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  1. mb34823

    Things about Doom you just found out

    I'm pretty sure the shotgun sprite is mirrored left and right. If you look at the alpha shotgun sprite, it looks like they took the right side and mirrored it.
  2. I'm not really into custom levels for Doom/Doom II. Sometimes I'll download one and not finish it. I just play through a few levels, idclev and stuff. But I like playing them because I want to play new levels. But I feel like hey I don't need to play this whole thing, it's just something some guy made. I just like playing Doom.
  3. Yeah I basically like Doom and then Llamasoft games. One day I'm going to get a Nuon and play Tempest 3000.
  4. I like both Doom 1 and Doom 2 for different reasons. In Doom 1 I like the smaller original enemy roster, and weapon balance. Doom II, I like the new tougher enemies and using the Super Shotgun 90% of the time.
  5. mb34823

    How would you rank the recent indie retro fps titles?

  6. mb34823

    Favorite VR Game?

    Polybius One of my favorite video games ever actually.
  7. mb34823

    OMDO - eye aching fun

    Yeah I tried it before and it was really cool. I'm a big fan of stereograms. It's just that you can't really play it because it's on Nightmare, it has vertical aiming when autoaim would really help in this case, you can't save, and cheats don't work. I don't know why he did it that way, I really wanted to play through the whole thing but it's basically impossible. Still it is so cool, the only thing is that everything has sort of a rounded look to it but I guess there's some reason for that to make it work. This and lilith.pk3 are my favorite Doom mods. Actually it's Ultra Violence.
  8. mb34823

    What other fps do you like besides doom

    I know it's a TPS but Max Payne is one of my favorite games ever.
  9. mb34823

    Am I just alone in wanting something...more retro?

    I hate glory kills. I think they're stupid. Me personally I just don't think it's fun. I understand why people like them. It sounds cool on paper, you can punch someone's head off or whatever. But to me it's just an animation that plays. It's like the Gears of War chainsaw. Here's the thing though, because of that it was really annoying to play the game and it telling me the whole time to do glory kills. It's like the whole game is based around it, making the guns feel really weak along the way. That's why I didn't like Doom 2016. Also everything else about it I thought was really dumb and generic, and totally safe. Sorry for being very very negative.
  10. mb34823

    Flaws in Doom 16'

    I hate glory kills. That's my biggest problem with Doom 2016. Doom should be a straight up shooting game. Glory kills ruined the whole game for me.
  11. mb34823

    Impressions from NeoGaf (possible minor spoilers)

    I think glory kills is the worst idea ever. It ruins the whole game. I don't think this new Doom is gonna be good. I want to play a freakin shooting game not some quick time events garbage. It's like the stupid chainsaw in Gears Of War where you stand there until it's done. Shooting stuff is what's fun about the Doom games. Not stopping every 5 seconds and watching canned animations of your character punching demons and ripping their eye out or whatever. It's not a fighting game it's a shooter.