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Everything posted by Chippah

  1. Chippah

    Was there a patch?

  2. Chippah

    Was there a patch?

    So was there a recent patch that near fed the changing, etc?
  3. Chippah

    ps4 vs pc

    Playing on a television sucks.
  4. Chippah

    Predict The Metacritic Score

    It's at 88 today.
  5. Chippah

    improvements for the game that are needed ASAP

    You're simply not gonna see level redesign at this point.
  6. Chippah

    The bitching about the MP

    Don't worry, people in their 40s aren't as easily offended as delicate snowflakes in their 20s these days. "Sticks ands stones...." People of older generations never needed "safe spaces" and the like.
  7. Chippah

    Too much gibbing

    its from the word "giblets". Thank you.
  8. Chippah

    Prowler demon sucks

    To me the Prowler is the most fun. That leap is just too addictive. If you're smart, you can get quite a few kills before you die or time out.
  9. Chippah

    Early DOOM review gets a 9/10

    It's an Indian website.
  10. Chippah

    Doom - Top 10 Plays of the Week Come Friday 13th

    Not bad overall. Gave a like.
  11. Chippah

    New DOOM Clan (PC)

    Add me: skyjack
  12. Chippah

    Pre-load like hell - Steam data preload is live

    Preloading. Steam is throttled down to 7.3 MB/s
  13. Chippah

    Let's organize a Doomworld MP session!

    I'll be around at 11am est. Anyone add me: skyjack
  14. Chippah

    (PC) New DOOM Clan

    I don't have UT4 but I wouldn't mind playing with some regulars. Anyone add me: skyjack