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Everything posted by DCK

  1. DCK

    Favorite doom music?

    Map14 !!!!
  2. DCK

    New Doom map editor in development

    Looks good, like famous DEU :) But for now, WadAuthor is the Best (IMHO)
  3. DCK

    Heritic on Win2k machine

    I have a WIN2K and play with Zdoom, Legacy, Jdoom, Jheretic, Jhexen :) Looks great, works great and i haven't anyproblems. Ups, sorry there's a problem with Doomsday KICKs, but fortunatelly, full instalation help with this.
  4. DCK

    quake 2 textures

    Huh, screenies look awful :(
  5. DCK

    Doom: Enigma

    Ups, sorry...... :)
  6. DCK

    When you first met the Cyber Demon...

    I haven't time to any reaction, something like rocket,blow away my head :)
  7. DCK

    Doom: Enigma

    I've sent my map to Nanami, but don't know is he received it.
  8. DCK

    Doom: Enigma

    To all mappers : I have an Idea... What do you think, maybe we should insert a one identical structure into all maps in Enigma ? Something like teleport exit in Plutonia.... ?
  9. DCK

    A Good Megawad?

    I think DARKENING and DARKENING 2 are coolest.
  10. DCK

    Some Screens

    Yeach, looks fine. I think, will be preties with some transluency.
  11. DCK

    Doom: Enigma

    Hehe :) I'll try to change this into something else ;), but later... For now, enter HERE and check out two newest screens from My own MAP14 for DooM:Enigma :) I think, when i design whole map, it may be awesome... Sorry for my English. ;)
  12. DCK

    Doom: Enigma

    If somebody is intewresting in, 2 firsts screenies from my upcoming map 14 for DooM:Enigma is available here. Do you think, it's a good way to design this map, or not ? Why ? NOTE: each JPG is about 100kb ! NOTE 2: It's PRE PRE ALPHA BETA !!!!!!!!
  13. DCK

    Stupid question

    Yes, zdoom launcher is the best :)
  14. DCK

    Doom: Enigma

    Is MAP14 still free ? I want to design it... So, tell me quickly !