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  1. Nine Inch Heels

    How do I make a boom map GZDoom incompatible?

    If it does indeed happen, then it's not an exaggeration but a statement of fact. One such "edge case" that caused a fair bit of frustration for an entire team of mappers and playtesters was eviternity with its looping scrollers, and it's safe to say that nobody on that team tried real hard to make their maps incompatible with either source port, on the contrary: They went to great lengths to ensure their maps were 100% completable on both GZDoom and PrB+ despite the obviously different port-behaviour. People don't have to try real hard to produce discrepancies, they just happen, and, in eviternity's case, people had to pour hours of their spare time into that project in order to find a solution for a problem that you claim happens only on the eleventyfirst of nevervember... You are plain and simple out of touch. These issues are way more common than you think. Most of the time, especially when it's an ambitious project, people take care of those problems behind closed doors, before a build is made public. And if it wasn't for stuff like this, you could probably count the number of people who know how to map around those aforementioned discrepancies reliably on one hand. The fact that GZDoom is perceived as reliable as it seems to be is owed first and foremost to the efforts of mappers and playtesters, who are going the extra mile to ensure compatibility across different ports when they can.
  2. Nine Inch Heels

    How do I make a boom map GZDoom incompatible?

    It's not a myth per se... It used to be really hard to get identical behaviour out of for example scrolling floors across different ports. If your map ended up depending on very particular scrolling speeds, or unusual angles for your scrollers, then the discrepancies between PrB+/DSDA-doom and the ZDoom family of ports could result in problems including but not limited to softlocks.
  3. Nine Inch Heels

    Sonic the Hedgehog franchise discussion

    I've played a good chunk of the classic 2D Sonic games, including Sonic 1 - 3, as well as Sonic and Knuckles, Sonic Spinball, and Sonic CD, but none of those games were as enjoyable and interesting to me as good old Super Mario World. Granted, I ended up playing the extra levels in SMW more often than the rest of the bunch, because I was drawn towards the gimmicks a lot, but even the "normal" SMW levels felt more interesting to me than the vast majority of levels in the aforementioned "Sonic ensemble". It was fun being fast as hell in the Sonic games, and sometimes that was all I "needed", but being fast and flashy doesn't necessarily mean that the gameplay is as spectacular as the outwardly appearance might suggest (also, being fast meant you were less likely to get all chaos emeralds, and, therefore, missed out on the good endings, so the game's mechanics were at odds with each other at times). When it comes to rewarding exploration with more than just a few goodies or the occasional chaos emerald, SMW was leaps and bounds ahead of the sonic games, despite the fact that the Sonic franchise had those Chaos emerald bonus games, which ended up being somewhat hit or miss, IMO, or the past-present-future gimmick Sonic CD had (which I thought was way better and more involved than all other chaos emerald mini-games combined). SMW had the cape, Yoshis in different colours and different abilities as well as shells with different colours that would give any Yoshi any ability for a limited period of time, and the occasional "how do I get the key into that keyhole" mini-puzzle, if you even found it in the first place. When StH 3 came out, there were finally different types of shields with varying degrees of usefulness, but, most of the time, those shields merely allowed you to ignore more stuff rather than allowing access to more stuff. Flying around as Tails was a nice novelty, but it would take until S&K came out to have dedicated routes through levels based on the character you played. To put this into perspective a bit: SMW was released 1990/1991, while S&K was released 1994/1995, roughly... It took Sega about 4 years to learn what nintendo had figured out almost half a decade prior, namely that playing the same levels in ways that were meaningfully different was something a lot of people liked a whole lot, especially when it was something players could work towards, and experiment with - for instance by way of bringing a blue yoshi (or just a cape) into a level where neither was made available to begin with. And if there was a level a supposed player didn't like as much for some reason, or if it was too difficult somehow, then people could give themselves a better start into that level (which nintendo encouraged in SMW, since they put down a hidden Yoshi house where you could "farm" any items you wanted (extra lives and a free Yoshi included). To add something to the Genesis vs SNES side of the conversation, I think it might have been worth having either console (or emulators, of course), because both consoles had games that would cater to different audiences. Kid Chameleon, Streets of Rage, Golden Axe, Ghouls and Ghosts (which is one of my favourite games), and Battle Squadron (which might just be one of the best games EA has ever made), and all those sports games like Madden and whatnot - there was a place for the Genesis, and Sega itself, but it probably wasn't the place where Mario, Metroid, Zelda, F-Zero, and Secret of Mana set up shop already. If there is indeed a parallel universe where the "console-wars" produced a different result, I'd love to see it, because who knows how much potential for example the Sega Saturn could've had under different circumstances, but that's a topic for another day...
  4. Nine Inch Heels

    The (simple) fun of difficult wads

    Probably among the fundamentals of what it is that drives people to play progressively harder games/maps/mods - besides fun - is the sense of competence. Everybody loves to feel competent - incompetence is inherently painful to some degree, while competence is akin to a drug in terms of how the brain responds, and it just might be the healthiest drug of them all, if your gaming habits aren't entirely out of control, I suppose... The reason why I prefer harder maps over the same old same old, and the "straightforward", is because the harder maps are "competence checks" which still result in a "click" for me when I emerge victorious, or at least "alive". I don't get that in easier maps, unless there's some other stimulus involved that happens to check a different box in my brain. Tangential ramble: I'm competent enough to beat the old id-material practically without fail, and therein lies the reason why I gravitated towards stuff like slaughter. It was really great, back then, when I beat DoomII for the first time ever, that made me feel "accomplished" (not to be confused with competent), it didn't come easy to me at all. The previously impossible was "only" quite difficult all of a sudden. Then, I beat the game a few more times, felt "decent at it" - the difficult became "pretty manageable". After that, I became "competent", and beat the game several times per weekend, if I felt like it (all on UV difficulty, no saves, no deaths)... And, just to squeeze just a little bit more life out of the game that I liked as much as I did, I started a playthrough on NM difficulty shortly thereafter, but I also allowed myself to save at the start of each map. Once that playthrough reached its end in the shape of a dead IOS, I had done everything I ever wanted to get done in doomII, and the formerly "nigh impossible turned easy game" was out of stuff that would keep me interested. It went from easy to mundane, and from there to "so boring, I didn't fire it up for months, if not years"... and then, after some time, I discovered speed of doom, and suddenly the entire game made sense to me again, until I discovered the secret maps - those made no sense to me at first. And once I conquered those, I grabbed all WADs containing maps which were mentioned in the intermission text from map 31 to 32, played those secret maps, then came sunder, and the rest is history...
  5. Nine Inch Heels

    Do you always play the Secret Maps?

    I always "play" them... or at the very least I take a look at them, even if a WAD isn't quite my cup of tea in general... People have been pretty creative with secret maps in the past, sometimes putting ideas there which they thought might have been too out of left field for the "mainline progression". I'm interested in maps where there's something "out of the ordinary" and those slots are where I might be able to find that...
  6. Nine Inch Heels


    I didn't feel like commenting at first, but something about this irks me to the point where I feel like lifting a finger or two... You want to assemble a team of people to create a megaWAD - so far so good, but why would anyone be interested in participating, really..? The only "concept" you seem to have is that it's gonna be boom format, and the fact of the matter is that nobody needs to join your "team" if they feel like creating "just any boom map they damn well please". If you had some manner of unique concept for this WAD that you want to "produce", and perhaps interesting resources as far as textures go, and maybe even a decent, playable "sample map" on top of all that... Then you might have had a realistic chance to get capable, and dependable mappers hooked... Another problem is that, what your screenshots show... It's slightly bland, if we're being honest here. Make no mistake, nobody is going to expect a cacoward-worthy map. However, annual community projects like for example the MAYhem series are definitely a cut above what you're showing. If you want my advice, then I would suggest you join a community project as a mapper instead of trying to lead one yourself - not only is the position of a project lead more exhausting and time-consuming than you might expect, it's also way easier to actually get better at what you're doing, if you're working with an experienced project-lead. Last but not least: What you're showing off here doesn't justify your "bossy" tone. You're not running a company that happens to produce something so super-special that people will stand in line for a shot at "working" with you. In other words: Being part of your "team" isn't as huge a privilege as you would like to make it sound.
  7. Nine Inch Heels

    What makes you decide to play or skip a WAD?

    Not sure how much I can contribute, because most WADs, even ones that might cater to my personal preferences, are by default skips, because I just don't have enough time on my hands these days... That said, one of the WADs I was very fond of was jump.WAD, because I like platforming, which means... that for the most part I like stuff most people seem to hate. So, if there's platforming, or some manner of interest movement-check involved, I'll try to get around to playing it Slaughter/Challenge maps, I'll try to have a look when I can Short set of maps built around interesting and unique mechanics, or "fresh concepts" (like for example a WAD designed for play on NM difficulty), I'll go ahead and have a look Maps or sets which may be interesting to look at in a builder for "technical reasons" (ie interesting setups of voodoo closets, use of mikoveyors, "abuse of game mechanics" in some way), I'll check out in a builder, and I'll most likely play them, even if the gameplay itself might not be my cup of tea, because I want to see the machines in action, and what they produce, for that matter If it's a ZDaemon rocket jump map, and a new one at that, ideally made by someone who seems "familiar" to me, I'll play immediately :P With the aforementioned lack of time in mind, I tend to stay away from behemoth-sized maps, even if they're high quality in terms of gameplay and visuals. As much as I'm into slaughter, it took me a long time to get around to playing the new sunder maps, for example. All things considered, I'm not into "marathon endeavours", despite the fact that I can comfortably play for a couple hours straight. I just like it better when things are separated into more digestible, smaller chunks... Makes "putting the game away" a lot easier.
  8. Asking what people think about saving/loading is like asking what people think about BBQ sauce... Does BBQ sauce taste nice on spareribs..? Probably. Does it taste nice on a sliced banana..? Maybe not so much... Point being: How good or useful something is depends on how that function or feature is applied, and contrary to popular belief, it's disturbingly easy to save oneself into a corner, which can cause a lot of grief, if the supposed player isn't aware of the disaster they subjected themselves to. If there is some hard fight, that happens to be beyond the player's capabilities, I maintain that it is a very good idea to save beforehand, in order to figure the fight out step by step - but it is a very bad idea to save in the midst of said fight in hopes of "save-load-lucking" one's way through. If you spam save and load with the latter goal in mind, you might as well be honest with yourself and punch in IDDQD to get it over with...
  9. Nine Inch Heels

    Discussing Some Movement Maps

    RJSLOTH map 10 - TimeofDeath One of the hardest rocket jump maps published thus far, a sadistic blend of difficulty and length. It features some tricky jumps, even by modern RJ-standards, and it constantly checks the player's consistency, too. You're not going to get very far if you get one thing right just once, you need to be good at what you're doing. In fact, if you've never played zdaemon rocket jump maps before, don't even try this one, you're just not going to see the end of it, unless of course you cheat... The map has a starting hub, from where you pick a path to follow, most of which will lead you to a key - said key will then open up additional means of progression. To get across here, you need to be able to stack 3 rockets such that they detonate simultaneously. That in and of itself will probably require some "tinkering", if you don't have timings and placements of your rockets memorized somehow. You made it across? Good for you. Now you will need to climb these large, green steps on either side of the centre-platform you just reached with a combination of super-jumps (stacking 2 rockets), followed by a "corner-climb", which requires a series of well-placed rockets in a left-right-left-right fashion so you can climb without losing contact to a solid, vertical surface. There is our first consistency-check, and there's more where that came from... Another path, available right from the start. Another triple-stack of rockets, should you wish to proceed, and this one is way different from the other 3-stack I mentioned earlier. If you've made it to the large green pillar, you're staring down the barrel of a super-jump that needs to be performed immaculately, and angled such that you can use one of the smaller "sub-pillars" to gain some additional height by squeezing a rocket in whilst you're already in mid-air. Yet another path, traversable right off the bat. This one requires a series of precise super-jumps at slightly odd angles, and it leads you right towards an area where even more "combo-jumps" are going to be required... Got all the keys yet? If so, here's the fourth path that will lead you to the map's exit. Even more super-jumps - some of which need to be performed in a nigh pixel-perfect fashion - and a series of tricky wall-jumps await... Now you might be thinking to yourself that, given how many super-jumps this map is asking for, you're gonna be able to make it through once you've figured out how to do them properly, but the fact of the matter is that many of these trick-jumps have some twist, some added wrinkle to them, that requires just a little bit more than solid "RJ-basics". There are also several, simple-looking jumps, which you will need to be able to execute consistently, sprinkled in for good measure - and for variety's sake, of course. Experienced rocket jumpers may be able to beat this thing in half an hour, probably a bit less than that, if they practise this map plenty of times, but if you're still wet behind the ears, this one's gonna take you an entire afternoon, assuming you have the necessary stamina and willpower. It's hard to pick a favourite in terms of sections, for me anyway, because all of them have some sense of "identity", some "purpose", and none of them are trivial either. If I had to pick, it would probably be the "Goliath-Stair-Section", not because it's the hardest, meanest, or longest section, but because of how defining that section is from a visual POV. You see these huge, green steps, and you know immediately where you are, and what you've signed up for... Rating: Legendary Difficulty: Extreme
  10. Nine Inch Heels

    Help regarding Low Doomworld's Max Total Size

    My position is that you should only upload here what is "worth having archived" on this site for one reason or another... If you host files on imgur or whatever else, there is always a chance they'll disappear after a few years, which may be a bad thing in case you're hosting images there that might be part of a tutorial or guide of some sort... Of course, that's not the only reason why something may be worth "keeping here", but a few minor forum software intricacies aside, if it's just a "teaser" you wanna post in some "what are you working on" type of thread, you're usually better off using some external image hosting site/service, so you don't need to clean up your attachments as regularly...
  11. Nine Inch Heels

    Memento Mori 3 is Cancelled

    Not sure how many maps you actually have at the moment, but why not polish and playtest what you have right now, slap on some UMAPINFO, so you can manage the "lack of maps" in a way that might make some sense, and then release as a 14-map-project (or however many) not related to memento mori..? Not saying that nobody should make a memento mori 3 to begin with, but if you're gonna attempt to live up to an all-time-classic, why have it mired in "drama" such as this..?
  12. Nine Inch Heels

    Rant: Vanilla is too limited

    Me when signing up for UDINO: "Yeah, sure, I've got an idea for a map. It'll be fun. Count me in!" Me while creating said map: "Really sucks not to have generalized actions and looping conveyors..." Me after creating said map: "I'll never do another vanilla map again, not even if limit-removing..." Me when hearing another mapslot might be open: "Yeah, sure, I've got an idea for a map. It'll be fun. Count me in!" What I'm saying is... it's not that simple...
  13. Nine Inch Heels

    Is Doomworld secured for the future ?

    I was gonna "split" the OP and go over several points individually, after skimming over it, but the bottom line is that the OP is eloquent bullshitting at the best of times, and unsubstantiated concern-trolling at the worst of times... You're not owed any information with regards to what staff members are actually doing - not to mention that said information would need to be written and published. So you want people, who are already working for free, to do even more work, just so you can sleep at night... Would you like a massage with your daily staff-activity-report..? Dude, W&M has been split - quite literally - to make it look less "active", and for a lot of people it's summer time. I'm sorry not everybody is sweating in front of their PC to make more maps and mods so you got some hot shit to write about, but it turns out being outside and absorbing sunlight to get that sweet sweet serotonin going is pretty nice... Studies have also shown that a long-term lack of serotonin can lead to depression and anxiety...
  14. Nine Inch Heels

    opinions on breaking bad & better call saul

    It's not really "some gangster film", but rather a pretty decent drama... Sure, you got hoodlums and whatnot involved, but I think that breaking bad doesn't use these "gangster scenes" just for some superficial reason, but rather to set the stage for something more meaningful...
  15. Nine Inch Heels

    Should Doom 64 Have its own category?

    This seems more like an assumption rather than something you would be able to back up with something tangible... Why are you so damn sure that someone, who was interested in the franchise, who then also heard of an "N64 Doom", wouldn't even care to lift a damn finger to find out what this new game is or isn't..? One of the most influential franchises of its era is coming to console, and almost nobody saw anything about it in magazines, ads, etc... Everybody just thought it was gonna suck and didn't care any more, not even out of morbid curiosity...? I think the perspective you are entertaining is too tough to sell as fact, no matter how often you cycle back to the same arguments...