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  1. A "feeler" status update:


    *Recycled 2017*

    <Insert super awesome likebait.jpeg here>


    What's the big idea?

    We've probably all had experiences with pWADs which were unpleasant in some way shape or form. This project aims to encourage mappers of any skill to improve on maps they've played, or even made themselves some time ago. This is an opportunity to hone your mapping skills, see how much they've improved, and give these maps a more modern polish while still being respectful towards the original map and its author.


    Rules of engagement (early draft):


    -Mappers of any skill level are welcome to join in. In case you've quite a bit of experience with mapping, but don't feel like doing an overhaul, please consider teaming up with a less experienced mapper and share some of your thoughts and expertise.


    -If you choose to participate, please include a link to the WAD you want to overhaul and write a short paragraph that roughly explains why you pick the map in question as well as what you have in mind in regards to improvements. Please understand that this project is not intended to "shoot down" maps made during an era of mapping in which people had much less convenient tools at their disposal than we do these days.


    -Maps allowed per participant: 1 min - 3 max


    -IWAD: Doom 2


    -Mapping format: Boom


    -Deadline: no more than 6 months from june-1st-2017


    -sign ups: Preferably within the first two weeks after june-1st-2017. If you're late to the party for some reason, but you still feel you can stick to the deadline: Welcome aboard.


    -Difficulty: Nothing "chillax". UV should be kept in line with commonly known and accepted megawads like Ancient aliens, resurgence and the likes.


    -Difficulty settings: Mappers should at least put HMP and UV in a proper place.


    -The map you choose to rework must be "legal" to rework, meaning the readme of a downloaded WAD should ideally state that you have permission to modify the contents of the WAD. If you choose to overhaul your own project from some time ago it's obviously up to you.


    -No custom monsters, no custom weapons, no custom SFX.


    -New textures and flats are allowed, provided you include them in your wad and rename them with a 3 character prefix from your nick-name. Example: "NINxxxxx". Note that whatever new texture you add, it should be in line with the original WAD. Don't transform a green marble area into a blue tech-theme, "just because". Do not leave any unused textures in your wad, so whoever compiles this has an easier time with it. It will also keep "volume" to a minimum. In case of using an already released texture pack (let's say, cc4-tex for example) include a link to that texture pack you use for avoiding double entries in the megawad compiling.


    -Custom music must be MIDI-format.


    -Overhauls must respect the original idea of the map, meaning: You are not allowed to turn a corridor into a wide-open area for freewheeling slaughter. If you choose to make a terrywad enjoyable, these would be the exception to this rule for obvious reasons.


    -If you add new areas to the map, these must respect the general idea the author of the original WAD had in mind. Don't pick a map01 remake for example, and add an open 2048x2048 section for whatever.


    -The genre of the map in question is up to you. If you want to rework a slaughter map, it's fine as long as it stays a slaughter map. Terrywads are the only exception to this rule.


    -Don't use slot 07 or slot 30 for your map, because maps may get compiled in a random order.


    Inspiration: This thread.


    So far, this idea seems to have created some gravitation already. Benjogami, Doomkid, Walter confetti, MysteriousHaruko, bzzrak and CrazyDoomguy have shown some interest to participate, and I'll also contribute something. If some more folks rally around this idea, I'll create a proper thread and keep the OP up to date among other things like playtesting for instance. The compiling work is also going to be taken care of, and OutrageousVideos has kindly volunteered to do some DEhacked work as well should the need arise. The reason I'm posting this is because the person who had this idea does not want to do the "administrative" part of the work, and curious enough about how this turns out that I'm morethan willing to devote some of my spare time to hold things together.


    This status update is intended to get the wheels spinning a bit more before creating a new thread that winds up "born dead", for lack of a more elegant term. It's also here to allow some beforehand discussion in regards to any of the rules. So if you want to see something added/changed before the thread is up, this would be a good opportunity, because I'd kinda like it if the thread itself isn't getting cluttered up within a matter of minutes.


    If you feel like would actually qualify as a good OP already, let me know and I'll put it up within the next few days.

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    2. bzzrak


      Awesome, thanks.

      (ran out of likes goddammit)

    3. Nine Inch Heels

      Nine Inch Heels

      Since so far not much has happened with this status update, I've decided to launch an OP either later today or tomorrow to get some more people interested. Before I do I would like to know if there's anything in regards to the set of rules that you guys think needs further explanation or maybe even slight changes, to keep the thread from becoming too much of a platform for debate, so to speak. :-)

    4. Nine Inch Heels