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  1. speaking for myself: I vote because I wanna participate and do a couple writeups. Pretty there's gonna be something about TOD's maps that's worth rambling about. So...
  2. I think people should be able to vote when a review is useful, but downvoting stuff out of spite or pure boredom etc is shit, imo. I mean, this forum does not have dislikes for good reasons, and I think dmg_64's idea of applying the same logic to voting on file reviews would be a decent long term solution that does not require any sort of additional effort in terms of moderation.
  3. Agreed. I think that'd be a good solution.
  4. At this point I'd like for the "useful or not" rating in the file reviews section to be non-anonymous, because it seems somebody has nothing better to do, and simply downvotes reviews just because, and I am getting tired of that shit. I'd much appreciate if people who can't appreciate other people's efforts got exposed, and preferably dealt with. Someone dumped downvotes on all but one of the reviews here shortly after I posted mine, which pushed the wad to the front page. And this is hardly the first time this has happened.
    This is one beautifully crafted piece of well orchestrated torture. UV-difficulty is by no means suited for players inexperienced in the slaughter genre, and even on HMP you're expected to get the very basics right. What starts as a series of smaller, moderately difficult, albeit punishing encounters in seperate areas of this map evolves into a full blown fight for survival that takes place almost across the entire map once you unleash the final wave of enemies. The layout of this map is nothing short of effective. By the time you got your first set of guns you will already have several revenants, a vile and more coming for you, while at the same time this map manages to deny you any sort of comfortable "cubby" that you can start working from at your leisure. Unless you really cleared out an area in this map you best keep moving, because something will shoot at you from somewhere and when you get hit hard anywhere down the line it's probably gonna hurt a lot in the long run. But don't be fooled into thinking you're simply going to carve out some space where you like and it'll just stay that way, that's not how this map is going to play. If you plan on beating this map on UV, you're gonna have to do some very careful planning in order to not get blasted from seemingly out of nowhere at the most inopportune moments and have enough resources left to deal with the final wave of flyers in a "safe" fashion, relatively speaking. Situational awareness at all times, and a proper route is key here. This was a tough nut to crack, but I had a good time with it. If you're anything like me, and you like to play maps you need to sink your teeth into, this little gem here is well worth downloading.
  5. +++ ESP +++ phmlspd
  6. Personally I think video games are art by the same virtue that a painting or a song is art, in fact most of the time a video game is both at once. Just look at the diverse and interesting maps this community has brought forth, add in the many cool MIDIs that have been composed over time, and there's no way it's not art, and it's more than something that can "only" be listened to or looked at and thought about. I think they're valuable to have as a part of modern culture, if you want to call it that, and even though there is certainly gonna be some outrgeous tech in the future that makes video games even more "real" and whatnot I think we can consider ourselves fortunate that we were around most of the time -if not all of it- when video games developed from being small "time sinkers", like pac-man or pong or whatever, to these really complex and "wholesome" experiences which they are today. Of course there's also the kind of stuff we have to deal with shit that revolves around companies like EA squeezing as much money out of their customers as possible, and then there's the recent inclusion of what is now called "gaming disorder" to mental disorders that was made by the WHO, which caused some debates here and elsewhere. So there's a lot that needs to be learned when it comes to handling with this medium we're dealing with here. And by "we" I mean legislation and ourselves as ordinary consumers, since there's some "limping behind" going on in regards to games on pretty much all ends. But games are worth it, IMO.
  7. it is a fine butt with nice lingerie and high heels, I shouldn't need an excuse for that ;-) EDIT: also I didn't make that picture and put it in a YouTube clip, so don't blame me for this. The tune is great, and that's why I posted it.
  8. 10/10 would rocket PEs again
  9. Map 24 NM100 in 3:28:
  10. LMAO. Those poor oppressed Succubi. On topic: I'm not sure if I would generally subscribe to the idea that people overuse them because "harder = better". Don't get me wrong, I like playing hard maps, but it's certainly not like I don't appreciate the more "normal" ones, since those can still be a lot of fun if done well with good pace etc. Oftentimes I tend to think that some people just put them to use in larger quantities than is necessary, because maybe they don't playtest their stuff enough and thus fail to realize that 4 viles would have been fine where they put like 8 or 10. But discussing what is or isn't "unfair" is a slippery slope to walk, because more often than not people deem maps unfair primarily because they can't beat them easily, not because they are actually unfair and don't play in a consistent way. Just because something isn't easy to figure out right away it isn't automatically unfair is what I'm saying, and it isn't unheard of that people start bitching about things that get them killed in a way that they deem "cheap". I remember a discussion I had with rdwpa about one of his maps that featured a final fight in a rather small pit of sorts where first some lesser stuff started pouring in and it eventually went uphill with 3 viles mixed in, and that fight got me killed several times because those fuckers would almost always get an instant lock on me and hosing them with plasma didn't even cause them to go into pain state at least once at times. So that was kinda annoying, and I still don't quite like that fight to be perfectly honest, but it turned out it works well more often than not after I played it some more, so it's an okay kinda deal, imo. He made better fights than the one I just described from my POV however, maps like "Ovum" or "blank space" examplify how well crafted even seemingly chaotic fights can be. To be fair, if you look at my JOM05 contribution, it has way over 1000 revenants, and they're coming in from all angles in a relatively large arena of sorts. Surely someone is gonna be tempted to say I overused them. But it turns out revenants simply worked best for how I wanted the map to play, not that its UV setting is particularly suitable for so called "casuals", and it put an untimely end to quite a few streamers as well, but overall things work in a consistent enough way that I can beat the map I made about 80% to 90% of the time when warmed up properly, which in my POV is a good enough quota to have, but I digress... Revenants are good to use, because they make "strafing shit to death" more interesting, and that is exactly why id made them and why people use them. They are supposed to be more lethal than your usual hell knight or caco or whatever. It turns out people don't make maps in a way that allows people to just "sleepwalk" them, because if that is all a map provides, then it isn't particularly interesting to play. Beating a fight that at least feels threatening is a lot more rewarding than something you circle strafe ad infinitum right away, because you know the outcome ahead of time, and all it takes is holding down a few buttons until stuff is dead. The reason people who tend to make harder maps use certain monsters more than others is not very easy to explain, because it depends a lot on what is used when, where, and how. If you take chainers as an example, they are a good way to fit a lot of firepower into a relatively small space, which people usually need to pay immediate attention to. Surely you could replace them with any other low tier hitscanner, in which case you'd need higher numbers to get roughly the same firepower than a single chainer has, but at the same time it may cause the damage to be delivered in "spikes" instead of a steady flow of single hits that are coming your way, and that makes chainers a lot less random than a pack shotgunners, which is exactly what you want if you try building a difficult map that works in a consistent manner overall. That consistency is also why people put packs of viles in turreted positions at times, because they know one of those 4-5 viles is gonna deny the player that particular area which the viles are supposed to guard. Had there been only a single vile, then people would be tempted to just bumrush that sucker, roll the dice on it, and tempt fate in doing so, for lack of a better expression. At the end of the day one can ramble a lot on this subject, but unless you state which map you think is unfair and why, you're not gonna learn a lot from this here thread, other than some people find some monsters too difficult and will agree with you, and others don't see it that way, both of which should come as no surprise. Even if this might be going a bit too far away from the original topic, I think it is a very good approach which people like Ribbiks or Killer5 take. In making UV a truly hard deal, you actually give difficulties like HMP or even HNTR "meaning". Most of the maps seem to be made in such a way that virtually anybody can beat them on UV with relatively low effort, and in my personal opinion that's not necessarily a good course of action, because it actually helps in "solidifying" the "UV or bust" mentality some people have, and it just so happens that statements like "map is unfair, needs nerf" come exactly from those people who think that for some reason they are entitled to getting a UV-experience they can handle comfortably. And that pisses me off, to be quite honest. I'm not saying it's you in particular, but let's not pretend these people who want their UV catered to them are anyting but unheard of.
  11. My racket owns, so Imma roll out some hard kicks for the win: EDIT: If that doesn't cut it, I can always fire up traktor and give some of my favourite DnB tunes a spin. Here's one for y'all:
  12. 2018 is gonna be special for me in some ways I suppose, most of which will certainly revolve around that little fella who's joined the household somewhat recently. Also every year is a good year to buy more high heels, and I'm confident there are gonna be some that I will deem too hard to resist. Also I stepped from full time work to parttime(-ish) for obvious reasons, so that's one thing that I'm curious as to how I will like it overall. I really found my job to be quite fulfilling and loved spending a lot of time on it, but now I had to make room for the little guy here and make sure he's got someone watching over him, so in a sense I sacrificed something I suppose, but I got a lot out of it. It's just that I'm not yet fully used to this new structure, but I'm sure it's gonna happen sooner or later.
  13. Well now, that sure is an interesting find... Never heard of them before, but it sounds fun.
  14. I'm not really sure why people should commit to doing demos for a WAD that is still subject to change in some way shape or form. I mean, It's not like I have anything against that per se, but as soon as some stuff changes in any of the maps which are being demoed now, the demos are most likely gonna desync.