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  1. Well now, that sure is an interesting find... Never heard of them before, but it sounds fun.
  2. I'm not really sure why people should commit to doing demos for a WAD that is still subject to change in some way shape or form. I mean, It's not like I have anything against that per se, but as soon as some stuff changes in any of the maps which are being demoed now, the demos are most likely gonna desync.
  3. Valiant map 24 "none more ellastic" UVmax in 11:43: Run went far from "optimal", but I figured I'd upload it anyway, since it's an improvement over the previous 13:16 which was routed in a way that thought was a bit weird here and there. Also I really don't wanna play that map again to be honest. Got some kinda messed up movement in there, and I'm not sure if it is my keyboard that's the problem here. Seems it doesn't always accept key presses lately. :/
  4. Not sure if the availability of platforms is a huge factor in how many of them surfaced, but the increased reach of ill-motivated people with a brain sure helps them to take advantage of said "idiots" even more.
  5. You... I like you :-)
  6. usually happens when you inflict a pain state on them, so that's always worth having in mind when punching revs
  7. Well, so far it seems the OP has yet to create such a tutorial and link it here or elsewhere. If that already happened then nevermind what I said, but so far this seems more like "I'd like to have" and less like "I'm gonna make this". Besides, all the tutorials that can be found on YouTube could very well be part of a "compilation" of links that would aim to be such a thing as a guide of sorts. It isn't unheard of that people still use Chubzdoomer's video guides on YouTube for themselves or link them for others. So if this "mapping compendium", let's call it that for the time being, were to take off, it might be a good idea to first look at what's actually there already, and then start filling the gaps where it is due. Some points made by the OP have already been covered to a pretty thourough degree.
  8. Does that mean dildos aren't part of your diet? O_o
  9. "gender conscious climate change" I mean... These words make sense individually, but put them together and it's complete bullshit... God help us all if these people are serious... TL;DR of the article: "Let's add the climate change to the stack of cards that say how oppressed women are." This one here is pure gold: Shit like this is why first of all I never ever want to get thrown in the same basket as feminists, because that's how embarassing this is; And second of I can't help but laugh and shake my head at the same time when a feminist claims to fight for "our rights" these days. It's like nothing could ever be far fetched and absurd enough as long as it helps these idiots who fail to realize what part they played in how their lives turned out "people" in their quest for being ever greater victims. It's not like climate change isn't a huge fucking issue on its own, but conflating it with gender politics is another chip in the pile of the "hyper-conservatives", when it's time to deny the effects the industry has on global warming yet again, because suddenly it's even more of a "SJW kinda issue" and thus can be dismissed even easier than before.
  10. ...unless you're rocketing a vile while hoping for getting a stunlock on it or something the SSGs advantage doesn't add much in actuality, because more often than not the usual fodder just dies before you'd need to stun it. Aside of that, the RL's "lesser stun chance" isn't a big deal when it comes to ousting stuff that has like +30% to 50% or so stunchance, because most of the time you get a stun on it with either weapon while the RL still deals more damage overall, unless we're talking cybies or so.
  11. A lot of that stuff already exists on YouTube, or can be found as a comprehensive guide or writeup either here or over on realm 667 and whatnot, which makes it such that people can digest the information at their own pace. In general I think writeups are better suited than videos, because people don't stumble across language barriers as much. It's really not unheard of that people have issues understanding spoken english, doubly so if the mic may be crap, or there's some sort of accent involved. I am aware written and illustrated guides aren't what you're looking/asking for, but I personally deem them a lot more useful. Other than that, people can always ask questions and hopefully get the particular answer they are looking for in a somewhat timely fashion. Plus there's discords like "the joy of mapping" where people can get proper support if they are actually looking for it. As for your list, why do you aim to explain ACS before even getting into mapping formats, even though ACS is not available for every format there is? Why are people supposed to learn how to insert sprites or create custom palettes before they even know how to align textures etc...? That list seems much to random to begin with (if it was in some loose order of priorities at all), and we're way past the point of explaining which format does what, because all it does is it devolves into sissy-slap fights over which is better and why. When people see a map they liked playing, and they wanna make a map that is supposed to be like the one they saw, then there's no need to tell them anything about which format does what, because the format people wanna use is already decided by virtue of "bias", for lack of a better expression. I've long since given up on making the argument that people should learn the most basic principles of mapping before doing anything that involves (especially complex) scripting, because I got whiteknighted to death by those who learned how to do ACS and deem it easy (because they learned it, duh) one time too many for my liking.
  12. The only thing you need to do right here is nod your freaking head:
  13. After reading the other thread you opened up a bit earlier I hate to be so rude, but I can't do any better: You should seek out professional help ASAP. Like tomorrow morning ASAP.
  14. Can't say I've been friends with him, neither did I ever actually speak with him at all in any way shape or form, but I wish phml was still around.
  15. Any semi decent machine based setup will most likely beat anything just based on player skill. You can already reach very high scores with just a cannon based setup and a lava-covered floor. I think if we're gonna talk about rules, then I suggest: whatever gear people wanna use, let them use it Seperate competitions between melee/mage/ranged/summon flat and 2 sided arenas no machinery, because machines are too powerful to even be in the same "league" as just player-inflicted damage