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  1. I ran into the armor room and got shot to shit by sergeants.
  2. Not from a game, but it's probably my favorite handgun overall.
  3. What are your silly monster nicknames?

    Pinky - mutant ox Cacodemon - flying mutant tomato Baron of Hell/Hell Knight - minotaur Arch-vile - annoying cunt
  4. How do Doomworldeers deal with general stress?

    I put some headphones on, lie down, close my eyes and listen to this:
  5. Your dumb Doom habits

    Facing a wall with the RL out and "accidentally" hitting Ctrl.
  6. Worst map in The Ultimate Doom

    E3M4, E3M5 or E3M7. All depressing and frustrating maps.
  7. Which map is better, Icon of Sin, Last Call, or The Gateway of Hell?

    If I had to pick a favorite, I'd say IoS in Doom II. The teleporter puzzle in Last Call always gave me a lot of grief, but the choice of music is a nice touch, as others have pointed out. Least favorite is GoH. Don't think I've ever been able to beat it without using God mode. Never been a fan of IoS maps though.
  8. Specific combination of monsters you like/dislike

    Forgot to add Archies + PAs as another monster combo I find to be a major pain in the ass.
  9. Specific combination of monsters you like/dislike

    Likes: barons + cybie hell knights + cacos hell knights + mancubi hell knights + revenants Dislike immensely: arch-vile + chaingunners arch-vile + revenants
  10. Best/worst map in Doom II

    Best: Suburbs Worst: The Catacombs
  11. The megawad/mod of your dreams

    It's probably already been done, but I'd like to see an Ancient Greece/Rome or Edo period (picture zombiemen in kimonos wielding katanas) style wad. Wads based on historical periods are always interesting. A steampunk wad would be nice too.
  12. Place crazy weapon ideas here

    A rapid-fire BFG
  13. Your favorite final boss in any game?

    Baal in Diablo II