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  1. Much like Barons, hitscanners are oftentimes used in a wrong way, in my opinion. The early imp+hitscan mixes seen in iWADs and pWADs are usually a nice way to get players up to pace, also they're a good way of placing ammo. Unfortunately, at times people end up with a map in which rooms consist of colourful mixes of monsters and it's the hitscans you only really need to worry about. When people build large rooms, this quickly becomes an issue that can be annoying, because the gameplay dictates to quickly pluck the turrets, and then circle strafe the rest to death. Make that a theme for most of your maps' encounters and you're way down the road of repetition. The reason it is so annoying after a while is that you have these enemies that are like flashing red buttons that cry for attention like a spoiled little child. The moment players start corner or doorcamping most of the rooms in a map, it is a good indication that hitscans have been used wrong. Prickly gampeplay is nice in a while, and hitscans make for nice reflex-tests, but if hitscans are the only way to consistently threaten the player in a map, something went wrong. I personally have a very nuanced stance on traps, and hitscan traps can be just as lame as teleporting the player into his own voodoo-doll, because he went the wrong way, or took the wrong teleporter pad. Hitscan traps that are supposed to be deadly oftentimes do not work consistently, which results in mappers putting down more and more of them, until they get themselves killed relatively regularly, or even guaranteed if they don't perform the one dance-move they had in mind as the solution. The problem that arises here is that a person who does not know about such a trap will get stopped dead in +80% of the cases. Granted, if the map isn't supposed to be FDA friendly, that's less of an issue, but if mappers fail to set the tone early, and then create an untelegraphed "figure this out in less than 0.5seconds" trap to rack up pelts, there is something out of line. Sets like SoD have these nasty traps that will get you at some point no matter what, but that megawad sets the tone early, and stays true to it. That made me want to look past insta-pop monsters and figure things out. Plutonia went down the same road quite often, hitscan cabinets, lots of them... Difficulty concerns aside, I think the purpose of making maps isn't to kill players with dicey traps in otherwise easy maps, the purpose is to create a feel of threat. Even if you create a ribbiks-type of difficult map, you actually do not want to kill the player just like that. Even the most difficult bullet-hell shmups actually do not want to kill the player on their highest difficulty setting, believe it or not, yes they can and they will, but they always offer a solution that works consistently. Quite a few people say that projectile based enemies are the better way to make maps difficult, and I would personally agree. Hitscans usually promote two approaches, kill them fast or take cover, because otherwise: Damage. Projectile based enemies leave you with more choices. Take cover, oust them fast, ignore them for a while if you think you can afford to do so, etc... Well made projectile-based fights can be ten times more engaging than plucking hitscans, but they're more difficult to make, and require lots of testing to be threatening while functioning consistently, if we ignore slaughter maps, which can turn into projectile hell at times. Are hitscans bad? No. Do they get used wrong at times? Yes. Still though, hitscans are nice to have.
  2. I am hooked already. :-)
  3. All I will say is: Strawberry kisses.
  4. Problem is: pistoling a bunch of revs and imps is unnecessarily chewy and not fun. Like.. anything pistol basically isn't when there's a better/faster way. If anybody who likes doing tysonable maps needs to pistol that ledge, the map becomes super unfun to tyson, because it's a grindy gameplay low that you just don't want to do over and over again...
  5. imo, only valid if players are to be deprived of the option to rocket them from a safe distance. adding a secret passage would not violate any rules, but it would be less attractive for tysoning, since a passage implies limited real-estate to use for dodging, so I'm against this personally. There is no rule that says that, but if there is a tyson start, and the map in off itself is doable solely on tyson, there is no objective reason to ruin it for tyson runners, by denying access to these things.
  6. +++ Eternal Slumber Party
  7. No need for me to echo what rdwpa said already... One thing I would like to add though is that a filesize of 13MB or so is a bit daunting. Might be a good idea to shave off unused assets in SLADE, and also stay away from mediafire. Use dropbox and create a direct download link, or the, in my opinion, second best alternative: or whatever that's called.
  8. That is something I would like to have as well. A novel or a movie series even. What a great concept for solid drama as well as comical relief.
  9. Beating the author's UVmax time on one of my favourite oldschool slaughter maps by 52 seconds, while still being able to improve on it. See map 12 for reference:
  10. You don't need to have anything in common to like one another. Or love one another for that matter. Being friends with people isn't something you should define solely on common interests. Also, you always have memories of time you spent together, that is something you will always have in common, and that won't ever change. Instead of looking at what you have in common, try looking at what you appreciate about each other, because that is what's really important. Other than that, making friends takes time. Hanging out at the same places, so that people recognize you goes a long way. If you show up like once or twice, people won't even remember you existed. Other than that, if people turn you down, for whatever reason, then they're not the kind of person you would want to have as a friend anyway. The "let it come to you" approach is not to be taken literally. What it really means is that you can't force people into it, and even if you could, what value would such a friendship have? Patience is key here.
  11. Ye... put a revenant in there or so.
  12. A silent teleport seems very rude if the gunners spawn outside of the player's field of view. You could just as easily have the gunners in cabinets that open when the pillar with the vile lowers. Might be easier to set up... Also another note in regards to tyson maxing: It would be good to have a chaingun pickup next to the SSG to avoid unvoluntary weapon switches when punching stuff.
  13. For the sport of it. ;-) The sectors lower as they should, so that's good. The AV and the chaingunner are still stuck together, that needs fixing. If else fails, either remove them, or warp them in, if you really want them there. EDIT: the wall that lowers to the next part of the map where you get the SSG should lower faster I think. Waiting for it doesn't feel too "attractive". If you want something along the lines of a "reveal" consider splitting that wall into different sectors, and lower those at different times with different speeds. You will need a voodoo doll script for that, however.
  14. Made a speedmap:



    Intended for: PrBoom+

    Complevel: 9

    Skill settings: UV only

    Subjective difficulty: Easy to (barely) intermediate.

    Genre: Slaughter, what else?

    Theme: 50 shades of graytall hommage, but actually ugly.

    MIDI: Battle of the Sinistrals from Lufia2. The MIDI's sequencer is unfortunately unknown.


    Demo is included, in case somebody feels like it's not doable. Par time is 1m:10s:54 and can still be improved on. I highly recommend not watching the demo, unless you really feel like there's no way you can do it. This isn't rocket science, though...

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    2. rdwpa
    3. MysteriousHaruko


      Next time you should use FIREMAG and FIRELAVA textures with nukage textures and put archviles to annoy player. 

    4. ShotgunDemolition


      Nice map! I played it and got it first try (after watching a bit of the demo), but since I am a dumbass, I forgot to kill an imp at the start. So after a few attempts, I got it 100%. It was sloppy though and I wasted a lot of my cells on the Cyberdemons.

      Here are the demos (GZDoom 2.4, because my pc doesn't cooperate well with PRBoom):



    5. bzzrak
    6. Cell


      Nice how the total amount of monsters is a four-digit prime number ending with seven. This takes all my love from deep down below. ^^

    7. 42PercentHealth


      Couldn't beat it with Boom. :-( Probably 'cuz I don't have a good feel for the port (it feels like I move too slowly, for some reason).


      But here's my GZDoom 2.4.0 demo, completed in 1:19. I had a few completions, but this was my best time. Fun map, thanks a bunch! :-)


      @Cell, you think like I do! :-D

    8. Cell


      After all, present year is a four-digit prime with seven at the end, isn't it. :D

    9. Nine Inch Heels

      Nine Inch Heels

      Well, thanks a bunch for the demos everybody.


      @bzzrak 6,5/10 because slaughter, or was there something about the map you though was dreadful?


      @42PercentHealth, make sure that PrBoom's speed is at 100% all the time. Sometimes people press +/- without noticing. It changes the speed of the game. Other than that, check if always run in on etc.

    10. 42PercentHealth


      Ah, I forgot about that... I did make sure autorun was on, but it felt somewhere between normal walking and normal running speed. I'll check on the engine speed. Thanks!

    11. bzzrak


      ^ ^ Yeah, partly the slaughter, but more the FIREBLU. GRAYTALL is the better texture, let's face the facts. :]


      (I might have made a typo and written 6 instead of 7, not sure.)

  15. you merge the sectors I marked in my screenie so they're one. When that is done. You create sectors in front of those, lower their ceilings (only their ceilings!), so the recently merged sector is covered entirely. And when you want the things in there to attack, you raise the ceiling with a trip-wire linedef, and later you lower the floor via switch seperately. That should work just fine.