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  1. sneakyness

    DOOM music tracks already ripped (and torn)

    No idea if these are official arrangements or not, but I've added a few 6 minute tracks to https://soundcloud.com/retard4, including the trailer music
  2. sneakyness

    how do you double jump in single player?

    Later. You can re-play earlier missions once you unlock them.
  3. sneakyness

    So apparently there is a form of "Rocket Jump"

    It is, it's a power weapon that you actually have to go pick up. IIRC it doesn't affect your movement quite as much, and the secondary is literally wallhacks
  4. sneakyness

    DOOM music tracks already ripped (and torn)

    You literally only registered to come here and beg for someone else to help you pirate content, your entitlement is amusing if nothing else
  5. sneakyness

    DOOM music tracks already ripped (and torn)

    Buy the game if you want to buy the soundtrack, which you can play right now on your garbage laptop
  6. sneakyness

    DOOM music tracks already ripped (and torn)

    The bypass is for you to pay for the game and rip the files yourself. You don't need to run the game to unpackage the content that you get when you pay for it Changed the URL to in honor of everyone asking me to give them all of the content for free http://soundcloud.com/retard4
  7. sneakyness

    DOOM music tracks already ripped (and torn)

    Uploading everything would probably get the account shut down, that is why I have also included instructions on how to do this yourself :) The filenames on the soundcloud are the official filenames from the .pck itself. There are no numbers because these aren't complete songs, they're just one of several slightly varied loops. You would want to piece those together yourself if you wanted actual songs per level. (But they would be missing a lot of the additional layers that are triggered by various in-game events like glory kills etc)
  8. sneakyness

    DOOM music tracks already ripped (and torn)

    I think they pointed that out in one of the very first streams/youtube videos they did They've always had a weird fetish w/ the menu music, didn't they get someone who used to tour w/ NiN to do Doom 3's theme? Thanks, now I'm trying to imagine some sort of perfect future where Trent Reznor does the full soundtrack for Quake 5
  9. sneakyness

    how do you double jump in single player?

    Have you picked up the double jump boots yet? Those are a requirement to double jump
  10. sneakyness

    The Monster Comparison Thread (tm)

    I just had a summoner summon a summoner who summoned a summoner (playing on Nightmare), I didn't live long enough to see if they eventually summoned something else (I got hit with 3 of their wave things at the same goddamn time)
  11. sneakyness

    Questions for those who have the game

    1. almost 2. first one, then the other 3. yes 4. There are 9 levels, searching these names on youtube will show you what they look like
  12. sneakyness

    Things You Thought Would've Been Cool to See

    A flashlight (kidding, kidding) Being able to play with the map visible on your HUD The environment suit (if this is in the game I haven't bumped into it yet, on 2nd playthrough rn) Invisibility in SP Rooms with no/very little lighting and lots of monsters It seemed "dumb" that I had to use argent energy to carry more ammo, when previous Doomguys (doom-men? Doom people?) just picked up backpacks Really looking forward to the DLC, do we have a tentative time table for that?
  13. sneakyness

    Can you play it?

    2600k @ 4.8ghz, 16gb ram, Fury - 1440p Ultra everything w/ 8x TSSAA and it's north of 100fps most of the time Lowest I've seen is 55 or so when they lay the effects on thick in SP. The presence of monsters in these scenes doesn't seem to effect the framerate, so I definitely believe what some have been saying wrt OpenGL perf being CPU bound When I'm streaming, I set the resolution scaling down to 75% (which is 1080p if you're running at 1440p) to eliminate a bit of stutter. Tiago recently recommended using res scaling to drop down to 1440 or 1080 if you're playing at 4k, as a lot of those pixels are "going to waste" Looking forward to seeing what the Vulkan perf is like, it seems to favor AMD heavily
  14. sneakyness

    DOOM music tracks already ripped (and torn)

    Found doomworld when I was googling for launch options/secret locations, was not expecting to find the throwaway soundcloud account I made along with the instructions I wrote last night! (I think I read guides on here about a decade ago when I was learning how to make maps for Doom/Quake, never got a chance to say thanks so: thanks!) I personally only wanted the extremely well produced/mixed/mastered psuedo-numetal/djent bits, but like most game music they are split into several pieces and will have to be chunked together to get a "song length" amount of music. Hopefully they follow through and do a good job with this, assuming they do eventually sell the OST (which I will be first in line to buy!) I was not aware that they went through the trouble of re-tracking all of the original songs they used, so I just went through and uploaded everything I could find for y'all (if it's shorter than 13 seconds it won't be uploaded) Same account! These are how the files are named out of the pck, I'm not cool enough to know which tracks correspond with which levels, but if you give me the level/name/song title I will be happy to update on SC https://soundcloud.com/user-908799112