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  1. Nine Inch Heels

    Potential for improvement in vissprites sorting

    Let's remind ourselves real quick that engines can have more than just a single bottleneck that needs dealing with. Maps like nuts are good for stresstests that involve lots of active "thinkers" at once, which is not something many other maps do to such a degree. That said, for anything that involves active monsters, it is a good "benchmark WAD" to check how well the engine handles the workload. Map geometry is a whole different deal, it occupies a different "space" in the engine and clearly that is not something you would test with nuts. That's where maps like frozen time come in handy, because they put a lot of stress on how the engine handles map geometry, in particular lots of 2-sided linedefs. This is a load of bollocks for reasons I pointed out above.
  2. may i recommend Map32 of Abyssal Speedmapping Session 20:

    "Wonderful World of Rocketjumping" by 4shockblast


    it's actually a fun map, like, even from a casual perspective imo.


    1. Catpho


      Geez heels you like all the obscure gameplay genres :P

  3. Nine Inch Heels

    What do you love most about Doom?

    List of my gameplay fetishes in random order: -slaughtermaps -platforming -punching cyberdemons to death -and most recently rocket jumping joined the "pool" Building maps for Doom is not that hard to get into if you're starting out small and don't set the bar for your first maps too high. There is a seemingly endless supply of maps to play. The modding scene is pretty active as well, and it's not just brutal doom I am talking about here, there is lots of variety to be had for just about anybody. Also doom basically invented deathmatching, and that's one huge feat if there ever was one. This heck-old game has drawn in some of the most creative and passionate personalities I have come to get in contact with. It's hard to find something that isn't good about doom as far as I'm concerned.
  4. Nine Inch Heels


    I've never done a review for a rocket jump WAD, so this might turn out somewhat like a ramble. Apologies in advance if it does. I picked up RJSLOTH while learning the most basic things about rocket jump maps. That said, I really should have waited with this WAD until later, when I'd be more consistent with basically everything this genre entails. For those of you who have never made contact with this genre I'll have a short description in the spoiler below: Even map 02, in spite of being dated in the sense that it was made prior to some discoveries in rocket jumping, turned out to be somewhat demanding at first. However, as is the case with many ToD maps, there are consistency checks here that really helped me to get some moves into my muscle memory with brute force. Especially things that require precise timing are something that you either learn to do properly while you play this, or you give up trying. The map also features some "combo-jumps" in places, basically as "highlights" of a given section to round off the package. I'm glad I didn't give up. Beating map 02 felt really good. As for map 10, which is a brutally tuned up version of map 02: You're looking at something that seems to have been built in a laboratory with a calculator. Each one of the jumps there requires extreme precision, and if you're anything like me, which means you're still looking to become consistent with the techniques for "(relatively) modern rocket jumping", you should only attempt this map during a weekend or so, because it could take you "some" time to nail these trick shots perfectly. I didn't manage to finish this map yet, but from the obstacles I have made it past I can tell that this map, as well as map 06 of this WAD, is aimed at people who can do certain tricks of ZDaemon rocket jumping blindfolded. Being able to build maps like this, so precise and unforgiving without feeling totally unfair is an impressive feat for sure, but for my tastes and current skills it is almost impossible to "digest", also due to the sheer size of map10. I will come back to it eventually though, because I wanna see the end of it. The only reason I'm not putting down 5 stars here is that these maps are a little bit too repetitive for my liking in places. Obviously that's an easy impression to get when I can't do things very cleanly, which results in repeated attempts, so take this reason with a grain of salt and you'll be fine.
  5. Nine Inch Heels

    The DooMed Speed Demos Archive returns!

    in case of anders johnsen's demo it says nothing about a source port, so the demo should play back fine in PrBoom+, because evidently it was recorded using DOSBOX. That's my guess at least. If that doesn't work then feel free to ask again. EDIT: Ugh... didn't even see there was another page that already had answers... nevermind then...
  6. Nine Inch Heels

    How reliable are those mirrors for multiplayer wads?

    Give me all the rocket jump WADs! ;-)
  7. Nine Inch Heels

    Demonastery - work in progress

    I just now did a quick-ish romp through the map with PrBoom+ (Demo:dmnstry552.zip) , and it seems like there are some flats being used as textures or vice versa. Here's two examples I took a screenshot of, but I'm pretty sure there were more than just those two:
  8. Nine Inch Heels

    Demonastery - work in progress

    Finally got around to playing this. Took me around 20 minutes to finish this map, which includes a lot of trying to figure secrets out (or figuring out if something was a secret to begin with in case of the chaingun for instance), when I spotted something. Only secrets I got in the end were the soulsphere secret and the backpack, I believe. The BFG secret I have no idea how to get. I spotted all shoot swiches in the rooms with the keys, but one of those seemed impossible to hit without using freelook/-aim, at least I couldn't seem to find a position from where I could hit it without. I did not yet look at the map in a builder, but it would be nice to know if freeaim is a must-do, or if I've been missing something important. As for fights, there is some fun stuff around, none of which is particularly threatening as there's usually enough room to move around, and resources aren't too scarce either. I agree that some of the barons in open spaces might be too many HitPoints for too little threat overall, and I'd also suggest just a few more revenants in some areas to spice things up just slightly. The backpack secret for example would do well with 3-4 revs in it, I believe.
  9. Nine Inch Heels

    Miscellaneous demos (part 3)

    sports.wad E2M1 UVmax/tyson in 8:35, txt included: sprtt835.zip
  10. Nine Inch Heels

    Miscellaneous demos (part 3)

    sports.wad E2M1 UVmax/tyson in 8:35: Disregard this one, txt is missing sprtst835.zip Warning! This demo sucks and shouldn't be wached while being sober!
  11. Nine Inch Heels

    Miscellaneous demos (part 3)

    @Aquila Chrysaetoscan you please try and stick to established "norms" such as including a txt, zipping the whole thing, and using shorthands like "sprtst1656"?
  12. Nine Inch Heels

    Site and/or forum bugs or things not working

    Let's remind ourselves real quick that this site is run as a "sort of hobby" above all things. It's not like people don't care, everybody's got limited time on their hands. This forum's software is paid for, meaning the admins didn't write it themselves. That said, they have to work with somebody else's code, which is probably more difficult than fixing something they themselves have written in the first place.
  13. Nine Inch Heels

    Seig Marta

    At this point in time I think people would do well to upload their screenshots directly to doomworld. Especially when you link threads this becomes relevant: When the OP contains images hosted by third party sites like imgur, the thread preview that gets created when you link the respective thread won't take those linked screenshots into account. In short, as far as forum software is considered, upload those jpgs directly here and at some point when the thread is dead, and you really need to clean up it's also nice and easy to do that.