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  1. For use mods on Doom 3 BFG you should first install the RBDoomBFG and after this, you can download a mod for BFG on ModDb or gamebanana and start playing mods on your RBDoomBFG. The most popular D3BFG mods are Doom3_BFG_Hi_Def v3.0 and Ultimate BFG v2.1.1.
  2. This E3 Alpha Shotgun Enhanced mod is compatible with many mods, including DoomReborn, ClassicDoom and DoomIIforD3 and i have added the original sounds from Alpha, enabled...: https://www.dropbox.com/s/il6jz0ad05yj1hu/zzzz_alpha_shotgun_highres_full.pk4?dl=0
  3. Great work !!! By the way, if i want to upload a mod for Doom 3, where is the place, to upload the .zip file into WAD Station ?
  4. Very good work, @Arl !!! This is a very hard work, well done !
  5. This mod is awesome !!! 10/10 ! Thanks to Juan Daniel 'Papamonos' Alcobre for its hard work on this mod/maps.