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Everything posted by Fisheth

  1. Fisheth

    Just beaten the Cyberdemon...

    Pretty cool boss fight, much better than Doom 3's Cyberdemon boss fight which I felt was always anti-climatic, however I felt that people playing with controllers may struggle with it as it needs really strong reaction times that I'm not sure that can be pulled off that precisely with input devices. How is it for people on the consoles? I'm nowhere near that point on the PS4 version yet, so just wanted to ask. Loving Doom thus far though, feels fresh. Almost as good if not better than W:TNO for sure.
  2. Fisheth

    Just beaten the Cyberdemon...

    Oh cool, how is it on a console? I'm on the PC so it's different, haha
  3. Fisheth

    Your opinion about the soundtrack of new Doom?

    Mick Gordon is solid, only track that's really stood out to me is BFG Division so far though.
  4. Fisheth

    Just beaten the Cyberdemon...

    Yeah, that was my problem with the first attempt!
  5. Fisheth

    Foundry Complex. Fast action on a beautiful map!

    Not infant of my PC or my PS4 so I can't try this right now, I'll make a post tonight once I've played it. Screen shots look great though.
  6. Fisheth

    Things You Thought Would've Been Cool to See

    At least so far an actual boss fight, only made it up to hell and thought arena's filled with Baron's, imps and other creatures. Would have been cool if there was the boss count of Doom 3 or Quake 4. But that's just me.
  7. Fisheth

    Cut Material in game files?

    I'd love to know what's been cut, see if there's anything cool like new monsters that didn't quite make it.
  8. Fisheth

    Doom vs Duke Nukem Forever

    My best guess with Doom and Duke Nukem Forever is Doom didn't have all the prerelease hype that DNF had. DNF had Twelve years of "This is coming guys" and built up to levels of nonsensical expectations. Doom appeared out of nowhere with leaked Screenshots which were thankfully from and older build and the beta was advertised on copies of Wolf New Order and then it had a quake con showing and then an E3 showing of the next year. DNF was more like a frankenstein's monster in comparison to Doom. It was well, an amalgamation of many different era's where as Doom has what it wants to be in it's sights instead of being jumbled together bits from many different builds that Gearbox shunted together to make a complete product.
  9. Fisheth

    You CAN have more than 2 weapons in SnapMap

    Trying this now, doesn't seem to be working for me though :(
  10. Fisheth

    My first snapmap map

    Needs more weapon pickups, but it's a pretty good start, especially due to SnapMap's limitations.