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  1. Here's another thought I just had. When used along with Cybies... Like, you can drip-feed them over the place or nearby, to have something that runs up to the player, and serves the purpose of detonating rockets near him, rather than having said rockets fly off to noman's land and do nothing.
  2. I don't know if the way I use them in my current project is "effective" per se. But the idea is that I put the player in a moderately confined place, which I then flood with "popcorn-enemies" like former humans and imps, while revenants deliver damage from specific positions (No lame long-range sniping, though). So in a scenario in which the RL is the only weapon to stem the tide, I put some demons into the "batteries", just because they behave in a different manner. Instead of providing time windows for the player, like imps do when attacking from range, the take that time away by charging right at him. They also tend to survive the blast radius of rockets a lot better, so they really can make you think twice about where you aim your rockets.
  3. Want to see something disturbing? Watch a documentary film about slaughterhouses where a couple 100k animals per year get their throats cut open to then hang from the ceiling for the purpose of bleeding out. Yummy...
  4. What if it wasn't Pacman? What if it was Doom? ;-)

  5. There are certain things I just can't stop talking about.
  6. You called? ;-)
  7. I figured this might fit here nicely in regards to the question at hand:
  8. You're mean :(
  9. A little bit of chill, a little bit of drive, some added depth, and enough air to breathe. Proper rollage. Hits me in all the right places. ;-) Also, quite a bit of an oldschool tune as well in terms of how it's made. Turn it up, if you have a good subwoofer, and hate your neighbours. :p
  10. What is it that people like about MMOs? MMORPGS in particular. I wonder. I don't judge. Just wanna know.

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    2. Nine Inch Heels

      Nine Inch Heels

      @Decay Maybe I should "raid" your library some day. ;-)

      The thing is, though, I can kind of understand that these worlds can serve as a "canvas" of sorts, but then again, I feel like whatever agency a player is capeable of in any given game, what about the gameplay? I've looked at games like WoW and also some hack'n'slashy ones like "path of exile". These games seem either so "sluggish", that I'm getting bored like really fast, or taking path of exile, it's just zipping from one mob to another and picking up loot at times. I always feel like gameplay-wise, there's something missing in these games. It's really some huge "access denied" kind of thing for me.

      I get that the warcraft RTS are cool, I used to play tides of darkness up to frozen throne before it all went MMO (started with WC3 though), those were engaging. Starcraft:Broodwar I also enjoyed a lot. It's just that I fail at wrapping my head around the reason people stick to MMOs so much. Like, if I wanted to play with friends, I wouldn't need an MMO for that. At least that's what I think.

      I mean when I just consider that WoW holds the world record for having like 12 million or so players at its peak some years ago, I'm like totally clueless as to how a game manages to create so much "gravity", doubly so when it's probably just not my genre, to begin with.

    3. Nine Inch Heels

      Nine Inch Heels

      I really wish we could edit status updates. "Capable" it is... dammit....

    4. Decay


      Personally I've never played MMO/RPGs so I'm just doing speculation, but the social dynamic is a huge part of it, whether that means playing with friends, making friends, player-killing, trolling, or interacting with the constructed world (environment or NPCs). Achieving objectives with like-minded individuals in a team effort is extremely rewarding (thus keeping people wanting to play), I can draw my own example of mapping with a team here in doom. The same principles might apply; a colleague of mine always harped on how WoW guilds made the game worth playing for her. Technical faults can be overlooked if you're feeling gratified for a variety of other reasons.


      If that's not really your deal to begin with, then it's not likely to get a hold on you. Interactive virtual worlds (stemming from MUDs) are all about that: interaction (or what you choose to do with that). [Turkle psych]If you have enough friends to play with without these worlds, you're not likely to get sucked in because a desire for communication can readily be fulfilled.[/Turkle]

    5. YukiRaven


      Well I mean, if you want, I can lead you through the first 20 levels of gameplay in WoW to show you what it has to offer.  Those are free...

    6. Nine Inch Heels

      Nine Inch Heels

      @YukiRaven, been there, done that, wasn't particularly amused. Though I must admit I liked how I could WASD in WoW, but that was pretty much its only "+" for me at the time. I just seem to lack the means to gain access to these games in terms of what I need from a game. Or rather, what I am looking for doesn't exist in these, as it would appear.

    7. Nine Inch Heels

      Nine Inch Heels

      So... You know what? Here's my WoW-story. Hastag:"seriousbabyrage"

      I've had kind of like a friend while I was in India with my family for couple months. For the overall social standards there, he was quite a "rich kid". He then introduced me to WoW, and we played it for a couple weeks, until the point where I'd need to do raids and whatnot to make sure my gear is up to snuff-ish.

      So what then happened during these raids was basically me trying to figure out how to handle the shit that was around. I come from the japanese arcade kinda corner of video games. DoDonPachi, Guwange, Mushihimesama etc. I was used to handle incoming damage by not getting hit for the most part, also WoW allowed for WASD, so I figured dodging was a thing. But it didn't work in WoW anymore, so it gave me trouble. I then asked that guy what I was supposed to do because things were hitting me hard and often.

      And he was like, "That's what you do raids for, because in better gear you can afford getting hit."
      So I said: "Yeah but about not standing there and watching things hit me like a dummy instead?"
      He answered: "There is no doging this, you really need gear, otherwise you're not going anywhere. Do that raid a couple times and see if you get any good items, so you can buy gear or equip it yourself."
      I was super pissed off at that time, and almost yelled at the screen: "THE FUCK I NEED GEAR! I GOT SKILL!"

      He laughed at me for a while and said, that maybe we should play someting else then.

      So this is my babyrage-WoW story in a relatively short format.

    8. YukiRaven


      I'm happy with the fact that I know all of those shmups you mentioned ^_^

    9. printz


      What is it that people like about Doom? Classic Doom in particular. I won't judge.

    10. Nine Inch Heels

      Nine Inch Heels

      @printz, It's fast paced, it's skill based, it's (relatively) easy to mod, it has a decent bestiary that allows for nice setups, and a well-rounded selection of weapons. And it's classic Doom. ;-)

    11. YukiRaven


      @printz Well I don't know about the rest of y'all on Doomworld, but I like it for the Impse.

  11. [sarcasm]Yeah, that rep-system really is highly restrictive![/sarcasm]
  12. You are pretty any day, I'm sure of it! And you have very warm and gentle eyes. <3
  13. Two things I noticed about that green "pentagram box", by the way. First you can see from this picture, that there's a faulty texture alignment underneath it, and what you may actually notice when you play the map, is that on top of the box, there's lava texture. I forgot to mention this when I posted here earlier. But now that I look at it I suddenly remembered.
  14. I certainly depends on what he means when he says "underpowered", since it's probably a relative term. From my point of view it would be a good thing if these abilities were more or less adding to a player's overall combat prowess rather than being a relatively huge part of it. I suppose it all comes down to how they balance things. At the end of the day, having certain abilities makes for a nice dynamic. When they're too powerful, and the game starts revolving too much around these, they kind of start dictating the gameplay, if they're too weak, and don't matter at all, welp... I sure hope that this fine line will be walked, last thing I would want is an overwatch reskin.
  15. OK, I played the first level a few times now, and despite me being a genius when it comes to getting lost, I found it to be rather enjoyable. The secrets are nicely executed, I like that drop on the soulsphere secret a lot, for example. One thing that sort of messes with my personal preference is the abundancy of demons in particular in one of the crate areas. I don't know if it's just me missing pickups, or if the idea is to use the BFG there, but me personally, I'd really like for there to be more rockets available, to make that area feel less grindy. These are the few things I can say from the top of my head. One thing I almost forgot, that yellow key's pillar I think it would look a lot better if there was only one switch and the other 3 sides could be some steel support texture or whatever that was called. But yeah, that's it from me so far. Really appreciating the set so far.