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  1. [Ramble/Vent] Descriptors (in gaming) that I would like to see gone for good.


    I really miss the days when people just said "shit" in case something was shit, or "asshole" when somebody behaved in such a manner. Sure, it wasn't the most most appealing choice of words back then, and it certainly isn't today, but it seems that's just not good enough for some people anymore.


    Today terms like AIDS, cancer or gay are being abused to describe a negative (gaming) experience, and words like autist, or tourette are being flung at people while the general purpose expression "fuck" is regularly thrown into the mix as well. Some people seem to be utterly unable to compose comments with less than 40 words without using at least one of the aforementioned terms for the heck of it, or because it's cool, or whatever...


    Looking at people suffering from cancer for example, the use of a disease which is most likely deadly -or permantly lowers the quality of somebody's life a lot- as a descriptive term is neither cool, nor smart... It's disgusting to no end, and more than slightly stupid. There, I said it. I seriously wonder if any of these "cool kids" who regurgitate that garbage on a daily basis have ever seen, or at least thought about what life's like for people suffering from tourette or autism for that matter. But don't you dare confront any of them with their poor choice of words. In a best case scenario you'll get the "excuse" that "it's just words". Tell that to the guy next door whose wife is spending the rest of her life, which usually means a few months, in a hospital. Go ask a homosexual person what goes on in their mind, when they see somebody use a term that describes their way of life to emphasize how "bad" something is.


    This bullshit that somehow makes its way out of some people's mouths constantly... Bah!

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    2. Doomkid


      In case there's any doubt based on my post, a part of me dies every time I see someone whos probably like 13 commenting "OH MY GOD, CANCER!! AUTIST!! SO CRINGE!!" in a public forum or comment section because it's a shame that language is what's 'so hip and edgy' right now, but keep in mind these are just stupid kids tossing words around without realizing anything beyond that. Most of them will grow out of that nonsense and those who don't will never be taken seriously by anyone with half a brain or more, so don't let it bother you in the "damn, what the hell are these kids going to grow into?" sense because it's just a phase 90% of the time!

    3. Nine Inch Heels

      Nine Inch Heels

      I get what you're saying, at the same time though, there's enough evidence of supposedly mature people around, who never got wise and probably never will.


      It's also not about things that get thrown around among a small group of mutual friends who know one another well enough for that to be a non-issue.


      It's about the constant use of this crap publically, and it's everywhere. I can look past a kid's lack of knowledge or awereness with relative ease, but an adult? Nope, sorry, can't do that if said adult can't form even two sentences without employing these terms.


      Just to be clear about it, there's nobody among my family or my friends suffering from cancer, so I could look past that term without feeling personally hurt just fine. But the moment you yourself are personally affected (directly or indirectly), looking past these things isn't that easy anymore, and that in and of itself is enough to make me shake my head at times.

    4. Nems


      When I see people fall back on the terms you mention (especially using Autism as an insult), I think to myself that they lack any higher brain function to come up with better, more creative insults and aren't worth the breath I'd waste telling them such. It would probably go over their head anyway.