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  1. darkhog

    I'm Also Looking to Play and Record Your Maps

    I've already posted this on the YT vid, but the glitches you experience are because you're using GZDoom instead of ZDoom, which handles this map properly (at least ZDoom 2.8.1). As for the secrets, will have to check the map but some are either inaccessible due to a glitch or because I've marked sector as a secret that really shouldn't be. Regarding the rockets, this originally was to be 2-3 map wad, so these are serving as the bootstrap ammo for the next one, not for this one (which the fact that you find most of these by the end of the map hints at). Anyway, this combined with other feedback I've received makes me want to go and finish it. And yes, the green scaley texture is a custom one made by yours truly. Lastly, being a level designer and watching Aquarius199's series before I've started working on this wad probably helped this map not sucking totally. I'm actually currently working on a 3D platformer (unrelated to Doom, at least mostly, because it uses a similar trigger system for its level editor), but you probably aren't interested in that (PM me if you are though, will be more than happy to share it).
  2. darkhog


    Regarding "glitchy door": Are you playing it in ZDoom as I've suggested? If so, what version? For reference, it doesn't happen on ZDoom 2.8.1. Other ports, including GZDoom may produce results that looks this way. This is how its supposed to look like: https://imgur.com/a/46SPocX Fair points otherwise and thanks for the feedback.
  3. darkhog

    I'm Also Looking to Play and Record Your Maps

    Pls play myfirst.wad //edit: Probably would be best if you record it blindly.
  4. darkhog


    A WAD that I've made and which is my first. Please no hate. Originally it was supposed to be more ambitious, having 2-3 maps, but I've lost will to work on it, so here it is. The base WAD is Doom2. Screenies: https://imgur.com/a/AP44cqp Anyway, sin't it weird that WAD files aren't allowed as upload format? The WAD is to be played in ZDoom with vanilla Doom controls (no mouselook. no jump, alt-strafing). Contains custom ENDOOM which is rather nice. myfirst.zip
  5. I wasn't content with ENDOOMER or anything like that, so I've decided to figure out a way to use PabloDraw instead. And so I did, even though probably not many people will see my endoom screen. You'll need Pablo Draw, a hex editor (I recommend XVI32 on Windows) and some tool to upload your ENDOOM to the wad (I recommend Slade). Last step won't be covered as if you're going to replace ENDOOM, you probably know your way around Slade, XWE or similar tools. First step is to download and install PabloDraw. I won't cover that as it is easy and the link to PabloDraw can be found on the wiki (can't remember whether it was zdoom wiki or regular doom wikia). Next step is to obviously launch PabloDraw and create new file. In the screen that follows, select Text Document (default option) and hit OK. You should be seeing something like this: Now, let's go into some technicalities regarding the artwork: ENDOOM is a single screen, meaning it's 80 columns wide and 25 lines long. So try to confine the actual artwork to those limits. What do I mean by "actual artwork"? More on that in a moment, for now don't worry. Draw something nice! Also please remember to not use bright colors (right side of the palette) as the background colors otherwise text will be blinking when put into actual wad, unless that's what you want. My guess is that using bright colors as bg triggers blink bit or something. Because I don't want to make anything good right now, I've drew this: Isn't that a beauty? Anyway, now I'll get to what I've meant by "actual artwork". Well, if you try to save it as is and upload to Slade, it will be borked as file will be too short and there will be weird sauce thingy at the end of it put there by PabloDraw. We don't want that to happen. So scroll few lines past line 25 and put something in, even a single character. In lower-right corner you get current position of your text cursor so it's easy to see your coords. What you should have now is something like this: Now click save. Remember to use .bin extension, otherwise it won't work. Now open XVI32 or your favorite hex editor and open that file in it: What you need to do is to go to the address 0xF9F and delete every byte past that (but leave byte 0xF9F in, meaning delete everything from and including FA0!). Save it in the hex editor. Now load it into SLADE and have your ENDOOM fun!
  6. darkhog

    Editing Tutorials Links

    Here's my tutorial on making an ENDOOM screen with PabloDraw. Would post a new thread, but can't )yet). Will get its own thread later: http://forum.zdoom.org/viewtopic.php?f=39&t=51969
  7. darkhog

    Ancient Aliens - final version on idgames

    Wonderful! Does it work on other ports, such as ZDoom?
  8. darkhog

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    Neato. Really like atmosphere of this level. I'm working on my first wad. Not much, just one room, but yeah. Have some problems with stairs, but I'll manage.
  9. darkhog

    Why does everyone hate DOOM?

    I don't HATE new doom. Just not sure I like where it's going. Multiplayer beta left a bad taste, though I hope SP will be nice. The main gripe with new Doom for me is SnapMap. Yes, it's easy, but so is making a map in Doom builder or Slade from pre-made sectors that you just copy around.. So unless you will be able to define your own "rooms" or have advanced mode where you're doing geometry by hand, I don't think it'll be worth my time as it would be less powerful than modding for even the original, vanilla Doom. Not to mention that in original Doom and source ports of it you can load up custom resources to completely change look and mood of the game (hell, even the gameplay itself with things like ACS and triggers from all major doom engine games) which doesn't seem to be the case for SnapMap.
  10. darkhog

    Asylum (vanilla Doom 2 map) (released)

    Really nice wad. Loved playing through it. Though some parts feeled a bit empty - decorations (either sector decorations or DECORATE objects) would go a long way here. Overall though, really nice.