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  1. Just thought that I could show some people that the alt-skins are not done completely lazily. What does everyone think of this series in general?
  2. I never felt much nostalgia because I always played the games how I first started out. I always discover something new when playing the game and that is what motivates me to play more. It takes me quite some time to prefect a UV Max play-through before I move on to something else. I started off really young playing Doom and it was the exact same procedure, get through knee deep in the dead with as many new discoveries as possible and move on once that is perfected. I don't know if I'm missing out on the nostalgia trip or something because I wasn't even around in the 90's. I have some great memories on zanondrum servers though but thats the closest it will get to nostalgia because some of those servers are dead now.
  3. Marcinski

    Cursed Doom Images

    Oh dear. Well, I found this abomination.
  4. A map from any official doom game or any custom wad that just made you want to explore the map early before clearing everything but it was so damn hard! I haven't played many custom wads so I'm curious to see whats quite popular but I'm also interested on your opinions about some of the vanilla maps!
  5. Marcinski

    How would you change the Doom's difficulties if you could?

    Nightmare would just be itself but without respawning and half the ammo so a box of shells for example would give 10 shells.
  6. Marcinski

    What's the deal with Archviles?

    I hate them. Everyone hates them. Some people pretend to like them. Nobody loves them. They can suck their own peen. Its their hitscan attack ok? They are 1/3 of the recipe for the plutonia experiment levels.
  7. EVEN SIMPLER! Lets be real here its a straight up upgrade to the other one.
  8. Marcinski

    Ultra-Violence and the opinions of the players

    Ultra-violence because theres more enemies! Is there another reason why other people choose it other than to flex their skillage or just to blast more stuff away?
  9. Marcinski

    Does anyone else hate hot-starts?

    Eh, I like a casual start to get the feel of whats around me because the starting rooms design can tell alot about whats up ahead. Having me shoved into a hot-start isnt as satisfying in my opinion.
  10. Marcinski

    New To Doom With Many Questions

    Doom is actually growing and its building quite the community everyday. Its one of those games that will never be forgotten due to it having quite a historical milestone in the gaming industry. And thanks to Doom eternal, an absolute load of people started to gain interest in the game so its also slowly connecting with other types of people. Dont feel that you started off late, just be happy that you were there! People will still play this game decades later. I myself started playing very late and many others here have too. So yes we will play your WADS! And if you wanna game with us on multiplayer then Zanondrum is the way to go! And also I would recommend getting crispy doom to play doom on since its just soooooo smooth and the quality of life changes are spectacular. GZDoom is best for mods though.
  11. Marcinski

    Therapy for Plutonia Players

    Skinny bastards got what was coming to them
  12. Marcinski

    Hardest Doom Level?

    GO2IT on Nightmare. I guess I just suck at rushing towards multiple cyberdemons to shove a bfg up their ass without getting turned into red paste.
  13. Marcinski

    Which difficulty do you usually play on?

    Ultra-violence for maximum (and fair) carnage!
  14. Marcinski

    Thoughts about the Slayers Club?

    Well said. I thought about it and I completely agree.
  15. Yeah same :D. Its just been too long since fusion. Federation force just sucks anyway.