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  1. riky_rice

    What do you guys think of the monster designs?

    Every demon that has crab or insect armor on it didn't feel much doomy to me, so: 50% meh 50% Doom Don't know who's better between the Cyberdemon and this random crap I googled one minute ago at least this guy has some muscles and isn't fucking FAT! Now I'm mad angry However, best monster designs in the game: Revenant and Spider Mastermind by a country mile
  2. riky_rice

    DOOM 4 makes me want to quit gaming - DWTerminator

    I hate to say that and be mean to everyone but yeah... It is blatant that Doom 4 was primarily made with gamepad controls in mind, and this "go towards the money" marketing attitude is downright disgusting. Oh well, DWTerminator, welcome to the real world! "It’s Better Than Nothing" Keiji Inafune 2016
  3. riky_rice

    how do you double jump in single player?

    Double jump (like rocket jump) is meant to be tricky. You have to press Alt+F4 while upside down But don't worry, after a good dose of training it will be much simpler!
  4. riky_rice

    What new acheivements could possibly be added?

    Name: "I don't care" Gamerscore: ∞ gg Type: My pants are on fire Description: Don't get any achievement
  5. riky_rice

    Guys...check this new Quake video out

    Talking about machinegames. They made a chapter for quake to celebrate its 20th anniversary. Download it now!!! https://twitter.com/machinegames/status/746363189768650752
  6. riky_rice

    Why are the new Hellknights...

    I tried to to test their AI making them fight but they just cook themselves! *DA BUM TSSS*
  7. riky_rice

    What do you want to see in the next Doom?

    You don't have to wait so long. It will be a feature in a free update for DOOM 16 this summer
  8. riky_rice

    What do you want to see in the next Doom?

    Was pondering if answering every point of his discussion (and some of them are interesting ideas) but thanks to you I don't have to squeeze my brain and agree to everything you just said +Deimos
  9. riky_rice

    Why are the new Hellknights...

    That's pretty cool too! Nice choice!
  10. riky_rice

    What do you want to see in the next Doom?

    No vehicle, no no nono nonono. A "train" section, maybe?
  11. riky_rice

    Why are the new Hellknights...

    Someone put a good effort on the Doom 1 IMP to make it decent while maintaining the main features
  12. riky_rice

    Anyone else "done" for now?

    That is the worst idea ever and I love it!
  13. riky_rice

    Guys...check this new Quake video out

    You know, since I registered to this forum there were already 2 threads about whiny people whining and insulting other idiots (you'll find them easily).. We are Zerg already About quakecon. A Quake 1 reboot from Machinegames would be really interesting, with the main character constantly questioning the meaning of life while dismembering nightmarish monsters XD Wolfenstein TNO cit. "This ain't war, but the breaking of Seals. The undoing of life itself" SUCH DRAMA, SUCH PASSION
  14. riky_rice

    Why are the new Hellknights...

    a dishonest or unscrupulous IMP
  15. riky_rice

    Anyone else "done" for now?

    It is clunky... Still better than every IDTech4 game though. You can feel that is a game made in eastern Europe.. But the weapons! The stake gun! The setting and the sound design were also pretty cool