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  1. If you did the math before committing to the AVJ, you probably wouldn't have done the AVJ to begin with. ;-)
  2. Turns out that low level PvP in path of exile used to be a lot more interesting than most people ever gave it credit for, eventually it just died or at least ended up as player starved, and degenerated to "gotta level Leo, let's just let each other win real quick" in temp-leagues. Some people actually spent metric tons of currency on low-level gear too. Those were good times, especially if you were fortunate enough to find someone you could play with at sub 100ms ping. If I ever were to get back at POE and play it at least a little bit seriously, I'd surely update my low level PvP characters or try and make a new one from scratch. Organized PvP in POE was fun, fast paced, and quite skill based compared to the rest of the game as it were and still is for the most part.
  3. Okay, I've decided to just skip most of the utter bullshit and get to the interesting part: The thread title goes as follows: "How much do you care about Doom's plot?" Here's what you think it reads: "How much do you think does everybody have to care about a videogame's plot? And why do they care even when they don't, according to your supposedly deep understanding of both the human mind and videogame design?" "I do not care about it" is the exact answer this thread is looking to get from me personally, because it turns out I don't care about it. I somehow know exactly how little I care and why that is the case. It is an absolute fact that I do not care about vanilla Doom's plot. I am allowed not to give a shit, I do not need your permission for that, I do not need you to be okay with that, I don't need you to see it the way I do. This thread is not about what you think it should to be about, the thread is about what the OP says it is about, and KVELLER actually re-stated that he was asking for "opinions". Where you are coming from and why when you're passing judgement on my personal POV for instance matters fuck all. This thread is not looking to get an "objective truth", so get the fuck away from my opinion, stop derailing the thread even more, and mind your own shit for a change.
  4. First off you don't have the slightest clue about the level of play at which tetris and its various iterations are being played these days. Second off what you play tetris for does not matter to me personally. I play tetris because I wanna score as much as my measely skills allow me to, and I don't give a damn about what you think I should play it for, so speak for yourself here. It turns out some puzzle/rhythm games do actually have a story to them, which virtually nobody is interested in, because as I was saying often enough by now: Some people just don't give a shit about the story, they just wanna play that bloody game. Do you need me to explain that phenomenon a bit more indepth to satisfy you, or can you maybe just accept that stories are not the reason I play games for? Do you seriously believe I play shmups for highscores because the plot somehow demands or encourages that? Do you actually think for a second that DDPs "stable timeloop story", is in any way an incentive for me to squeeze as many points out of the game as I am able to? Are you actually trying to tell me I play deathsmiles only to watch a short cutscene at the end where I get to make choice to either return to the "real world" or stay in Gilverado? The only game I played because of the plot in the last 5-6 or so years was telltale game's "The wolf among us", that is a game I enjoyed playing because of the story. As a matter of fact I play games in spite of their half assed stories, not because of them. By the same virtue I drink water not in spite of its supposed "lack of taste", but because of it (not that all water tastes exactly the same, for that matter). Did that somehow hammer it home for you, or do you still think you know better than me what I play games for?
  5. I was overwhelmed with pride and accomplishment.
  6. Maybe you should play CAVE shmups on higher difficulty settings a bit more, because screens which are littered with stuff that indicates you score well are a regular occurence (not only in CAVE games, by the way), and people actually want to see that stuff happen, that's why they spend hundreds of hours at times, practicing their runs, trying to get the most out of the game's interesting scoring mechanics. That screenie took me literally less than 2 minutes to make, including launching the game... That said, first off you don't know jack about CAVE games, second off I'm not damning the game as anything you say here, and third off you need to stop telling people what you think they do (especially when they don't). I am not trying to make a point, I made a point. The point is, short and simple: Doom's plot is irrelevant for me. Things such as "gratification" by way of visuals do not equal story telling per se. It really does not matter if the cybie turns into a red cloud, gets ripped to pieces, falls over like a pinky does or whatever, all that matters as far as gratification is considered is that it doesn't look absolutely underwhelming, because that would be unsatisfying, and before you even try to make the argument that making the death of a large monster "impactful" equals story telling: No, it does not. I play doom to dodge attacks and kill stuff, preferably fast. If it's different for you, fine by me. There is not. Virtually anything you see there only serves the purpose of giving you information about your performance, or lack thereof. The stages and their overall appearance could be in virtually any order you can think of, because aside of the last stage (or rather a few parts of it) they're all interchangeable. It turns out that games like Deathsmiles actually let you play most of their stages in an order that you choose yourself, because it doesn't matter in terms of the game's story, it does matter for highscoring however because it establishes a "macro route" through the game on top of the "micro routes" for individual stages. Shmups are about scoring, or survival when you just picked the game up. The story, if there is any to begin with, is an added bonus or "fanservice", and the only time when storytelling actually does happen in "DDP DFK" to a very little extent is when you kill a boss and they "say stuff" (as opposed to a cyberdomen, who does not "say stuff" while dying), or after you finished the entire game. Other than that, no story telling at all. Please tell us more about Tetris's or Audiosurf's rich and nuanced plot.
  7. Judge people much? See that screenie here? The storytelling here is massive, right? Ironically that screenie is from a game which has me interested in the story. I don't really give a damn what it looks like when I blow stuff up, none of the numbers there are in any way shape or form immersive. All that I need the visuals to do is to let me know what is going on around me to begin with, if it doesn't looks utterly dreadful that's a nice bonus, and that's all there is to it. The information about how well I score or not is there, and that is all I need. By the same virtue I do not care if the cybie turns into a puddle of blood, a blueberry pancake, or whatever, all I need is the information that it's dead and where it died, because the latter makes memorization easier when I route maps. That said I'm gonna unsub from this thread now, because as it would appear someone around here has an ulterior motive when engaging in conversations with others.
  8. I literally do not give a damn what id thinks is an incentive for me or anybody else. I do it because it's fun. The simple visual gatification that a cybie turns into a red cloud has nothing to do with story telling in any way at all, and even though it isn't illustrated in any way shape or form I came up with the "BFG in the ass thing" on my own. I've yet to see a cybie "assplode". Yeah shit has horns and hoofs and whatnot, so it seems I shoot at demons, but if that in and of itself qualifies as "storytelling" it's no wonder hollywood movies suck so much these days... Simply put: I do not give a crap about the plot. I also do not care if you think I care without actually knowing, because it turns out there are games which got me interested in the plot, and there's Doom's plot which I do not care about. So there's a good chance I can somehow tell them apart. The plot of the DoDonPachi series interests me, Doom's does not. In both cases the plot matters fuck all in terms of gameplay, for that matter.
  9. Ironically I think even id didn't give much of a damn. I think I remember several instances in which developers said that whatever story there is, it is more or less "tacked on" to begin with. When you look at things like quake and such it becomes pretty obvious that they actually started giving even less of a fuck as time passed. That said, I don't think the story in and of itself, or its importance overall, is anything that is even worth discussing to larger extents. It's there for those who want to get their "head-canon" going, but it's far from fleshed out. All it does is give you an idea where the game takes place, establishes the "good vs evil thing", plus a few "manly" lines here and there which are supposed to make you feel a bit more badass or provide a reason to smirk if you've made it past certain maps. With that in mind, I find it amusingly confusing that people who are "nerdy" enough to even talk about a story from a game that is gonna hit the 30s soon (and can be printed out on less than 2 pages to get more than just gist of it), are so oblivious to how little thought was given to story-telling in action driven games of that day and age. I'm not saying that, if the story does anything for you, you're "overvaluing" it, but at the same time I don't see any reason to make it a big deal to begin with. For me personally Doom just isn't immersive enough to justify any sort of thought in that regard as far as vanilla maps are considered. There are sets which have done it better in terms of using text as a way to convey a somewhat decent idea as to what's going on, but even when you look at "shadows of the nightmare realm", which has more storytelling than most other pWADs, it's still written in such a way that it leaves "loose ends" which you can tie together on your own as you go along. All things considered, I don't care about the plot at all, I also don't really care what carmack said... Doom is about fast paced gameplay and brutal murderfests for me personally, and I don't need an incentive to ram a BFG up a cybie's ass and pull the trigger, or just beat the shit out of it with a berserk-fueled fist.
  10. (^made by rdwpa) What's the big idea? We've probably all had experiences with pWADs which were unpleasant in some way shape or form. This project aims to encourage mappers of any skill to improve on maps they've played, or even made themselves some time ago. This is an opportunity to hone your mapping skills, see how much they've improved, and give these maps a more modern polish, while still being respectful towards the original map and its author. Rules of engagement: Inspiration: This thread The reason I'm (trying) to organize this is because the person who had this idea does not want to do the "administrative" part of the work, and I'm curious enough about how this turns out, that I'm more than willing to devote some of my spare time to keep this thing on track. I'll help with playtesting, answer questions that may arise, and of course I'll also contribute a map (not that anybody cares about the latter though ;-)) If you have any questions about any of the guidelines, ask away right here, or feel free to send me a PM. I usually check this site several times a day, especially during the weekends, so chances are you'll get your answer sooner than later. Participants: Submission form:
  11. Not sure how I feel about this. The plot of the iWADs wasn't necessarily the greatest thing ever, Doom 3 and Doom'16 didn't really add much either, but some of pWAD storylines were quite alright I think. But even so, the story is what you get into like once, then you know what's up, and it's all about playing the game. But maybe I'm not in the proper age-group to say something about how important vanilla plot may or may not have been. I could imagine that back when doom came out this simplistic story actually added "something" to the overall experience.
  12. I think I know were that one might have been. A brief desciption would have been nice though ;-) I'm nigh 100% sure all the sectors there are set to damaging and will hurt you if you're walking around there. I'll double check this to make sure, but basically, when you position yourself in a certain way, you won't get hurt by these floors by taking advantage of height differences. See demo for how it works: I could certainly make it such that this "phenomenon" does not occur in that section of the map by using "action 242" shenanigans, but on the other hand I honestly don't think it will actually change all that much since people don't wanna fall off anyway once they reel in a hurt instance. That aside this behaviour is kinda in the player's favour as well. Also there is no action going on out there anyway. Not sure how I feel about it in general, but I guess in this case I won't bother doing anything about that particular issue. I was somewhat confident I removed just about all the hanging and blocking corpses that would actually get in people's ways. After rewatching my own demo I spotted a few that I overlooked in places where they might be annoying, but I'm kinda hesitant to just use "find/replace" on them, since the author of the original really seemed to like those in particular. So I suppose I'll comb through the map once more to at least keep some of them around. Might as well add some lighting gradients here and there while I'm at it. Yeah, I'm a bit shaken here. It's not like I am unwilling to make any changes to the difficulty overall, but at the same time I feel like that fight plays in a pretty consistent manner. I mean, I guess this one of the reasons why I am not going to sign up for community projects like Joy Of Mapping etc in the future just like that and actually hope to get my maps in without any issues whatsoever, since it would appear that some of the stuff that I find quite reasonable gives other people a bit of a rough time. UV is meant to be somewhat difficult in the sense that it is slightly more unforgiving than HMP is, but I'm open to suggestions in terms of tweaking that fight a little bit for UV and maybe also HMP, it's just that I can do that fight about 9 times out of 10, if not more, and it only ever gets me killed when I gamble too much there. Not that it is super easy overall, so yeah, I have mixed feelings about this one if it gives you so much trouble.
  13. If you want to see the entire map I was working on played from start to finish on UV, here's a demo with a length of a bit less than 50 minutes: I didn't play a lot the last weeks, so it's a bit sketchy here and there. Grab a coffee, make yourself comfortable. I noticed a few things in the map that I didn't catch previously, so those are gonna be fixed when I do the next small batch of edits to the compilation.
  14. So here's a dropbox link that shows the current state of the compilation: For those who are interested in playing my map, since I kept it to myself until now, it's in slot 07 because it is arguably the longest map in the set, and it's perhaps the most difficult of them all. The difficulty settings are all implemented, and they are somewhat "subtle", because I am not a big fan of spreading the settings out too much. I didn't pay too much attention to overhauling the visuals, though I added some minor touches here and there. I was mostly focused on getting the map to a less shotgungrind heavy state of play, upping the overall pace a little, but also adding some new fights. Had to more or less "axe" and rebuild a section entirely. Here's hoping you'll leave with your sanity still intact. UV is for when you're decent at slaughter stuff, HMP is for when you're not too good at it, and HNTR/ITYTD should be doable for pretty much everybody. If anybody wants to FDA the map, do it with saves. I got the mapnames in, so people can see who did what on the automap (I hope I did not confuse people and their maps). I got the archive stripped from all the unused resources and shit. And I wanted to get in that picture from OP which rdwpa made. As you can see the palette screws it over pretty bad, and setting a colourmap translation for it won't help. So that's something I still need to somehow figure out, because I'd like to keep that picture for the compilation. As soon as ShotgunDemolition's stuck monsters are gone (I still need him to agree to me doing that small edit), I'll get an intermission pic, and I guess it'll be ready to go. On that note, if any of you wanna do a demo for your own map, after everything is checked and ready, let me know. Would be a nice touch to see the demos getting played back ingame I think.
  15. @ShotgunDemolition In case did not post it somewhere in this thread (maybe I just missed it), I still need a txt for your map (Check OP for what is supposed to go in). The stuck monsters in your map, imo, should get "unstuck", since it's kinda the point of this project to recognize and deal with issues like those. It's an easy fix to make and I can do that for you, so you don't have to reupload another version of the map.
  16. Compiling the set already did that to some extent. Can't you just let go of this demo thingy now, so people can make changes to the RC if they really, really want to?
  17. Just wanted to mention, "for the fuck of it", that Zandronum and PrBoom+ are vastly different sourceports, with vastly different "properties", and vast differences in terms of supported map formats. They are not alternatives to one another. They are, technically and gameplay-wise, on almost opposite sides of the spectrum of use cases these days, because these "engines" are plain and simple different in more ways than it might seem on a cursory glance.
  18. If you want is a port that will "just launch things", regardless of what map you throw at it (lilith.pk3 being the exception to this rule for good reasons, IMO), GZDoom is what you are looking for. If you have framerate issues with bigger maps GZDoom, or you want overall more oldschool type of visuals for maps made in boom format, PrBoom+ is what you will need. It comes pre-packed with PrBoom-plus.exe and GLBoom-plus.exe, which are basically the same port, but with different renderers, for lack of a better explanation. Things like Zandronum or Odamex are for your random and chaotic multiplayer desires. Deathmatch, CTF, Co-op gameplay online and so forth. Ideally you should play whatever wad/pk3 with the source port it has been designed for, but since that may end up cluttering your folders with metric tons of exes and their respective configs and whatnot when you play older stuff in particular, sticking to GZDoom, PrBoom+, and Zandronum will probably cover most, if not all of your use-cases. Whenever something does not launch in PrBoom+, fire it up with GZDoom, for example. Makes life relatively simple, if you ask me. Important for GZDoom usage: Always make sure you use the most up to date version. Possible alternatives to PrBoom+ would be "eternity engine", but as it would appear that port somehow messes with monster behaviour in certain ways, and thus is not recommended for use with maps that actually require PrBoom+'s way of doing things to play the way they should.
  19. Pure satisfaction:
  20. I am gonna be tooting my own horn here to some degree, I'm gonna have to agree with Bioshockfan90 on phmlspd.wad. It might not be the most intricate and detailed set of maps out there, neither is it the most difficult one out there (which kinda makes it good for getting into the genre, imo), but it offers some good variety in terms of maps and gameplay styles. Map 12 happens to be my personal favourite in the set, and even though the run below isn't the most elegant ones I've made, it should at least give you a basic idea what to expect from the set:
  21. I am really confused by you thinking that I actually said that. I said I like high lethalty fast paced slaughter, I did not say that NG2 is exactly that, but NG2 is certainly less grindy than Sunder overall, I would argue, not that there aren't outliers... EDIT:I literally put my thoughts about NG2 or rush in an entirely seperate paragraph than my personal preferences. I mean, come on, how could you misread that?
  22. I think slaughter has evolved quite a bit over time since things like Sunder were made. Sunder for instance is still stunning visually, but it is not something I would recommend to someone who wants to get into that sort of genre, since a lot of sunder's fights lean heavily towards grind when compared to "modern slaughter", which would include things like Rush, Newgothic Movement 2, and other more fast paced maps. But the thing is that there is no such thing as a "gold standard" for slaughter. Personally I prefer faster maps, with relatively high lethalty, and as little monotonous grind as possible. People like OkuPlok are on the other side of the spectrum in some sense, because "untitled" surely is quite a grindfest, so assuming people make maps the way they like them, some folks surely are into that sort of grind. I think it's best to figure out individually what manner of slaughter gameplay you're into. Makes it much easier to recommend anything that suits your tastes, you know? Also, @Not Jabba SunLust isn't a slaughter.wad, it just so happens it has some slaughtermaps in it.
  23. It depends on what sort of feel you want to have in your map, because that determines what sort of assets you're gonna wanna use to get the point across. Do you need skies for outdoor sections? Most likely you do. Do you need skies for maps that take place deep in caves and such entirely? Maybe not so much. So, is a sky something like a minimum requirement that determines if a map is gonna be any good or not? In my opinion that's not the case. They are a visual asset which can be used in lots of ways. If done right, they can add a lot to a map, sure, but you don't have to use them in each and every map per se.
  24. I'm currently looking for a decent intermission picture for the project, as well as a starting screen picture which would hopefully work with doom's palette. It turns out it's a bit finnicky to get something in that doesn't look "bugged" due to palette issues, which makes me kinda wanna go with "before and after" type of screenshots from maps. Aside of what was mentioned by NoisyVelvet, I should be able to do a thourough playthrough this weekend, since I don't have my son here at that time. If there's nothing particularly problematic in any of the maps, and nothing needs any sort of urgent fixing, I might also do the compiling right after. Once I have the compilation ready, the OP will also be edited accordingly. So I'd guess ideally early-mid next week things should be ready for the most part, unless of course there's something getting in the way like important fixes taking longer than they should, or somesuch. Perhaps I can reach out to @DerFurer'sFace, and ask him to do the required editing to his map before I put the whole thing together, if not then I might do some of the fixes myself in a somewhat "lazy" fashion, before I compile all the stuff. Depends on what happens on his end I guess. On second thoughts I am not entirely sure what sort of state his map is actually in. Assuming the word "alpha" is in there for a reason, I'll best give it a look later today to see what it's like. Hopefully it's "ready enough" overall, because I'm not keen on too many further delays but I also want that map in the project. So let's stay optimistic. But yeah, sorry for being a bit too uncommunicative about this. It's not like I forgot about this project, it just turns out that the time extent that bonnie asked for sort of pushed the whole thing in a bit of a rough spot for me timing wise. There's been a whole lot going on for me the past few weeks, so I really didn't have the "energy" to spend enough quality time with this in order to get it off my shoulders, for lack of a better expression.
  25. IDSJW: Makes monsters more resistant to damage and more agressive based on how oppressed and marginalized they are told they are.