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  1. snnnnori

    Ancient Aliens proofs [-complevel 9]

    aa03o007.zip map03 nomo in 0:07.83 this is my first time uploading so uhh, lemme know if there's anything i'm doing wrong :s
  2. ooohh, alright thanks. i guess the reason why i feel like it's broken or something is because i never really see anybody else using it. thanks
  3. thread title. for clarification, i mean "fake 3d bridges" as the structure where mappers use self-referencing/"invisible" sectors and instamoving floors. i'd rather not make a bunch of action 242 bridges and find out later on that they cause HOMs or something. i only test in prboom-plus & zandronum. thank you for your time. p.s. sorry for the lack of... post. i'd rather be making maps than to write. :u
  4. snnnnori

    [Release 1.3] Unloved (GZdoom mapset)

    is this what you mean by the hub song? im not entirely sure what it's called, but it's from silent hill 2. and here's the childhood song: aphex twin - jynweythek also hi 'registered only to make 1 post' :U