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  1. Shredder

    Private games and custom settings are on their way

    Hope they ditch the loadouts.
  2. Shredder

    Is Snapmap dead on Xbox tonight?

    Bethesda are looking pretty clueless at this moment with having mandatory loadouts in-game. I think they're the only thing killing the MP/SnapMap.
  3. Shredder

    Is Snapmap dead on Xbox tonight?

    Agreed word for word. I was wondering if id was going to change it with DLC but it should have been done already. To Hell with Certain Affinity and id is going the way of the dinosaur unless they give the players what they want.
  4. Shredder

    DOOM 3 ROE Hell's Playground = Infernal .

    I kind of see the vague similarities in the second images, but not the first.
  5. Shredder

    Is Snapmap dead on Xbox tonight?

    Hey Julz. I'm not surprised SnapMap is dead, when loadouts have been made mandatory. We can't change them so that we can carry all weapons in unison ala Singleplayer. Not to my knowledge. I've lost interest in Multiplayer and SnapMap because of oppressive decisions like these that make no sense. With weapon pick-ups we have the freedom to carry multiple weapons at once. With loadouts, that freedom is oppressed with the loadouts. This is what people generally wish for: The option to carry all weapons as you could in Singleplayer, not having to drop one weapon in order to obtain another and need the former when you're either halfway through a map or at the end of it. It's no fun, so we are robbed of satisfaction with bullshit decisions like incorporating the loadouts. Sorry for the rant there Julz. Just frustrated.
  6. Shredder

    Olivia Pierce

    Oh right, yeah I saw that in-game. Cool picture. When I read your comment I thought you meant Olivia was full-on wearing a bikini or something. :)
  7. Shredder

    Olivia Pierce

    Pics or it didn't happen. :P
  8. Shredder

    The bitching about the MP

    That's the great thing about true arena shooters like Quake 3 and classic Doom. You didn't need to "level up" to have fun. You started with the ability to use/carry any and all weapons in one go until you were killed. Loadouts rob you of that option and limit satisfaction and enjoyment.
  9. Are you compensating for something or what?
  10. Shredder

    The bitching about the MP

    The loadouts have ruined Multiplayer and SnapMap for me. I still wish to learn about SnapMap and create levels, but it's not going to happen until Bethesda/id get rid of the loadout BS.
  11. Shredder

    I love that demonic lore guy.

    I think that was a different voice. They sound different side-by-side.
  12. Shredder

    What system(s) did you get DOOM on?

    Bought it for the PS4.
  13. Cool! Thanks, NecrumWarrior. This could lead to great things, theoretically anyway.
  14. Dropping X gun to pick up Y gun at the start of a map, only to need gun X half-way through or towards the end of a map just sucks. People like myself who have never modded before would be grateful for the weapon loadouts to be done away with and the weapon wheel brought back in with SnapMap. This two weapon limit has ruined my multiplayer and SnapMap experience. Such a stupid idea to begin with. Thanks for disappointing, Bethesda.
  15. Shredder

    Spoiler? I just heard...

    lol Maybe iD put it in as an easter egg?