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  1. Wanna see me play kinda decent-ish?

    Look no further, here's a YouTube Link:


    I have so many fond memories playing phmlspd. It was one of the first actual slaughterwads that I played like 2 years or so ago, when my interest in Classic Doom rekindled due to sets like Speed of Doom, or Sunder and the likes.


    Seeing a run I made uploaded to YouTube brightens up my day quite a bit, so thank you @ZeroMaster010 for uploading all these videos and then some to The DooMed speed demos acrchive on YouTube.


    In hindsight I could have played some spots during that run better than I did, but I was happy enough with getting a sub 9:00 run back when I made that demo, so it is what it is.


    I like to think that with some practice anybody could do this. So maybe, if you have been dauntless enough to read this far, you might want to try your hand at speedrunning or maxing a map that you really like. It could change the way you play and enjoy Doom, and perhaps it's something you'll have a lot of fun doing. Be sure to browse the Doom speed demos section for your favourite wads or head on over to the DSDA to find a seemingly endless supply of demos to watch.



    1. loveless


      I watched the phmlspd12 max last night, good stuff!

    2. 42PercentHealth


      Nice job!


      BTW, how do you manage to keep from being blocked in at the 3:00 mark? I always die there trying to push through a horde monsters blocking the door. Am I just too slow?

    3. Nine Inch Heels

      Nine Inch Heels

      Getting walled in at the door happens to me on occasion on UV, like 2/10 times or so, but even then it's reasonably doable to grind the "cork" down, at the expense of time of course. I would have liked to NM-speed that map, but all my attempts at NM failed due to getting walled in and then getting blasted by revs.

    4. 42PercentHealth


      Hmm... happens to me every single time. I suspect I'm too slow in that upstairs area and let too many monsters come up the stairs after me.

    5. Killer5
    6. Grain of Salt

      Grain of Salt

      BFG kitten has entered the building.

    7. everennui