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  1. Nine Inch Heels

    What was the last Entertaining YouTube clip you watched?

    Speaks for itself:
  2. Nine Inch Heels

    w1 teleport on linedef across multiple sectors

    UDB and DBX should both have a "merge geometry" toggle. If you turn the toggle off, and then draw a linedef, it should not create vertices in places where it crosses other linedefs. That being said, it's best to exercise a bit of caution when using this toggle, as well as remembering to turn it back on. And don't forget to save before trying this.
  3. Nine Inch Heels

    What are you listening to?

  4. Nine Inch Heels

    Do you think Plutonia is hard or unfair

    Plutonia is neither hard, nor unfair. There, I said it.
  5. Nine Inch Heels

    What is the worst official Doom/Doom II/Final Doom level?

    Any map that is forgettable is already much better than disasterpieces like habitat, which you don't forget but wish you could :P
  6. Nine Inch Heels

    Do you have drinking disorders?

    I have a bachelor's degree in psychology, because it is required for doing career and personality coaching, but it is not enough to qualify me to do actual therapy. That being said though, I can tell you for a fact that there's virtually no way on earth a full fledged therapist would be able to handle any of this via forum conversations, discord, or something else, because you miss out on too much information over these mediums. You need the real life contact, because it increases the odds of success exponentially, and that's still an understatement. No psychologist worth their salt would tell anybody that they can help them "fix" their problems via online contact such as "video calls" or anything of the sort. To be fair, there have been experiments in this direction, but so far the odds of "success" do not inspire a lot of confidence in the idea of "long distance therapy". Many of those attempts may have failed to deliver results due to the therapist not being fully aware of socio-economic circumstances, for example. Like if you wanted to get somebody who's in a depression to get a sense of progress, then you'd also need to be able to provide some manner of prospect, for instance where they could go and find the kinds of opportunities they'd need, be it employment or socializing, basically all the things that give life a sense of structure, stability and enjoyment. If you're in a position where you could provide at least some of this, your odds of success are much higher. The absolute most I'd even consider attempting in this case would be helping the OP to realize that they need therapy, and - on that end - the odds are already slim to none, because in this case there's a language barrier involved, which makes things even less likely to work and, at least I suspect as much, perhaps a cultural barrier as well since, as far as I'm aware, the OP hails from Turkey (or somewhere around there), and you're most likely dealing with a different cultural paradigm there, which a therapist would need to be aware of as well, in order to even establish an "open" conversation about anything to begin with. I can't tell how much introspection the OP has done. I have no idea how stigmatized the idea of therapy is where the OP lives (and if so, why?). I do not know if it even is affordable for them. In short: Outlook not good. What we're looking at here could very well be a rock solid and long lasting depression (maybe even a decade or longer), with an already well established pattern of alcoholism (years, perhaps. maybe even other addictions, too) and thoughts about suicide on top of that (for fuck knows how long). And how much "substance" there is behind this depression, all of which would need to get worked out, is anyone's guess, so there's no telling how much time a successful therapy would take in the first place, even if it were possible to do online with a reasonable expectancy of success for that matter. IRL, patients can find themselves in therapy for years, assuming similar symptoms, just to get to the point where they're able to cope with their depression in a way that helps them get their life back on a stable trajectory. As for threads like this one, I'd say it should be shut down before the edgelord-faction shows up and turns the situation into a dumpster fire that can harm the OP as well as others.
  7. Now, in case you're not hanging out much on twitch, don't play WoW, and don't engage with social media, like I don't, you might have missed this one (like I did for a while). https://www.forbes.com/sites/paultassi/2020/07/02/byron-reckful-bernstein-beloved-twitch-streamer-and-wow-player-dies-at-31/ The common narrative at this point is that Reckful committed suicide. Several sources said Reckful suffered from (at least) depression, if not manic depression, and speculations as to what it was that may have pushed him over the edge are all over the place, but a good number of these speculations point towards how social media, and the massive exposure that comes with it, played a role in this case. I'll drop this video here for you guys, so you can get a better understanding of reckful's state of mind, in case you're interested, but be warned, it's a lengthy one: So, here's Asmongold's take on the situation. I'm not a fan of him by any means, but I do agree with his take regarding social media, and how it may have affected Reckful: With that out the way, I wanna go over a few things here "stream of consciousness style", because I feel like I need to get this off my chest, but I'm also tired, so apologies in advance... When you look at how we communicate nowadays, forums, social media, discord, you'll inevitably notice that the number of people we are "in touch" with is extremely high compared to the number of people we surround ourselves with IRL (covid-19 aside). And when you take a look around in your "virtual circles", you may find that several people within these circles might not be very "happy", for lack of a better expression, in fact, if you've been around in some circles for a while, you may even have noticed how some folks eventually got better or worse over time, perhaps it was phases of higher stress or whatever, but it's certainly visible in some way shape or form. Maybe you are in a bad situation right now yourself. Having said that, don't go out of your way and start "poking" people like "Oh, hey, you seem pretty miserable today", because that's not very helpful. If we now take a look at the less "intimate" platforms, which would be things like facebook, reddit, or twitter, there's a difference in tone. While a comfy discord channel of moderate size with hands-on moderation for example can still be a decent place to discuss what's on your mind without getting trolled, scrutinized, or shut down by some random person, the large scale exposure that comes with other platforms on the internet is a different deal entirely. Several studies looked into the order of magnitude that comes with negative feedback in overwhelming numbers on social media, YouTube, or twitch in the past, and the consensus seems to be that the human psyche is not built to withstand the potential bombardment of negativity which it may be subjected to in this day and age of communication and (self)broadcasting. Now when you look at somebody like Reckful, who was in the "twitch game" for that long, and has developed a "reach" that far and wide, while also being mentally "unstable" in some capacity, it certainly stands to reason that things like social media are high on the list of things that can create very bad outcomes over time. Loss of self-worth, self-doubt, and just the general idea that some people out there hate you for some reason. You know, it's one thing if somebody IRL tells you to go fuck yourself like once or twice a month, but it's an entirely different deal if thousands of people tell you that on a daily basis, and it doesn't even take thousands, sometimes a dozen is more than enough. I am a huge fan of "toughening up" and facing problems head on, that mindset has served me well in the past, and I'm sure it will continue to do so in the future, but there are limits to what a "thick skin" can do for you, and there are also limits to what friends can do for you. There are problems people may have, which can be dealt with by way of biting the bullet, and just pushing through, for example career challenges, or anything else that requires some measure of willpower, like getting your ass out the bed and going to the gym, or overcoming a fear you may have by slowly approaching the situation that makes you uncomfortable and developing an understanding of it, as well as a mental resistance. And if your own willpower isn't enough, having a friend at your side who gives you a little nudge in the right direction can do wonders for you, and your friendship. But, regardless of how much willpower you can muster, and how many "bad beats" (<-poker term) you've shrugged off in the past, constant negative feedback in high amounts will start chipping away at you, and it will continue to chip away at you until you're so destabilized that you might just break next time life throws you a curve ball. Maybe it's not a suicide in your case, maybe it's a nervous breakdown, maybe it's constant fatigue while also having trouble finding some good sleep, but it's always something which signifies that the current situation you're in is, for some reason, not doing you any good, and if you don't listen to what your "state of mind" is telling you, then a serious depression might be coming for you sooner than you'd expect. Knowing, and more importantly admitting to yourself, that something makes you feel worse, and that you can't change anything about the fact that it does, is not a sign of weakness, it's a sign of intelligence and self-awareness. Why this rant? Look, I get that a lot of what I pointed out here isn't exactly "hot news", at the same time it's at times like these where I feel like perhaps it has not been brought up often enough. Last year, it was "Etika", this year it is "Reckful", just in terms of "widely known" streamers. TotalBiscuit, while he was still alive, has also talked about how much just the YT comment section alone sucks the life out of him. So, the reason I threw this one together is it's meant to be a reminder for folks that it's really important to "double check" if what you're subjecting yourself to is good for you, and I'd rather see less doomers on social media than more doomers in an early grave, if that's what it comes down to. With covid-19 still doing its thing, the negative impact social media may have on people could very well be even higher than usual. Maybe this one rings a bell for somebody, and they decide to move communications over to another place that is less toxic than what they're currently using. So just let this one sink in for some time, and see if perhaps there's a healthier way for you to stay in touch with your friends and relatives than whatever you're using right now. Even if you're not at risk of anything, maybe this might still make your life just a little bit better.
  8. Nine Inch Heels

    Most overpowered fictional characters

    The one above all: Too powerful for the "Marvel Cinematic Universe", because it's literally the god of the Marvel multiverse. Marquis of death, Molecule Man, Thanos with infinity gauntlet and all stones... None of them can hold a candle to this guy, as the name implies.
  9. I have it on good authority that what you're pointing towards right there may not be 100% accurate. I don't know what your situation is, and I also don't have a doctor's degree in psychology, but based on what I've heard from psychologists over time, there definitely is a reason to actually seek out help, even if the problem you're faced with is for example within your immediate social environment and cannot be evaded easily, or at all. So, the point that was brought to my attention relatively early when I started constructing the local network I currently entertain, is that even if you are in a situation you do not have much or any agency over, there are still coping mechanisms that may help you soften the blow of whatever it is that's currently pulling you down. The idea there obviously isn't "fixing" the situation you are in, or making you somehow "immune", but mitigating the damage it causes. One thing pretty much all psychologists have told me is that in many cases people make the mistake of waiting too long before seeking any help, and that counts for "prophylactic measures" as well. At the end of the day, this is not only a matter of health, but also a matter of quality of life, as well as time investment. The less time you give things to fester, the quicker you can leave therapy behind yourself, in the majority of cases anyway. Much in the same way the more damage you can mitigate, the less severe the follow-up is going to be. So if you have the option to go to a therapist, even if it doesn't change your immediate situation in and of itself, consider giving it a shot regardless, because it might save lots of time and also money later.
  10. Oh, I can absolutely see the impact that comes from notions of "Here's how I could look, and this is how I really look". I think there's certainly a discussion to be had about how that can cause some manner of issues when it goes on for too long. As for selfies, I've never been a fan of them, and I don't think I'll ever be. It's not really my place to judge the motives behind selfies, but I can imagine that getting positive comments on how one looks, even if it's not 100% "real", might feel nice on occasion. But sure enough, with that positive reinforcement comes the problem you described earlier, which is that people themselves know how much of it is "real", or is not. That being said, I think in moderate amounts there's no problem at all, but let's say if people define how attractive they may be mostly or entirely by way of "likes" on a website, then there's a recipe for trouble, because there's always the idiot who has nothing better to do than telling somebody else how "ugly" they are.
  11. Not sure about that. Does using make up signify that I'm insecure, or does it just show that I wanna look as good as can be when I go out? I'd say that's a tough call to make. What probably isn't so difficult to deduce is that not looking your best on social media, where virtually everybody posts high light reels of their lives, can get you some potentially painful criticism. So, for all I know, it might just be a defence-mechanism that is not necessarily rooted on insecurity, or something as simple as good old vanity. Or a mix of everything at the same time.
  12. Nine Inch Heels

    What ports do YOU use?

    PrB+ (most of the time) ZDaemon (often, for rocket jump maps) Eternity (sometimes) ZDoom281 (rarely) GZDoom (VERY rarely, preferably never, necessary evil yada yada)
  13. I think there needs to be a bit more elaboration on this... Sure, you can make the argument and say that the amount of "positives" has increased, because we now are more aware and whatnot, and I don't think you'd be entirely wrong about this. But it's also very hard to ignore the fact that, over time, the environment we're living in has become much more prone to causing mental issues. When you look at for instance the time span of people's lives that reaches from basic education to getting into a career, the pressure has definitely increased, and it comes at a cost. Talking to "older" people, like let's say in their 50s, you'll notice that many of them will tell you how much less time younger people these days have to decide what kind of career they want to get into. Finishing school and doing a couple internships to find out what you're interested in, before committing to one thing? You don't have time for that today. You're supposed to decide before even having worked a part time job, while you're still in school. And even if what you're after is higher education, you better be quick to decide what you're going after. What's worse is that, depending on what you're going to study, you might put yourself in a position where anything less than being in the top percentage of graduates means your years of study are practically worthless, or depending on how much money you've lost, that you've played a less than zero sum game. So, while the current situation is a lot more prone to putting teens under the thumb of existential fear, there's also the problem that comes with being constantly "on line", rarely having peace of mind, getting "judged" on an almost daily basis even outside of education and career, and on top "newfangled mental diseases" such as addictions that are related to social media. Nowadays you have people in their early 30s with restless legs syndrome, severe burnout, addictions that were previously unheard of, and all that is following the not-to-underestimated-issue that many people didn't even get to enjoy much of their childhood. Part of what I do for a living is personality- and career coaching, and I've had quite a few clients in recent past who I needed to palm off to one of the psychologists in my network, because these people had gotten so unstable and were so driven that getting a new career opportunity with even more responsibility might have broken them and their relationships apart entirely. And that's not people who were in war-zones, it's people doing normal everyday jobs we're talking about here, completely fucked up because they could never come to rest and cope with their stress. Do you think it's possible that adding social media, as well as being on line all the time, on top of this can be a problem? It sure looks that way to me. Just use a search engine, and search "social media addiction", or look for papers that discuss the consequences of never being 100% at rest, or the fear of "missing out on something new" which is exactly why you see couples in restaurants fumbling about with their phones instead of talking to one another. This shit isn't some tinfoil narrative spun by "chemtrailers" or whatever. It's happening, and actual psychologists have conducted studies on how prone this is to fucking people up. If you're not affected (by the way, you probably wouldn't notice if you were), good for you, but that's not a basis on which to dismiss that a whole lot of other people are affected.
  14. Nine Inch Heels

    DBP25: Dead But Dreaming

    @dmdr Here's the demo: dbp25_05_exit.zip I recorded this one after downloading the source port again, and deleting the older PrB+2517 from my system before unpacking the new files. This time everything seemed to work as it should as per your post, and the demo plays back just fine for me. I suppose if this demo plays back properly for you as well, and makes it to the exit, then it's probably just some hiccup when I previously installed the source port. So have a look at this one, and see if you can verify that it works fine, because if not, I'd need to to also re-download the WAD again, and then give it another shot.
  15. Nine Inch Heels

    DBP25: Dead But Dreaming

    So, what I'll do is I'll record a demo with prb2517um on NM difficult tomorrow (it's a bit late here by now), and I guess we'll see what that does then. Like if it desyncs or whatever. I'm just a bit too tired to play quickly and semi-properly now, heh.
  16. Nine Inch Heels

    DBP25: Dead But Dreaming

    Heh, same area in LZDoom: I'm beginning to think something went wrong with Prb+ version that I grabbed, so it appears to be a problem on my end. I don't suppose you ever had the same issue with prb+um during testing that I had in my previous post?
  17. Nine Inch Heels

    DBP25: Dead But Dreaming

    Well, that's the thing, I had them show up despite not finding the secret. If I'm "reading" the map correctly after your explanation (which I don't think I did the first time around, seems I got it entirely backwards, actually), they should only show up if I also get access to the BFG in the very same exit room, but I only got one (barons), and not the other (BFG). I'm also certain that I did see more than just 1 baron at the same time. So I'm confused as to what went wrong there, because that outcome shouldn't even be possible. I wouldn't have said anything if it were mostly just HKs and pinks, either, because that's reasonably easy fodder to handle with that many rockets in the bag, and I reckon it should be very doable in a reliable fashion, too. Here, I just went in on UV, and just rushed to the exit on about the same route I took during my blind NM attempt, and I got the barons, but not the BFG. it's neither on the floor there, nor is it in my inventory. Picture taken moments before disaster as I fumble for the screenshot key: EDIT: So, I'm stumped... I'll try this with GZDoom next time I play, or I dunno, I'll re-download the maps, and perhaps even the source port, maybe that fixes it. I'm definitely willing to concede that perhaps something went wrong on my end, rather than yours, I'm just not sure where to even start looking.
  18. Nine Inch Heels

    DBP25: Dead But Dreaming

    It is indeed, and in my opinion it is a bit of a mixed bag, but I don't wanna start off with pointing at things that rubbed me the way... So let's see here... I played through the set real quick, didn't bother going for 100% secrets or anything, so there's a chance I missed some hidden areas. What I think was the main dish started around map 04 to map 05, where maps started to make slightly better use of the difficulty's unique traits, before that it was largely "hitscanners + backtracking" that would threaten the player's health, because nothing else really did. Difficulty wise there is certainly some variety, but I'd argue that most people should be able to handle the maps, perhaps with a little bit of practice, but overall everything seems very doable. All in all I don't have anything to complain about with regards to visuals, though some of the sprites definitely seemed a little "alien" to me, like for instance what I'd call "small caco with googly eye". I get that it's hard to argue about cacos with googly eyes, because cacos, but.... googly eye also... From a conceptual point of view, the fundamental method of thingplacing the maps is in the ballpark of "less but more dangerous monsters", which is a decent way to ensure that the maps remain playable for a wider audience, which I think isn't the worst course of action for something that is a little more on the "experimental/novelty" side. You unleash stuff over time in small to medium-ish amounts and let it rip. To me that's fair game, in most of these maps it works perfectly fine, but there was one map I've had a few gripes with, so I'll go over that real quick: This right here is the exit of map 05, with its respective teleport closets: (probably should have rotated this by 90°) Anyway, this is one here is, in my opinion, kind of a mechanical blunder. These closets there feed monsters to the teledests on the exit stairs, with said teledests being spread out to ensure that players need to fight their way through in order to reach the finish line. Good idea, but not executed in a particularly "trustworthy" manner. The problem is that these closets never ever seem to "close", and the respawning on NM happens at random after a short period of time has passed, so you never know if something respawns, when it happens, and where the respective respawned monster will show up on these stairs. So, it's perfectly within the realms of possibility that just when the player decides to make a dash for the exit, a freshly reborn monster will show up in their path, potentially resulting in a devastating melee attack that may be unavoidable and perhaps even deadly. This is one of those things I've been thinking about when I had the idea of making purpose-built maps for NM-difficulty, and it was high on the list of things I personally would want to avoid at all costs, since it is a pretty shitty way to go out. So I would suggest hooking these closets up to a conveyor based timer, to make sure that, at some point, players don't run into situations that can deprive them of any and all agency. At the time of playing this one blind, I did not know that maybe there was a way to at least partially disarm this "system" (unless I'm looking at it wrong), as well as obtaining a bigger boomstick than the RL, so I'm willing to concede that it can be made to be much easier than going up against the entire wall of meat with just the RL, but I'd also consider the tiny detail that the respective switch that does the trick can be missed quite easily, since it is placed within a secret of its own, which is already not necessarily easy to spot. I had to look up the (admittedly short) sequence in the builder in order to even catch on to it in the first place. I did manage to get through without the BFG after a couple tries, with some "fuckery", but I reckon this one may ruffle some feathers, so I'd suggest having a backup mechanism in place that eventually shuts the system down entirely, so that players who missed the relevant secrets, and are a bit less patient than I am, have a more reasonable shot at this one.
  19. Nine Inch Heels

    The Linguica Archive: As Vanilla as it can be

    That's quite an impressive compilation you pieced together there. Even if not entirely within the spirit of the thread, it may perhaps still be worth adding the movement bible to the bonus section, since it is partially related to the maps based on elastic collisions, for example.
  20. Nine Inch Heels

    Warnings on Doomworld. (now suspensions)

    @Redneckerz Are you aware that you're still inserting what you think makes something "playable", "purposeful", "worthwhile" as arbitrary standards? The map is playable. I beat it first try. That's that point out the window. The map is purposely/intentionally ugly, as per the very title of the respective thread. That's another point gone. Did making the map in question take as much effort as a map in lilith.pk3? Probably not. But that begs the question how much perceived effort constitutes "enough", and you're gonna have a hard time making a case with regards to why your measuring stick isn't just an arbitrary standard you'd like to impose on somebody else. People are well within their rights to upload "low effort" maps, and trying to somehow impose arbitrary standards on newcomers is a sure fire way to alienate mappers while they're still in the cradle. So I'd suggest cutting that out. And to be perfectly clear, not living up to WADs like mock2 most certainly doesn't make for a very good reason to simply oust an entire thread that merely suffered from getting shat up.
  21. Nine Inch Heels

    Warnings on Doomworld. (now suspensions)

    That's fine and all, but the OP wasn't made such that it would fool people into downloading anything they were not made aware of in advance. The OP was 100% transparent with regards to what people were about to get into, and I'd sing an entirely different song if it were any different. Furthermore, I see no reason whatsoever to dismiss comparisons to other "joke WADs" based solely on the grounds that some of them might be more (in)famous than others, or based on the notion that NUTS comes with the (unintended) use-case as a benchmark or "diagnostics" WAD. These are arbitrary standards you could use to just bludgeon any new joke map out there into oblivion, because any new WAD is gonna be less (in)famous right out the gate, and that should tell you something about the problem I have with your way of reasoning here.
  22. Nine Inch Heels

    Warnings on Doomworld. (now suspensions)

    So I'm gonna cut in here real quick and point out what actually happened, and then I'll go over why your line of thinking doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me. The WAD in question was advertised as a deliberately non-serious effort. The OP was properly structured, screenshots were provided, and the map made good on its promise, regardless of whether or not you may find said promise inviting. What happened then was DynamiteKaytorn showed up, a user who I've seen making pretty harsh statements about particular kinds of maps repeatedly in the past, in particular when it comes to mappers who are new around the block. They said that the map in question was "one of the dumbest things" they've ever seen, and also argued that said map couldn't even be finished successfully when played. Add a few more non-content one-liners along the lines of "thanks, I hate it", as well as a commentary saying "that's been done before, and it wasn't good back then", and you end up with a post of mine, containing a recorded blind attempt at said map that makes it to the exit successfully in just about 2 minutes worth of time without even dying once, meaning any and all sentiments regarding the feasibility of said map were proven wrong right then and there. Now here's where moderation came in, and evidently decided that the thread was a dumpster fire, which for the record is not something you could blame the OP for, which then led to the removal of the thread in its entirety, rather than weeding out the non-content posts and the vitriol. So what's the use? Why does a map need to have any "use" at all? If I were to go full sea lion-mode here, I could just lean back and ask you to show me examples of maps that do something that hasn't been done before in some way shape or form, and you'd be damn hard pressed to find a megaWAD's worth of maps that do something so unique that you could irrefutably make the case that it's "entirely new and original". The fact of the matter is that the vast majority of maps out there do stuff that has already been done in the IWADs, except the respective modern maps are doing it "better" or "worse", or are "nuanced" in some capacity. So when you're trying to make a point based on the "purpose" of a map, you might as well ask why people make any new maps at all. In fact, we could just pack it up, lean back, and let the game rot as it were, because chances are that nobody's gonna come up with something so unique that it would have a "use" any time soon, as per your logic.
  23. Nine Inch Heels

    What are you listening to?

    This one's for when you have special kind of fondness for your neighbours:
  24. Nine Inch Heels

    What's your opinion on Reddit?

    Exceptions to free speech in the United States refers to categories of speech that are not protected by the First Amendment. According to the Supreme Court of the United States, the U.S. Constitution protects free speech while allowing for limitations on certain categories of speech. Categories of speech that are given lesser or no protection by the First Amendment (and therefore may be restricted) include obscenity, fraud, child pornography, speech integral to illegal conduct (such as exterminating an entire race of people, or an entire religious group of people), speech that incites imminent lawless action (such as exterminating all jews, which is a group protected by way of law), speech that violates intellectual property law, true threats (such as threatening to kill all jews), and commercial speech such as advertising. The fact that you even ask if such a question is protected by american free speech laws shows quite clearly that you're not qualified to discuss this topic on even so much as a cursory level.