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  1. MIDIocrites

    Doom went weird on me...

    Not sure about your issue with the objectives, but it sounds like part of your problem is that you may have been confusing the Argent Facility (the "Beginning of the End" chapter) and Argent Facility (Destroyed) ("Hell on Mars") levels. Both levels' layouts take you through the outdoor area you describe (with the parked freighter and the entrance to the hydroponics room), but in AF (Destroyed) the force field and freighter are gone, and you cannot enter most of the doors you could in the first Argent Facility level, including the greenhouse.
  2. MIDIocrites

    mispelling generator?

    Better than pretty much everything that came out of my college poetry workshop.
  3. MIDIocrites

    Doom Exposed as Illuminati Satanic!

    Glorious. Just glorious.
  4. MIDIocrites

    Another midi topic (about a program this time)

    http://imgur.com/a/FBdvV You can use the filter options in the event list view to narrow down what you want pretty quickly. Just figure out which track you want and go from there. I doubt a program exists that will make it any simpler. As far as I know, most of the software used to edit MIDI data is intended for full-on sequencing.
  5. MIDIocrites

    In which state do you reside? (U.S. Residents)

    Ohio, in a small city that's made national news a few times in recent years for a disproportionate heroin problem and missing women.
  6. MIDIocrites

    Your favorite B movie(s)?

    The Langoliers. Technically it's a mini-series, but oh well. Doesn't have enough plot to fill out that three-hour run time, but Dean Stockwell as condescending Sherlock Holmes knock-off, Bronson Pinchot as the human paper shredder, and some of the worst CGI in all of cinema make it one of my favorite guilty pleasures.
  7. Looks like you've already worked out your own solution, but in case you're still interested: http://www.softwareok.com/?seite=Freeware/Q-Dir Found this after a few quick Google searches. I'm not familiar with the developer, so I can't comment on the legitimacy of the software, but at first glance Q-Dir appears to be what you're after.
  8. MIDIocrites

    Doot Toot Toot

    https://soundcloud.com/midiocrites/doot This has been my ringtone since the first time I saw one of those reverse sleeve edits. May cause hypercalcemia.
  9. MIDIocrites

    Modding for Doom 2016?

    This thread on the Doom subreddit. From the OP there: "Everything is written in plain text, so you can see all damage numbers/values/particles/fx/etc." Since Id/Bethesda/whichever seem to want to confine user-made content to SnapMap, I'd be surprised if it turns out scripts aren't precompiled now (assuming that's a thing; I'm not a software engineer).
  10. MIDIocrites

    Too much Doom

  11. MIDIocrites

    DOOM easter eggs / references / injokes

    The head on a stick has been found. Someone didn't blaze through this one...
  12. MIDIocrites

    AGN3T I3T

    Quick, rationalize it, rationalize it!
  13. MIDIocrites

    Why does everyone hate DOOM?

    I did something similar after the open beta, and pretty much the same thing happened. I just wanted to satirize the low-effort Steam reviews (ones along the lines of "0/10 Call of Halo fuck you id"). The defensive fanboys thought I was handing them ammunition, and the folks who felt jilted thought I was giving them the finger.
  14. MIDIocrites

    Impressions from NeoGaf (possible minor spoilers)

    How so? I have no problem at all with the glory kills or even the staggering animation, and that still looked like a pretty fair and honest characterization to me.