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  1. I am aware of this, but: How many boom maps/sets have a mapinfo lump? Also, why should I put in the extra work of disabling GZDoom features when the readme clearly states what source port is supposed to be used? Plus, why should I have to do that work when people could simply use GZDoom's compat-presets, because that's also a thing? Also, have you considered that in spite of GZDoom's compat presets it still does not emulate other ports properly?
  2. We already established that both you and I were to either release an individual set next year, or create a collab set. Failure will result in being a poopy-head. ;-)
  3. First off, that's what the joy of mapping is there for. Contrary to popular belief that "project" is not only there to just punch a pack out now and then, but also to give support and exchange ideas when no project is scheduled to begin with. That said, if what you want is to get your feet wet, you have no reason not to be in it. Other than that, Community projects may or may not be good to get something done. The recycled project I started was aimed at new mappers as well, since the general idea was to encourage people to actually just get comfortable with an editor by way of letting them use an already functioning piece to work with and expand on. Projects like 4800 HKs are not suited for beginners, imo, because the only thing that making a map for that project will most likely teach you is how to overuse one single thing if you're new to mapping. It takes actually experienced mappers who know a thing or two about how to create gameplay to get a decent map done on the basis of that concept. But I digress... The thing about Community Projects is that while you can make a map for it, there's not much in the way of tutorials going on. Hence JOM is the better choice, clearly.
  4. I will second this. (Inb4 slaughterMAX turns into a full-blown thinktank ;-)) EDIT: Also, "Legion of boom™" anyone? ;-)
  5. There is no need to start looking for specific things to improve in GZDoom. It's the port most casual players use, because it launches everything, even if the end-user has no idea about formats and whatnot. That in and of itself is the single most striking reason why people say GZDoom is good. That said, GZDoom has a few kinks when it comes to compatibility with formats such as boom (Transfer sector property linedefs come to mind), however none of the format discrepancies are actually gamebreaking, save for the kind of map that aims to abuse things like a certain port's physics (wall-/fence-/thingruns), or slaughtermaps which rely on a certain infight behaviour that you can't get with GZDoom. Unfortunately, most people are oblivious to these things as well as they don't care about infinite height and why it's actually important to have that for certain maps. The one thing that I guess is worth looking into are these "edge cases", but since most people don't get their hand on these maps, or disregard the readme that states what source port the map is to be used with and instead launch all the things with GZDoom (because what could go wrong, and why would an author design a source-port dedicated map, ever? /sarcasm), and then complain about how something doesn't work and give the map a bad rating instead of, you know, launching it proper...
  6. I think D_RUNNIN should be renamed to TESTING_MAP
  7. That is not a project that is currently running as far as I know. It came up some time ago on a discord channel and I find it to be rather interesting as well.
  8. Imo, you shouldn't limit the monstercount in any way period. That aside, you also shouldn't limit people choice of themes in a "first come first serve" fashion, because it will drive potential mappers away if they can't use their preferred theme at all. Also the continuous area idea seems a bit of place, but maybe that's just me. Also you should clarify what "main focus on hellknights" means, because the moment someone wants to also have cybies or viles in the map they're gonna need quite a few more cybies because of how fast HKS can kill them under certain cirumstances.
  9. Everybody has their favourite stuff they want to see get an award, but that's beside the point when people go all toxic because they simply lack the capacity to comprehend something, which brings me to lilith: The whole concept of lilith is being glitchy. That's what it was made for. That's why it even has a glichy soundtrack, that's why it's a masterpiece of mapping, regardless of what Graf Zahl thinks. You can't build something like lilith if you don't know exactly what the fuck you're doing, because it requires the most in-depth knowledge of the targeted source port you can possibly imagine. That in and off itself is more than a good enough reason to have it included in the top ten, not to mention that lilith does not randomly glitch all over the place, every glitch in it actually is deliberate and thought through, which sets it lightyears apart from the coments some folks around here make because much butthurt. Try and play some award winners, runner ups, or whatever gets mentioned in the cacowards sidebar. This year is Zero-master year, but I feel you've got a point. Maxruns are usually not something people seem to care about all that much, at least people who don't do demos I mean.
  10. Been a good year. Too bad speedrunning is "sidebar material", especially this year. I get that doing those runs is niche, but I think it deserves more attention.
  11. You don't know how much effort moderating these forums takes such as it is right now, thus the claim that some more work shouldn't be a problem at all lacks context. Plus you're not the person doing the work, so it's all easy talk for you, and of course easy virtue signaling for that matter. If all you're gonna come up with is "It's probably all easy to do." and "they're probably not as much of a problem as people say they are." Then you're simply arguing with air against the stone cold reality that this community lasted for so long because of how it's been moderated. If you can show me a more lenient place than these forums with no perma-bans, that is as old or older than these forums, then we have something to talk about, until that point you're all talk and no show as far as I'm concerned. Have a look at how many users are registered to doomworld, then name me all banned users you are aware of from the top of your head, and then tell me how "many" of those users actually make maps which get uploaded to the idgames archive. That's where the numbers come from. And what do you think is it people get banned for then? No saying "please" and "thank you" one time too often? Aside of the simple reality that your knowledge may have lots of gaps due to how some things just aren't made public, a person who got banned is highly unlikely to tell you that they're outspoken assholes who wasted more than a handful of second chances. I think it is time you stopped with the conjecture, and presented some facts that support your stance. If you can't do that, then there's one hell of a good chance there's a reason for that, such as your approach not being feasible in practice.
  12. Good, now so we can establish that you started arguing against the way I voice my opinion, rather than adressing my opinion in and of itself, it's probably safe to assume you've nothing to say against the arguments that have been made against your proposal. Glad we got that out the way, let's move on: I have already, thouroughly and logically explained that this forum is a spare time effort, thus what you do is ask people to do work for free because maaaaybeeeee someone who gets banned from the community for good reasons feels the noble urge to contribute to a place where they're not welcome anymore. So by the off chance that such a person existed it's probably like one among several thousands, if I were to highball it. That said, if everyone else around here gets to enjoy themselves without any shitty drama, and without having mods do unpaid work, then "sacrificing" these few maps every now and then are worth having a consistently positive atmosphere. And this is where you start contradicting yourself since you already mentioned several times in this thread how it's probably good that some people are best kept away for good. Currently there warnings and short bans prior to perma bans. There are cases in which people around here have been tolerated for years before getting perma banned, including multiple warnings, and multiple temp-bans. You don't just get banned here just like that. Accept that for a change. Thanks.
  13. First off, you're not the only person in this discussion. Second off, I have adressed pretty much all of what you proposed and pointed out what the downsides are in a brief enough fashion. None of the points have been adressed by you thus far in thourough fashion, because all you really say all the time is you want for there be "second second chances", while being oblivious to the reality that we already have that here: Warnings -> temp bans -> perma bans. And it's not like you only get one warning before someone drops the hammer just like that. This has been adressed several times over: Perma bans are a last resort for when all else has failed. People don't "disappear" just like that, because see above. Either there is a set of rules or there isn't. If you take a wrong turn you get told as much, if you still take wrong turns after, see above. The alternative to having perma-bans is not having them, if what you want is the same set of rules for everybody.
  14. So much for the last post being my last post here. I can't believe the shit I'm reading just now. If you think letting assholes, who piss lots of people off, have their ways just so you can have your next Deus Vult or something along lines, then, sorry, but that's first of all short sighted (It drives other potentially good mappers away, if you like it or not), and it's quite selfish on top of that, because what you say in reality is: "I want the good maps assholes make, and I don't give a shit about how many other people get offended by them. Because ME ME ME ME ME." Thank goodness some people don't have a say in this matter.
  15. Last comment from me in this thread, because I've better things to do and we're repeating ourselves here more than is good... Stop talking individual cases, it's utter nonsense. People moderate this forum as a spare time effort, so what you're actually doing here is asking these people, who work for 0$ per hour, to do more work just to accomodate the desires of outspoken assholes who had more than just one "second chance" already. That's what warnings and temp-bans are there for, that's why these things are being used just about everywhere else as well. The moment you start to make exceptions these will become public eventually, and before you know it you have to deal with discussions as to who should get unbanned and why and when, and how it's unfair if one person gets unbanned and another one does not. If you want to see a forum in which people do that sort of labour for free, go run your own party at your own terms and see how it goes long term.