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  1. I had a thought having a silent protagonist and giving him emotion seems like a hard thing to do but with Doom we saw that with subtle acts such as getting angry over a dead body and such we can get more out of a silent protagonist. So I had a thought about how a new doom could add to the character of doom slayer without needing exposition and such like listening to Audio form a demon and human. It takes the concept of holograms and adds to it. Now the doom player wants to kill things so if this was implemented in any FPS really it would need an option to turn it off or have a text when you start the game asking if you want it on or not (similar to Modern warfare 2 with the Airport scene). So I was thinking we don't know much of the doom slayer other than he came from this world and it was destroyed, now imagine if he was married/ had kids how would we show that to the character without it feeling boring? Well Imagine if you will we are in the hell section of the doom slayers home and there we find a house and in the house is a personal looking artifact we pick it up and it plays a FPS cut scene Short and sweet. The doom slayer see's his wife with the use of his motions we can see that he's going through a range of emotions (His hand on her cheek) However as he gets to happiness it gets taken away a demon (memory) gets her from behind and attacks her, the doom slayer swings to save her however being a memory nothing happens, he falls to his knees as the memory of his wife falls to the ground within his eye site, bloody and mangled you can see him reach out to help but a claw from a demon takes her and drags her away. the doom slayer gets angry punches the ground gets up back to game play as a swarm of demons come in to die brutally. Being optional I thought why not a more visual way to give back story and character with only small control taken away from you but whats great is it's up to the player does the player want more story then hell here you go if you don't you turn the option off or just don't find the memory artifacts. A bit of a long read but I had this Idea cause while I loved the game play there was times were I wanted more scenes of the Doom slayer showing more emotion via scenes similar to the intro, that never really happened. that and having a nice balance of story and game play seems to be better received these days than just straight up fun game play. But this is just something I had a thought of. I mean Hell it's a process that doesn't even have to stay with doom at all. I think the idea would work with any FPS.
  2. AussieVikingOfAsgard

    Story telling elements Doom can excel at in the next game.

    People seem to be missing the point on what I am saying, I am not saying have doom turn into uncharted with a shit ton of cutscenes and gameplay that just turns into a film no, what I am saying is ID should use what worked with how doom guy uses his actions as vessels for his emotions. Or if possible for those that want it they could have interactions in the environment that if you pick it up it has a small scene of a story. Like what I identified. (or any other one you can come up with use your imagination.) Or at the very least use the environment to tell a story. like in the original doom when we first fought a cyber demon and before we fought it we just saw dead hell knights every were.
  3. AussieVikingOfAsgard

    Story telling elements Doom can excel at in the next game.

    To be truthful that was in the 90's gaming and story telling has come a long way since then. A very long way.
  4. AussieVikingOfAsgard

    Doom on a GTX 1060?

    No idea yet still on it's way. but from what I have seen on youtube it's perfect for 1440P and ok with 4K. All of settings at ultra. I am just excited to be able to render things faster and play games with all the Nvidia pluses
  5. AussieVikingOfAsgard

    Doom on a GTX 1060?

    So I didn't get a 1060 I got a ASUS GeForce GTX 1070 STRIX-GTX1070
  6. AussieVikingOfAsgard

    Doom on a GTX 1060?

    this is the hard part with GPU's for PC Ive heard AMD RX480 is the way to go with direct 12 and vulkan and future proof and the 1060 is only good for Direct X 11. And I guess the 480 is cheaper for the 1060 in aus so thats something
  7. AussieVikingOfAsgard

    Doom on a GTX 1060?

    I am getting a new GPU soonish (once MSY re stock) and well for me the RX480 Seems like it would work better being the stronger card in the long run. Though I Ask is it easy going from NVidia to AMD?
  8. AussieVikingOfAsgard

    Thoughts on Doom 2016's Soundtrack?

    So after listening to it quite a bit I have to say I am mixed on it. At times it's amazingly thrashy and a old school flare that the original doom and doom 2 had rips it's way out to our ears but as soon as it has it's hooks in me a burst of electronica comes onto the table and really takes the feel away from it. Now I am all for new things but considering the core music of doom was thrash based not industrial it just feels strange to have industrial with more electronica (think re manufacture by fear factory instead of De manufacture)Hell after my first play through I would mute the music and put on. Municipal waste or Kreator (hordes of chaos/phantom Antichrist) to get my blood pumping. But really what are your thoughts on Dooms soundtrack over all it's fun but at times it looses a bit of the originals soul?
  9. AussieVikingOfAsgard

    My Thoughts on Doom 2016

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NOifVGDzsUM For those that wish to here more Praise of Doom 2016 and my other views Well here it is. Only thing I wanna add is please ID do an Expansion
  10. AussieVikingOfAsgard

    DOOM Review (GG S12E15)

    Funny enough I literally just finished watching the episode. With Hex though I feel like she should of not given a score . because she was distracted by the violence and such and that doesn't make sense, a review is about how things work and come together if she hates the satanic visuals and gore taking the score down it doesnt make sense as again a review is more about the game working than not. Then again thats her views so eh. Man opinions are weird
  11. AussieVikingOfAsgard

    Reviews and Reviews in progress

    Are we still posting on Fuck IGN cause I went on a rant in my first play of Doom I get really annoyed by IGN i mean they could of gotten someone who likes dooms old school feel. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dwLKZXGS3r4
  12. AussieVikingOfAsgard

    My thoughts on the game!

    I am absolutely loving it only thing I wished I could have is more doom 2 enemies and well more levels cause I am in love with this violent fast paced old school shooter with a modern twist. That works. I also am doing a play through for anyone who wants to see it. I fanboy quite a bit at times. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RL3etmbIMZI
  13. AussieVikingOfAsgard

    Eliminate all doubts my friends, because this game is fucking awesome

    Yea playing it now love unlocking the original doom levels found 2 so far which when you play them after you find the easter egg you can play the full level secrets and all
  14. AussieVikingOfAsgard

    DOOM Collector's Edition Thread

    Cant wait to pick it up on friday, Just wished that it came with whats in the UAC edition of Doom.