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Posts posted by EimGhey

  1. Tritnew said:

    As many people said here, there's such a lack of faith here. We've seen so much gameplay already, and when they first streamed the single-player, I was hooked and I pre-ordered It right away.

    It's best to save reviews and nitpicks for the release of the game.

    Yeah.. I wish I didn't need a laptop.. then I could ask my dad for it... But I am already along with the Lap Top asking for a new Art Tablet to go with it!

  2. MrGlide said:

    Ya, I understood that, Whats not clear is how this pertains to this project. It's not really a horror game and there is no narrative, So I don't understand where this comes into play here.

    It is a primitive horror game as far as I can tell... Maybe action horror... But it is horror... As far as I can tell...?

  3. Champskiez103 said:

    But you're complaining about the complainers. Also, I've seen a lot of
    "I don't like X, I hope it's fixed" "I hate the footage of Y, wish it was like this"
    etc.. who cares if someone says that? That's what they'd like to see change. That's the point of fourms. It would be boring if we all said, "Doom is perfect! Have a good day!" there'd be no point.

    Doncha know on the interbutttz logic is evil!

  4. Looks like they achieved the creepy atmosphere... Now can they make it memorable and trust me if it is another of those, "The Player was hallucinating the whole time!" it at least won't be memorable for one person. Underboob and Five Nights at Freddybob's are bad according to so-called hardcore gamers.. Yet they don't notice how a lot of horror games keep recycling the same ideas... That is if Five Nights at Fuckboys didn't recycle that idea like according to DumbTheory...