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  1. In random order, and only a few of the maps I like that come to mind just now: phmlspd.wad m12 Deus vult 2 m23 Newgothic movement 2 m02, m10, m11 Sunlust m27, m29, m30 Sunder "The hive mother" (what was it, m14 or so? Anyway, that's what it's called ingame) Final doom plutonia experiment map 32 (duh...) Yeah... Not much love for iWADs in my case I guess...
  2. SOD m28 "Twilight yawn*" UV 100% casual kills in 16 : 55 PrBoom-plus demo, played very sloppy : Contrary to popular belief, I don't think this map actually qualifies as slaughter map, at least not in this day and age. In spite of its seemingly huge monstercount, I think it's a breather map, which is too long for its own good. You can have really good frantic slaughter maps with less than half of this map's monstercount, in my opinion. Let's not get ahead of ourselves, and instead talk about some of the interesting aspects. Visually it's very solid, eventhough a higher degree of detailing is usually only found near keys. It works, aesthetically. The insta-pop monsters here are a lot less painful than in many other maps this set has to offer, so it's a bit more on the welcoming side of things, which does make a lot of sense, since 15-20 minutes are valuable time. Powerups, or rather megaspheres are placed liberally, and if you're anything like me, you're gonna need one every now and then, because either you let the map lull you into a false sense of untouchability because of how huge it is, or because you wake up all the things, so the map takes less time to clear. I did both, if you wonder... Hitscanners are limited to Archviles, which are easy to kill for the most part, and two SMMs, for whatever reason. What could possibly go wrong, after you had a first look around, and memorized the most important bits and pieces? You start falling asleep... After starting the map somewhat energized, holding down the trigger, and cirlce strafing pretty much all the things, your mind starts paying attention to something else. Annoyed that I didn't play my recently started WIPdubstep-mix, I had to make do with the MIDI, which isn't too bad, but it didn't keep me awake as much as I needed it, so I started playing a very sloppy "style", if you can even call it that to begin with. So, why is this map not really a slaughter map? I mean, it does have the monster count, but it doesn't have the rest that makes slaughter maps interesting. It lacks the tactical aspects of slaughter. No crowdshaping, no area denial by archviles, barely any ammo management aside of "oh, I can see my pistol, time to grab more cells". Personally I think resurgence's "twi-lite massacre" is a vastly superior map. Darkwave made this too easy, by repeating what made SOD map 31 entry-level slaughter, and overdoing it. Not enough pressure on the player, too much real estate, not enough viles, and nowhere near enough revenants. To add to that, there's lots of cacos and PEs here at times, which will more than merrily drift off to the edge of the map when given enough "encouragement". Did I mention that I'm not a fan of floaty rubbish in wide-open areas? Anyways, I'm not a huge fan of this map, because at some point it starts dragging on more than it should. If I were to make up a subgenre of maps, this one would be a "relaxing-supersized-spectacle-breather", because that's what it feels like for me. I was totally dumbfounded when I saw that this map even had a secret for whatever purpose. Why? What for? I don't know, and honestly I don't actually care too much about that. *(Played this map while being a little tired, and the map didn't do much to keep me awake)
  3. The damage you take is trivial only if you successfully get to the megasphere. If you don't, it can be a run-ender right there. I would also like to add that this AV-jump can vary in difficulty depending on seemingly arbitrary things, such as compat-settings, IIRC...
  4. I'm so homesick, it physically hurts. It's not long until I am on my way back, but the few months I have left, they really seem like a long period of time for me at the moment.


    I really can't stand this constant brick+mortar+concrete "look" anymore, not to mention the weather here.


    All I can think of is this:


    1. leodoom85


      I was in a national park in Summer and got close to a waterfall too...

    2. leodoom85
    3. Decay


      Back to... Haiti? This post reminds me of reading various Caribbean culture and diaspora related books/articles. Been a long time since I read/did any work relating to Haiti though. Very interesting history though, would recommend to anyone historically inclined to read up on Haiti's history.

    4. Nine Inch Heels

      Nine Inch Heels

      @Decay yeah. I've been away for long enough. Too long as is comfortable for sure.


      For a "country" that small, Haiti's history is quite rich, though in most cases, when people look at history in the Caribbean vicinity, they tend stick to Cuba. Haiti is just "less visible" in comparison, as it would seem, but in spite of being a failed state, there's inspiration to be found in many ways. If you want a good example of a real-life sense of community, Haiti is worth a look. However poor, and at times "undereducated" the population may come across, there are great people there.


      There's a mentality I'd deem second to none, though I am obviously very biased in that regard. It's just that I've never felt more welcome anywhere else, really.

    5. Decay


      Most recently my work has had me reading up on Trinidad (following Miller and Slater) which has been very illuminating in terms of culture, but the development of Haiti as a sovereign nation is an informative history, and actually in many ways foreshadows USA foreign policy towards several revolutions over the following centuries/decades, most specifically in my mind Vietnam. Back in my undergrad I used to be more focused on history and my school had more or less a focus on "the Atlantic World" which centered around issues relating to the Caribbean.


      I have many friends and contacts from various islands (mostly Antigua, Trinidad, and Jamaica though), and interacting with their extended families and friends gives me a little bit of insight to their cultures and relationship to their home. Maybe one day I'll find the time to go there.

    6. Nine Inch Heels

      Nine Inch Heels

      If you ever get there, and the usually higher temperatures don't bother you too much, it's really going to be worth your while I'd say. :-)

    7. 42PercentHealth


      Can't say I blame you. Cities stink, and that picture is gorgeous! :-)


      How long before you get to go back? The school year here ends in just a week or two...

  5. Changed my vote...
  6. This is why I don't understand your reason to vote for Urania, when instead you can have some nice slaughter every time by playing NG2 and DV2. ;-)
  7. (Sorry, couldn't resist)
  8. Maybe you should have a look here and start doing it yourself?
  9. And that's still perfectly fine, and far from a missed opportunity, or a lazy modder, for that matter. Some people like it when their game looks more like they think it should. If these "single reskins" can be used alongside one another, people can comfortably mix and match weapon skins to their tastes, while retaining most of the vanilla experience, because it's purely cosmetic. That being said, I wholeheartedly disagree with statements like the one I previously quoted from your comment.
  10. Buuut:
  11. You do realize that some people simply want to give their classic doom experience a visual polish and therefor create/use pure weapon reskins on purpose?
  12. Most of the stuff I play would either get ruined by custom weapon mods (making things too easy), or utterly shit on those (making the mod utterly useless). Funnily enough, both these points apply to brutal doom. Use brutal doom on the classic iWADs, and you're in for a whole lot of yawning, use brutal doom on things like deus vult 2, newgothic movent etc, and you might as well not use weapons at all when things run really hot. Thing is, if there's a weapon mod that comes with maps designed for it, it's fine, and some stuff like DeXiaZ's one-punch mod is also fun at times. When it comes to playing maps that were designed to be played with the basic set of weaponry, the least bit of courtesy is to play those the intended way at least once, so you get a feel for what the mapper was about when he designed the encounters.
  13. -Sheldon Cooper, The big-bang theory -Huey Pham a.k.a. Doom marine, Deus Vult II readme.
  14. What I actually (mis)read was: "Go cons a piece of caco onto your mouth." (Yup, I'm stupid at times:p)