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  1. I ran into the armor room and got shot to shit by sergeants.
  2. Not from a game, but it's probably my favorite handgun overall.
  3. Pinky - mutant ox Cacodemon - flying mutant tomato Baron of Hell/Hell Knight - minotaur Arch-vile - annoying cunt
  4. I put some headphones on, lie down, close my eyes and listen to this:
  5. Facing a wall with the RL out and "accidentally" hitting Ctrl.
  6. E3M4, E3M5 or E3M7. All depressing and frustrating maps.
  7. If I had to pick a favorite, I'd say IoS in Doom II. The teleporter puzzle in Last Call always gave me a lot of grief, but the choice of music is a nice touch, as others have pointed out. Least favorite is GoH. Don't think I've ever been able to beat it without using God mode. Never been a fan of IoS maps though.
  8. Forgot to add Archies + PAs as another monster combo I find to be a major pain in the ass.
  9. Likes: barons + cybie hell knights + cacos hell knights + mancubi hell knights + revenants Dislike immensely: arch-vile + chaingunners arch-vile + revenants
  10. Best: Suburbs Worst: The Catacombs
  11. It's probably already been done, but I'd like to see an Ancient Greece/Rome or Edo period (picture zombiemen in kimonos wielding katanas) style wad. Wads based on historical periods are always interesting. A steampunk wad would be nice too.
  12. A rapid-fire BFG
  13. Baal in Diablo II