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  1. baragon29

    Free Doom Legacy (Wad Proposal)

    I don't know much about modding, although I hope to teach myself. Would anyone be interested in working on a FreeDoom 2 compatible mod that takes all of the older, no longer used maps, enemy designs, weapons, decorations, etc from FreeDoom and FreeDoom 2 in order to create kind of a "Beta Recreation?"
  2. baragon29

    Alien symbols/banners?

    I like that Freedoom is going in this direction, but if we give the aliens iconography, could it be slightly demonic/lovecraftian just as a vague nod to Doom? After all, these aliens are worm-like monstrosities. It doesn't have to be overtly grotesque, but if we can strike a balance between the game being its own entity while still feeling Doom-like, that would be the best of both worlds, imo.
  3. baragon29

    Potential new Freedoom logo

    It's not that Voros' design isn't cool, but I'm already smitten with the infinity logo, especially since it matches the portal pads.
  4. Would emphasizing it like FREEkenstein help?
  5. What if we replace Hitler with Dr. Frankenstein? Game Title: Frankenstein 3D/Escape from Castle Frankenstein Story: You're a German soldier who's found himself in Frankenstein's labyrinthine castle, and only you can stop his plans to take over the world with his army of the undead. Enemies: All the guards can be replaced with Igor/Frankenstein monster variations (We already have the Mutant, after all). Bosses can be replaced with super monsters cobbled together with corpses and steam-punk robotics. Thematically, this would be similar enough to the source material without alienating German players. *EDIT* We could call it Freekenstein 3D, making the title both in the spirit of Freedoom and a pun on the word "freak."
  6. baragon29

    The Official 'Trying to Find a Specific WAD' Thread

    So, I'm using freedoom on prboom+, and I was wondering if there are any compatible doom 2 mods that strongly resemble ultimate doom?