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  1. Not to be rude, but this mapper here already has several maps under his/her belt, and mistakes can happen when it comes to HOMs quite easily at times. I've seen people release maps that were much more laden with issues than this here map in the past.
  2. don't really disagree, but avgn does it with style. ;-)
  3. I think the usefulness of saves can't be overstated. It's such a good "tool" to figure things out, invaluable for practicing, too. But as far as standards go, I have mixed feelings about this, because beating a map in one fell swoop doesn't necessarily imply a competitive motivation, if that makes any sense.
  4. I absolutely feel that way when it comes to timespans of like less than one hour or so. Playing any game, or just a single doom-map simply feels different if your decisions, and your mistakes don't matter all that much because there never really is anything at stake. I like using saves when I want to practice a map, but the attitude some folks have (beating a map by "virtue" of save and load) irritates me, quite a bit actually. I have heard the arguments of the "save/load" crowd often enough, and at the very core it seems most people just pick UV, then encounter difficulties they can't quite handle reliably, and so the "save spamming" begins. Eventually they reach the end of the map and think (or actually claim) they beat it, even though they saved, died, and loaded several times over, which clearly indicates that the requirements to beat the entire map have not been met to a satisfactory degree. Well, I didn't say so, the map gave you several fail states (0% health here and there, and also here and there), and just rolling over those by way of saving and loading doesn't make your shortcomings magically go away. So is the fail state that is 0% health. I think this save and load spam is one of the reasons so many people have this "UV or bust mentality" when it comes to doom. Because why pick the appropriate skill (or practice properly) when you can just save and load to cover up the mistakes, because you maybe could have beaten the entire thing in theory, when in practice you actually didn't? Beating parts of a map individually is not the same as beating the entire map in one go, because the latter clearly requires a proper strategy and consistent execution as well as some degree of memorization (especially true for maps with "cheap gotchas" and "one trick ponys"). The same principle applies to games in which you make choices which have a strong impact on how the plot develops, or what means the game provides for you to progress (if those means have pros and cons to them, which somehow impact the gameplay down the line). Sorry for this minor derail, but this was something that came to my attention most recently, and it kinda fits into this thread here at least partially.
  5. how bizarre...
  6. Doesn't that mod have a site of its own where there's news on that stuff or something? Thread title also couldn't be any less descriptive than it is now...
  7. So, I've been thinking a bit back and forth if I could contribute, but I'm not sure if I can spare the time on a full map... @mArt1And00m3r11339 it seems some folks would like to see your map being edited a bit. So I wonder if you'd be okay with doing a collaboration with me based on the map you made. We can talk about this via PM if you want.
  8. So here's maybe something that might work as a kind of baseline. Sure looks like I'm patting myself on the back here, but hopefully it helps providing some idea of what I think a structured review might be like. (though I certainly could have structured that better, in hindsight) That map is huge, and I could have written dozens of paragraphs about it for sure. But the idea was to not go too much into detail, and being more descriptive about the map overall. Add in some screenshots I took when watching demos I recorded for it (which made timing them relatively easy, because I could slow the playback down willy-nilly), and that's the review. Should take no more than 5 minutes to read, even if you take a look at the screenies, and you should generally have an idea what to expect from the map.
  9. sure with commentary, how else could you explain things quickly? I mean, maybe text might work as well, but I think voiceover conveys enthusiam just better.
  10. @42PercentHealth yeah, something along those lines, I suppose. quick rundown of who made the map(s). Genre would be nice. Maybe overall difficulty (though that's subjective, but still), some footage of some cool fights and layouts. should take no more than 5-10 minutes, imo. Nicely boiled down to what stuff is about, and I might be inclined to watch that before downloading a wad myself.
  11. @42PercentHealthit's all just opinion pieces anyway, but when people scatter these fragments over +30 minutes, then I might as well grab the wad myself and give it a bash right away.
  12. I don't have powerful enough tech to play and record footage at the same time, especially not when it comes to slaughtermaps. Not to mention my internet connection is so inherently fucked atm that I couldn't even hope to upload gigabytes of stuff reliably.
  13. I've yet to find a channel that gets into the kinds of maps I like to play and actually sort of discusses them as well as giving a somewhat solid recommendation as to wether or not the maps are any good in a compact yet thourough enough style. Best place for that still is kmxexii's blog in written format, if it wasn't for him, I wouldn't be playing this game today. I really wish he'd do videos, it would be the best. If I'm looking for content wrt to what's worth having a look at, then I'd want a montage of some of the highlights as well as some insights in terms of what's generally to be expected quality- and gameplay wise. Let's plays are not for me when it comes to classic doom, I suppose. If there's any let's player out there who reads this, do your let's play and whatnot, but maybe have a playlist with compact recommendations and organized commentary as well, because not everyone has hours to spare on watching a let's play or two.
  14. Since when is adopting a well known and respected visual theme the same as "stealing" the "design" from an older map? Why does a similar visual theme make a map bad? And how could it possibly be stealing if "id" themselves tested the entire set of maps and deemed it good enough to be officially released as part of the DooM franchise?
  15. It's a "clockwork orange" reference anyway, so it needs no double meaning, imo.