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  1. iNood

    You CAN rocket jump...

    ... With the Gauss Cannon, try shooting it behind you and strafing backwards, pretty cool! Also, first post, hi!
  2. iNood

    My thoughts on the game!

    Thanks, Tuo. I'll let you know if I find a decent VPN, I'd imagine I won't though since it's literally at the other side of the world from where I am in the UK! Which one was it you used, by the way?
  3. iNood

    My thoughts on the game!

    Sigh, I'm a new member so I can't post a thread. Hey there guys, followed this forum for a long time but never registered. Wondering if anyone has a way we can VPN to get the game sooner, Austrailia seems to get the game nine hours earlier than us. Anyone got a solution or fancy making a thread about it?