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  1. Nine Inch Heels

    "Artificial Difficulty" in video games / Doom?

    Artificial Difficulty these days in an empty and nonsensical term that loosely translates to "Difficult for reasons I don't like", or something similar. There have been some cases in the history of gaming where it might have been fair to say that the game was difficult for reasons that didn't contribute to the experience, such as extremely high and unpredictable input delay for example. But in most cases when somebody uses the term "artificial difficulty" it's usually best to take these "evaluations" with a mountain of salt.
  2. Nine Inch Heels

    [Boom] Sequenced switches

    It think it should be possible to pull off. If you place two additional triggers in each conveyor, in example one trigger that unlocks the next conveyor, and one that locks it after a certain period of time has passed, you could force a time restriction on players. Alternatively you could build a parallel conveyor that houses the timer for the next switch separately (which might be necessary in some cases, if for example you have to account for eventual spechits overflows). The biggest problem I see with this is that this time restriction is very hard to communicate to players, because you would have two separate "failstates" for when a switch does nothing at all. One being the wrong order of switches pressed, and the other being the time restriction. How is the player supposed to be able to tell the difference when both failstates look the same in the game? In my point of view, it would be best to tie this time constraint to something that is very visible in the map, in order to get the point across. If you can do that in ways people can wrap their heads around, because they can actually see it happen, then it should be all good. As for setting this up in such a way that the whole system can reset itself if either failstate occurs, that might be a bit more complicated than the prefab Aurelius provided, but without trying to actually build something like that, and just based on "gut-feel".. Yeah, I think it's doable.
  3. Nine Inch Heels

    The DooMed Speed Demos Archive returns!

    Thank you so much for all the hard work you've done over the past 25 years. Grabbing somebody else's demos from the DSDA and watching them, or seeing my own demos uploaded to it, really made this game a lot more enjoyable for me than it otherwise would have been. Enjoy your retirement with reckless abandon. ;-)
  4. Nine Inch Heels

    What's the best SNES game you've ever played?

    It's fucking impossible to just pick "the one SNES game", so here are some of my faves: Seiken Densetsu 3 (aka Secret of mana 2, hands down one of the best early JRPGs) Parodius (It's Gradius, but wacky, also contains stuff adults will understand but kids probably won't :P ) Street Fighter II Super Turbo (Good game to put friendships to the test) R-Type III - The Third Lightning (Good replay value) The Legend of Zelda - A Link to the past (Not sure what to say, it's that good) Super Metroid (Pretty neat atmosphere, dank OST, awesome gameplay) Super Mario World (Also love Kaizo ROM-hacks these days, "Grand Poo World II" is amazing, so is "Storks, Apes, And Crocodiles", "Invictus" is also great) Donkey Kong Country (Really cool platformer, very nice looking, also slightly tricky, I like) Super Mario Kart (Stupid fun in Battle Mode, and quite skill heavy when racing along the tracks) Axelay (pretty cool and perhaps slightly underrated Shmup, imo. Plays 50% as a hori and 50% as a vert, pretty forgiving on lower settings, and customizable loadouts for later stages) Battletoads in Battlemaniacs (Basically a brawler, but with lots of variety and gimmicks, slightly Arcade-ish, but not as hard as some people say it is) I probably forgot something, but I also don't want this to become a wall of text either.
  5. Nine Inch Heels

    Do anyone play on Nightmare seriously?

  6. Nine Inch Heels

    Internet search for the Harris Levels

    Isn't it weird how none of these "Harris Levels" made it on the list of your most recent (and thankfully already removed) troll thread regarding Doom's most infamous WADs? You know, the very same thread where you said you weren't gonna mention the word "SIGIL", because you're a Christian? Now you're asking for the "works" of a murderer as if the first commandment didn't exist? Here's what I think, Nico... I think you're full of shit.
  7. Nine Inch Heels

    Top 10 Infamous Wads 2 - 25 Years Of Doom Edition

    Nonono... You got it all wrong. I'm not mocking a religion, I'm mocking you!
  8. Nine Inch Heels

    Top 10 Infamous Wads 2 - 25 Years Of Doom Edition

    Right, let's have a closer look at your wall of text then. Maybe we can spot where it gets really trolly that way... The one and only reason this WAD makes it on a list of infamous stuff is that it lags weaker PCs? That is a piss poor reason to put that on the list, never mind that the same is true for many other maps out there, too. This all by itself already shows you didn't feel like putting much, if any effort into this list of yours. Let's move on... So, to begin with, a lot of people really like Sandy's way of making maps, meaning that this is in no way shape or form a qualifier for dubbing it infamous. "Levels spiral" my ass, by the way. I've played all of the classic Sandy maps, none of which resemble a much of a spiral at any point in time. Also going out of your way to say "almost everything about this WAD is horrible" is plain bullshit, as it isn't based on any grounds whatsoever. It's merely your opinion, and your opinion doesn't make anything infamous. Again, very low effort bait to get people riled up. The plot thickens, but let's move on, shall we? Oh, so it does exactly what it says on the box? Man, if that isn't a real shocker then I dunno what is. This is supposed to be a joke pk3, it isn't supposed to be "enjoyable". Why is this infamous? Because it does what it says it does? Guys, I think this smells like troll-spirit. "I refuse to say the name, but I still put in a link to it, where it says what it's called. Because I'm a Christian, ya know?" If you ever wondered why people are mocking you or other science denying visitors of Ken Ham's "Arc Encounter" for having a wrench stuck in your gears, this might be why. I really don't care what you believe in, but here's where it gets so fucking obvious that you're trolling, it's not even funny anymore. Also, many people found Sigil quite enjoyable to play. Sigil isn't infamous, it's at most divisive, and that might already be giving it too much "credit", particularly when it comes to putting it on a list like this. So, what you're saying here is that 2 mapping errors that only you yourself seem to have encountered are enough of a reason to call this infamous? I'd say you're either a troll or you have a serious BO problem. And we're supposed to take your word for that? I mean, you manage to get lost in simple iWAD maps, so what even is your baseline for what constitutes "hard"? Oh wait, I forgot, this wasn't meant to be taken serious all along, my bad. Okay, look... We understand you have a raging hate-boner for Sandy and your sense of direction rivals that of a slice of bread, but the truth is that nobody actually gives a shit. Putting Doom II of all things on a list of infamous WADs, even though literally every classic Doomer out there is pretty fucking glad it exists in the first place makes your troll attempt even more obvious than it already was, and it was so obvious already that I'm worried we run into an overflow here and the whole shit starts wrapping around into negative values because we're running out of bits. Of all the things Plutonia is known for, this is your reason? This might just be the lowest effort bait I ever came across: "Hey guys! Hey guys! Number 2 on the top ten most infamous WADs, but I couldn't be arsed to write more than a single line of text. Please take me serious, I'm tooooootally not a troll at all. No, really, I'm not trolling, trust me. Guys...? Guys..?!" So it's a joke WAD with maps of varying difficulty. And that makes it infamous? "Please take me serious, I'm tooooootally not a troll at all. No, really, I'm not trolling, trust me. Guys...? Guys..?!" Oooohhhhh, right, you were just trolling.
  9. Nine Inch Heels

    Ani-Toonspiracy Doom (revisited)

    A lot of them do fall victim to cease and desist, especially stuff that belongs to nintendo's licenses, so you're already going to get fucked right there with the pokemon stuff you have planned. I'm also already dying to see how much EA is going to love your idea of including Tiberium. Okay, so who's gonna make these then? You? Look, here's how this works: You want something done, you do it yourself and ask for help when something is beyond your abilities, not the other way around. It's not the community's "job" to build you a mod how you want. Have you even made a single playable classic doom map yet? Or... just anything that is on your list that works for example in GZDoom? If the answer is "no", don't expect anyone to step up and invest their time here, because it ain't happening unless you're putting in actual effort yourself.
  10. Nine Inch Heels

    Regenerating Health In First Person Shooters A Bad Thing??

    If done well, regenerating health is fine. If not, then it ain't. Now that we're past the "duh!-level" of the conversation, here's my take: Every design decision comes with its own "opportunity cost". Let's say we had health-regen in Classic Doom, imagine the player gets low on health, and hides away in a cubby where shit can't reach them to regenerate, doing nothing at all until they're comfortable to get back in the action again. Does that sound like something you'd want in an action game? Standing still for however many seconds until you can afford to take a hit again? To me that seems kinda boring. How about not having health-regen? Now there's no benefit to being idle, and in order to find health pickups you need to get out there, potentially putting yourself in harm's way. That sounds a bit more exciting to me than taking a "toilet break" every so often. Back to health-regen: On one hand, it removes the necessity of placing health pickups (though armour/shield/whatever may still be relevant), and you might be thinking that sounds cool, because now you don't have to consider where you need to place health to keep players alive any longer. At the same time, not being able to control entirely when, how, and where players can recover also takes a lot of agency away from the mapper/level-designer/whatever, which is where the "opportunity cost" starts to ramp up quite a bit. Speaking of which, with health-regen, players could potentially flee from a fight, take a toilet break, and start chipping away at the monsters again later, and if you want to prevent that from happening, you'd need to lock them in each and every time you have a fight of some sort planned. And we all know that there are plenty people who were bitching over how annoying Doom'16's arena-style combat is. Also, if you have health regen, you need to have a roster of enemies that can reliably out-pace the regeneration of players in some fashion, and one of the best ways to take down anything that regenerates all the time is substantial amounts of burst-damage, so you need either very hard-hitting enemies, or plenty smaller threats at once. Exploration heavy maps with lots of small scale fights to slowly grind players down would be impossible if health-regen were in effect, nevermind that if you tried that with health-regen, you'd need to constantly bother players with chip-damage, which can get kinda annoying, too. There are "design-avenues" that open up when you have health-regen in a game, I'm not saying it's necessarily bad, although for classic Doom it probably wouldn't work very well. And sure, you can do health-regen + health-pickups, but if you're using health pickups anyway, why have regen in the first place?
  11. Nine Inch Heels

    Slaughterfest maps: strategies to win?

    Okay, look, some fights are just poorly made, and then there's also shit like "terryWADs", which are basically built to lure you in a little, and then somehow put you 6 feet under or pull some other manner of prank on you. Maps that take themselves a bit more seriously, even if still a bit tongue in cheek or purposely "rough" like for example "Italo Doom", won't do that because whoever built those made sure it's actually all beatable. I can't say much about the map you're having problems with, so this is just general gibberish. Basically, combat puzzles exist, but not every slaughter fight is built like one. Some slaughter fights are basically blunt force endeavours, where it's you against the mob in a free-form-ish type of brawl that is often called "macro slaughter". Then there is also the kind of stuff that is a whole lot more about finding the correct approach, which is something you'll see in WADs like Ribbik's stardate sets. IMO, if you want slaughter that isn't "methodically bland" but also not so hard that it becomes totally inaccessible, you can try ESP, which is a megaWAD made by Time of Death, and there's also "phmlspd", which is reasonably entry-friendly. Or play rush, which is arguably one of the most well made slaughterWADs that aren't overly harsh and really varied and fun to play.
  12. Nine Inch Heels

    Slaughterfest maps: strategies to win?

    I mean, fair enough... Most games usually present problems or obstacles of some sort, but you can't really compare the facets of slowly picking apart a slaughter fight to for example a level in a jump and run game. Obviously I don't mean to say there is no complexity in some platformers out there, but it's a different kind of "problem delivery". The same is true for any of the Zelda games, where you're gonna have some puzzles, or you need an item before you can do this or that. Slaughtermaps are simply problem solving at different complexity than "do this obvious thing right" when you hold them up against more "standard" Doom-gameplay, because the solution to a fight isn't necessarily obvious if you haven't played a bunch of maps.
  13. Nine Inch Heels

    Slaughterfest maps: strategies to win?

    There is no "secret sauce" for slaughtermaps. Despite popular belief, they're not all about circle strafing, running a lot, and shooting a lot. Slaughtermaps are about problem solving, and as the genre itself has evolved over years, people have become ever more crafty and creative when it comes to creating specific problems. Your job as the player is to identify how the problem you are faced with can be solved in a reliable manner that does not rely on luck, or save/load spamming until eventually something works out for you. That being said, you need to understand what any given fight wants from you. What's the immediate threat I need to deal with? What should I take out right after? How big of a role does infighting play right now and later during this fight? What's the most consistent way to beat this? Should I fight whatever is ahead of me right away, or should I grab a few supplies and move to a more favourable area? If you're not asking yourself these questions, as well as some others, you're setting yourself up for getting brick-walled the next best time a map requires you to not follow your personal favourite combat doctrine. Sometimes it may take more than one attempt to figure out how a fight plays in its entirety, which is what I think is fair to call a trial and error type of experience, until you've figured out all the moving pieces to the puzzle. However, there is no kind of trial and error involved that is akin to "do roughly the same thing over and over and eventually it might just work regardless of strategy", that's not how these maps work, if they're well made. In short: Whatever you are doing during a fight needs to serve some manner of purpose. Running around like headless chicken and firing your laser a lot usually is a fast way into an early grave. Next thing on the list is being good with the tools you're given. Do you know how the BFG works, and can you put that knowledge to effective use? Can you handle the rocket launcher in less than ideal circumstances without blowing yourself up? If your answer to either of these questions is "no", then you'll need to practice with these weapons. Another thing is movement, yes, being fast is nice and all, but you don't always want to be running around and about at full speed. Sometimes it's much better to move at the slowest possible speed a fight allows you to assume, especially when you're dodging clusters of projectiles but you don't have a lot of room to evade to begin with. One specific speed you'll want to be able to match is the speed of revenant rockets. So long as you can keep moving at least as fast as these rockets, you're basically immune to homing rev rockets. In some fights this means using your weapons to cut you a path, so you can maintain your speed instead of getting blocked and atomized by a stack of seeking rockets as a consequence. Of course there's a whole lot more stuff, I just felt like writing something that made a bit more sense than "just keep running and shooting".
  14. Nine Inch Heels

    Slaughterfest maps: strategies to win?

    And there's only one slaughtermap in all of plutonia, it's in slot 32. A couple dozen monsters at once doesn't magically make anything slaughter, and it's also not suddenly slaughter because it's more difficult than Doom II. Valiant for example is in no way shape or form a slaughterWAD, in fact, much like plutonia, it has only 1 slaughtermap across all 32 maps, which also is in slot 32.
  15. Nine Inch Heels

    Slaughterfest maps: strategies to win?

    The vast majority of people who play or build slaughtermaps will probably agree that Hell Revealed (1) doesn't qualify as a slaughterWAD. In fact, the very same people will also agree that SunLust isn't a slaughterWAD in spite of having a few maps of that style. Actually, Valiant has a higher monster density than hell revealed in places, but Valiant also isn't a slaughterWAD.