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  1. anomalousauthor

    Someone made an E1M1 remake in Snapmap

    You're too picky. Whoever made this did a great job given what they had to work with.
  2. anomalousauthor

    Favorite Difficulty?

    I found Hurt Me Plenty to be pretty enjoyable. Haven't tried UV or NM though.
  3. You're welcome. Glad I could be of some service. I'm interested to see what you come up with.
  4. Interesting level. Really annoying how it kicks you out to the menu when you die though as snap maps take a bit to load. I like the direction your going with here. Would've made the zombies a bit easier to kill in general or even mixed it up with some that take more damage than others. It's also really dark, which makes it nearly impossible to play while in a room with a window, during the daytime.
  5. anomalousauthor

    Theory for new DOOM Story

    Doom 2016 features the same protagonist from the original games, although the universe in 2016 appears to be an alternate one from the original. His suit looks human because it's either a heavily modified version of the suit from the original games or a suit made for him by the Night Sentinels that is based off of his original suit. Hell is a dimension outside of time and reality that connects to numerous alternate dimensions. He became a Night Sentinel by aiding them in their conflict with hell. He became their leader by being the most badass individual amongst them. He's human, and it's entirely possible the Night Sentinels are human too, although maybe not from Earth. I like the lore they created for 2016, it allows people to create the connections to the other games in the series how they like rather than having an interpretation that's set in stone. They approached it like mythology and I dig it.
  6. anomalousauthor

    Too much gibbing

    I'm digging the over the top violence in Doom 2016.
  7. anomalousauthor

    So I take it the ending implied... (SPOILERS!)

    What you seek is in the codex entries. And yes, earth is mentioned. Argent D'Nur is described in codex entries as well.
  8. anomalousauthor

    So I take it the ending implied... (SPOILERS!)

    And what would hell be in reality other than another dimension filled with hostile extra-dimensional beings? Even in a religious interpretation heaven and hell are nothing more than extra-dimensional realms filled with extra-dimensional beings.
  9. anomalousauthor

    The UAC Then and Now

    The whole company is structured like a cult. Lower tier advocates are fed lines about faith in science, and not just as a simple euphemism. As they progress onto higher tiers hell is revealed to them incrementally until finally they advise that if one encounters a titan they should sacrifice themselves to it gladly. The codex entries pretty much show that the entire company is a cult.
  10. anomalousauthor

    Theory for new DOOM Story

    Agreed, I'd love to have a Old Blood style expansion detailing that.
  11. anomalousauthor

    Theory for new DOOM Story

    I've never played it.
  12. anomalousauthor

    Theory for new DOOM Story

    They already did. It's called Doom and Doom II: Hell on Earth. Enjoy ;-)
  13. anomalousauthor

    How is the HUD? It's a Nightmare: A Visual Rant

    Probably a bad combo, lol. Too bad devs don't consider that everyone doesn't have the ideal setup in regards to distance from the TV when it comes to text size/scaling.
  14. anomalousauthor

    How is the HUD? It's a Nightmare: A Visual Rant

    I remember this being a huge issue when the 360 came out, before I had an HD TV. Text was so small on crts that I had to sit directly in front of the TV to make it out. Haven't had that issue since I got glasses and an HD TV. Just out of curiosity but have you gotten your vision tested? I didn't know I had bad eye site until I was 19 and mine is pretty bad beyond about 4 feet, but I had no idea.
  15. anomalousauthor

    How is the HUD? It's a Nightmare: A Visual Rant

    I sit about 11 feet from my TV and have no problem seeing it. I have a 55" LCD TV and glasses on, so that might have something to do with it. Can't see how having an option to scale the HUD would hurt though.