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  1. Nine Inch Heels

    Game Theorists "Doom Wasn't 3D" video and my refutation

    The "true 3D" argument about quake was largely due to polygon models instead of 2D sprites, and "room above room" rather than anything else. I think that is something to consider when looking at what started this argument way back.
  2. Nine Inch Heels

    Game Theorists "Doom Wasn't 3D" video and my refutation

    I know this is a poorly disguised troll post, but I'll bite regardless: So, we invented the word dimensions to be able to talk about space, coordinates, and distances - all of which also being words we "drooling simians" invented as well - but that doesn't mean a Neanderthal - who had no means of sophisticated communication - didn't understand that a rock in his hand wasn't "flat". We invented units of measurement in order to be able to measure something. "Dimension" doesn't measure anything at all, because it's not a unit in the sense of what you are referring to. So perhaps get your facts straight first. Granted, perhaps I won't be able to observe a 2D space in nature, unless you count a flat surface like a desk or a sheet of paper, but 3D? Do you not look into your room and understand it has height, width, and depth? Did you loose an eye and your depth perception consequently? You can clearly observe the three dimensional space you're in. If people couldn't see the three dimensional space, and realize its implications, we wouldn't even have the need to come up with a word for it. Yeah, it is wholly stupid to say doom is not 3D, and I don't care how far you're pushing the goalposts around to support your pseudo scientific narrative. Why do you think is it, that there are no debates about Doom'16 not being 3D? Where are the debates about Elite:Dangerous, and how it's not 3D? You know why these debates don't exist? Because those games don't have "infinitely tall actors" - which by the way is a misnomer - like classic doom does, and to top the list off, "game theory" didn't make a video about it either. Of course, "I doubt doom is 3D" is a claim about doom. It's implicit by way of grammar and context. This should, in fact, be more than obvious.
  3. It's nice to see you posting again, Nine. :^)

    1. Nine Inch Heels

      Nine Inch Heels

      Don't get used to it, I have a major load of work to deal with after changing up my work situation, and this might just be the calm before the storm...

  4. Nine Inch Heels

    Doomworld Fantasy Megawad

    map32: "RJSLOTH map 10" by TimeofDeath from ESP 2 (found in mapslot 37) Why this map? Because you can't have a "fantasy megawad" without including one of ToD's maps. Also, a fantasy megawad that does not concern itself with formats and subgenres with regards to restrictions is a perfect place to showcase the many different subgenres which have emerged over time. That being said, we're looking at a very strong case to include a rocket jump map in this thing - and I can't think of a better candidate than ToD's RJSLOTH 10. It is expansive, it's creative, it offers multiple play-styles (Rockets only, or later a PR once it is unlocked), and it's one of the very few "magnum opus RJ maps" that ever appeared in a megawad to the best of my knowledge. This map needs to be put in a secret slot simply by virtue of it being extremely disruptive in case it appeared in a normal progression of maps. Since it requires ZDaemon to work, and is so vastly different from the vast majority of maps out there, I can't think of a single reason not to put it into such a slot. In fact, I'd argue the map would work better in slot 33, assuming that's available, but by the looks of it that's not the case.
  5. Nine Inch Heels

    Source port tier list

    Since it's been a while since I last made myself unpopular, I'm gonna cut in here, because this post has been linked to me several times over in last few days, so here we go... Let's start with "hardcore Doomers"... I can't think of doomers more hardcore than the people who spend hundreds or even thousands of attempts at recording a demo for a single map, or even runs of full megaWADs... Basically, speedrunners... Then there are other hardcore doomers, like the very people who play hard slaughter maps or challenge maps - both of which being subgenres which depend heavily on the game-behaviour the mapper in question was aiming for... Also, what's gonna happen if one of said speedrunners uses the wrong source port - or in case of PrB+ the wrong complevel? Their runs gets uploaded to the DSDArchive (if they're lucky), where it will be listed in the "other" category... Why is that? It's because the hardcore Doomers - who you implied to know so much about - do actually care a whole lot about faithfulness to the original game's behaviour - or at the least they care about using the complevel which the mapper in question targeted... Okay... So now we're swinging from "hardcore doomers" to "purists". You know what..? Fine by me... So let's talk about purists for a moment. When, where, and most importantly why on earth do you think you get to judge purists - as in: people who happen to like what they like - as obsessive to an unhealthy degree? That's one thing I'd like for you to explain in no uncertain terms, preferably. Also, perhaps the entire idea of purism is to, you know, stick to what's the most familiar and true to this game's actual roots. So, why even make that a talking point to begin with? And who's to say it needs to lead anywhere? If people wanted a different experience they wouldn't be purists. They don't want or need an experience that leads them anywhere, because they're happy with where they're at... Now go ahead and show me one self-proclaimed purist in this thread who deems the use of ports like GZDoom "unhealthy"... It's possible I missed one when I skimmed over this thread, but nothing of the sort caught my eye thus far... No, GZDoom's unfaithfulness is not overblown... Not only do players experience the subtle lack of authenticity to varying degrees (regardless of whether or not they're aware of it), mappers have similar problems - be it mikoportals for vanilla format maps, or boom sector scrollers for boom format maps. Furthermore, your argument assumes that players who download and run GZDoom know what they're looking at when they check the options menu, if they even have a look at compatibility flags to begin with. Sure enough, I can't blame the port for what the player doesn't look at, but it still exacerbates the differences in engine behaviour... What GZDoom calls "strict vanilla" or "strict boom" is plain and simple not what it says on the tin, because GZDoom is an entirely different game engine that merely tries to "mimic" vanilla behaviour within the boundaries of the very engine that it is. That being said, it is nowhere near as "strict" as it claims to be. It is "strict enough" for the silent majority of players out there - who buy the game on steam and read a tutorial on how to make it run in GZDoom - but those aren't the hardcore doomers you've been talking about earlier... GZDoom had compat flags ever since I first used it, which I believe was version 2.4 years ago, and the validity of said compat flags was the same back then as it is today: Not acceptable as a basis for fair competition in the realms of speedrunning aka "hardcore dooming", and still potentially problematic for certain kinds of maps... Pro-Tip: Putting "Pro-Tip" in front of something you claim doesn't make it come true for some magical reason...
  6. Nine Inch Heels

    Your favorite Map Authors/Mappers?

    SPICY!!! nervously fans fresh air at her face while hyperventilating
  7. Nine Inch Heels

    Does Mayonnaise belong on pizza?

    Pizza is already a pretty "rich" dish, and a well made one is so damn tasty that it doesn't need anything more added to it. Adding a condiment to pizza (especially the greasy pizza chain crap) which is basically made from +90% pure fat sounds like a sure fire way to get obese and develop diabetes in the process. I don't even care about what people think may or may not belong on pizza, but fuck sakes does it sound unhealthy...
  8. Nine Inch Heels

    Pacifist Ruleset Reform Debate 2020

    You know I love consent when I can inflict pain on somebody else! One thing I edited in, but probably too late, is the idea of popping barrels deliberately. The idea that monsters can shoot barrels and take damage is clear to me, just like players not shooting barrels to harm monsters... But what if I wanted to explode a barrel in oder to gain speed? Might be a VERY fringe case, but perhaps relevant at some point. Basically, do barrels have the same "rights" as demons, is the question.
  9. Nine Inch Heels

    Pacifist Ruleset Reform Debate 2020

    How do we stand on damage boosting via rockets/barrels? I agree with dew's proposition overall, with telefrags being legal by default.
  10. Not that I'm much of a mapper, but my method is to just put the maps to rest, learn from them, and do something better next time I feel like it. I don't see much value in going to back to relics of the past, unless it's some release that got major attention and still has "active" players in need of an urgent fix for a big problem. I think the idea of looking back and finding one's own first baby-steps wanting in some way, and then feeling like that needs "fixing" is a weird and slightly negative perspective. I'd prefer to spend time looking at the progress made, rather than the shortcomings of the past. Which I guess is a weird way of thinking about it, because you'd still compare old to new, but through a more positive lens, let's say. Scrapping the maps to re-use the better bits later? Okay, doesn't sound too bad, but doesn't as good as improving on the better ideas you had in the past when you build something new, in my opinion anyway.
  11. Nine Inch Heels

    Ultimate Doom In Name Only - Limit removing project

    Quick update so people don't get worried: Still working on it. Life got in the way a fair bit more than I anticipated, but we're cooking this dish.
  12. If you watch somebody who is less good than you are, and you notice it messes with your mood, and then you decide to keep watching: That's on you. You're actually blaming everybody but yourself for the fact that you subject yourself to something you don't like. Food for thought...
  13. Nine Inch Heels

    Ultimate Doom In Name Only - Limit removing project

    Core gameplay of my map is done. Just needs a few more triggers and some detailing to round off the package and it's good to go. I've had a very rough cut of the map that I sent to a few people and so far the small amount of feedback was positive. I just didn't have it in me to map much while it was still so damn hot over here, but I'll pick the map back up early next week, and hopefully have a presentable beta within a week or two, give or take.
  14. It clearly is cheating. How could anybody possibly believe it isn't? Cheesing is when you exploit for example a design flaw in the game to gain some manner of tangible advantage. Broadly speaking. Cheating is when you enter for example a code which alters the game's behaviour in your favour into a game - that said code was put into intentionally. Also broadly speaking. IDDQD and such codes are not a design flaw, they have been put into - and left in - the game by the developers on purpose, so that you can by-pass some, or all of this game's rules. That's why it's called cheating, as in breaking the rules.