same country that is home to the same people that are running planes into building and blowing up subway trains. Farmers accorss the us are lossing there land to oil companies. The US would be a hell of a lot better place if we just pulled out of the middle east. No just out troups but our oil industry. And continued to push for organic fuels. Insted of taking our farmers land. The oil companies and goverment could buy materials from farmers and the farmers in turn can keep there land. Bio-diesel has been around for a while now and has been proven to be just as good as diesel. Most of the the school buses and public buses have been running on bio-diesel for a couple of years now. Not to mention the fact that the middle east has been on a path to self destruction for years and no matter what country sends in there army there is nothing stoping them. Hell, they want the usa and uk out so why dont we just pick up and go?
  25. Rotting Corpse

    What the Hellcore?

    I'll test Hellcore with Doomsday.