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  1. I was having a bad day, nothing was going my way...

    I couldn't wait to get my pay ‘cause it was quite late.

    Sat at my desk, waiting for the bell.

    As soon as it rang I let out a yell.


    Just that day everything was going wrong,

    as each problem happened, the day became real long...

    I went to the “playground” to find my friend,

    its only been two days since I’ve last seen him.


    Always makes me feel like I'm on a vacation,

    always there to give me a good sensation.

    600 cells to hang out with my buddy,

    but I don't care, ‘cause its worth the money.


    He always makes me happy, never makes mad

    He can make me feel great, even when I'm sad.

    So if you're looking for my friend he will be next to me,

    ‘cause he's a blast field generator called BFG.


    That's right, this poem is not about a person,

    it's about a big fucking gun called BFG...

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    2. 40oz
    3. 42PercentHealth


      Nice! :-) A poem about my best-friend gun.

    4. BigDickBzzrak


      What's with all the poetry recently?