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  1. I was hoping for killing a good looking Hitler Sprite but this is good too... Love The Terminator!
  2. EimGhey

    No early Doom review copies for anyone

    Yeah.. I wish I didn't need a laptop.. then I could ask my dad for it... But I am already along with the Lap Top asking for a new Art Tablet to go with it!
  3. EimGhey

    Possible Freedoom title concept drawing

    That is very good... Can you digitize it next?
  4. EimGhey

    Doom-like game - Devil's Hand

    It is a primitive horror game as far as I can tell... Maybe action horror... But it is horror... As far as I can tell...?
  5. EimGhey

    Why does everyone hate DOOM?

    Doncha know on the interbutttz logic is evil!
  6. EimGhey

    Why does everyone hate DOOM?

    Because everyone should be a rebel by being the same!
  7. EimGhey

    So, vehicles.

    Yes but can he make em mobile is what he is asking...
  8. EimGhey

    Asylum (vanilla Doom 2 map) (released)

    Looks so damn beautiful!
  9. EimGhey

    "I'm Not Ashamed"

    Good lord this is making me LOL for all the wrong reasons! You know I am going go out on the limb and say something.. If it had been Jerry Sandusky's Awesome Excellent Day the press would have been worse... I am not gonna play H-Doom but for fucks sakes people make to much big deal about it...
  10. EimGhey


    That poor kitty!
  11. EimGhey

    Doom-like game - Devil's Hand

    I am saying that horror games happen to following a trend of saying the player at the end was imagining all of it... I thought that was clear?
  12. EimGhey

    Mancubus Drawing.

    He look so badass!
  13. EimGhey

    New here

    You know talking about cool mods you could make... The fact is some one should have done a Descent/Doom crossover by now... Demons vs. Robots....
  14. EimGhey

    Doom-like game - Devil's Hand

    Looks like they achieved the creepy atmosphere... Now can they make it memorable and trust me if it is another of those, "The Player was hallucinating the whole time!" it at least won't be memorable for one person. Underboob and Five Nights at Freddybob's are bad according to so-called hardcore gamers.. Yet they don't notice how a lot of horror games keep recycling the same ideas... That is if Five Nights at Fuckboys didn't recycle that idea like according to DumbTheory...