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  1. BNA!

    How to do a mod?

    Wait for the SDK - should be out soon.
  2. BNA!

    Doom3 edit for noobs..?

    Thanks for the compliment, we're trying our best, yet we're a bit flooded atm. For newbies - always check the sticky posts in the sections, most common questions are answered there and the avilable tutorials are nicely listed.
  3. BNA!

    how do you get things to move the way you want them to.

    I hate to just post an outside link instead of a good answer, but you may want to read up on scripting: http://www.doom3world.org/phpbb2/viewforum.php?f=4
  4. BNA!

    Custom Models

    You need to reference to a working material shader in the //BITMAP.. path of your model. Any weird submsmoothing whatever meshes or groupls in Max? I'm not a max user, but Doom3 doesn't accept all the fancy parameters from 3D apps included in game models.
  5. BNA!

    Confused about some textures

    These are empty material shaders left over from the development process. Don't mind them, don't use them :)
  6. BNA!

    Modelled Rocks

    id software used LightWave, yet you can try to use a tesselated simple patch mesh and edit the vertices. Sould give reasonable results.
  7. Nice tip, shouldn't you set the preferences to "brush primitives" to successfully import into Doom3?
  8. BNA!

    How to start the Doom 3 Editor

    In the meantime we've also created a set of video tutorials - have fun: http://www.doom3world.org/phpbb2/viewtopic.php?t=3397
  9. BNA!

    How to start the Doom 3 Editor

    That's true, unfortunately they don't come here and start a thread named "look here - I don't have problems and I don't need help" ;)
  10. BNA!

    Doom 3 SDK

    You can modify so much of game via the .def files :) I think if you explore the def's you should be pretty busy till the SDK is in your hands.
  11. BNA!

    How do I model and import?

    You can model in any application you like, it's just that you need to export to the right format. Doom3 can read .lwo (LightWave) and .ase (MAX ASCII) files directly as static meshes. If you want to animate a model, you have to export the mesh to md5mesh and the animations to md5anim. Our exporters get currently rewritten, but md5toOBJ exporters are already available for those who like to look at the game models in their fav 3D package. http://www.doom3world.org/phpbb2/viewforum.php?f=3
  12. BNA!

    How to start the Doom 3 Editor

    FSAA fux0rs the editor in9 out of 10 cases.
  13. Thanks! I haven't messed with physics objects yet. Will take a look into them next week and post back here.
  14. Nice one! I've written a similar tutorial last night, just to round things up: http://www.doom3world.org/phpbb2/viewtopic.php?t=3214
  15. http://www.doomworld.com/vb/showthread.php?s=&threadid=26152
  16. BNA!

    Doom Ed and 3dMax

    Just export to .ase - Doom3 can read it just as .lwo LightWave files.
  17. BNA!

    editor out side of doom III

    Try this shortcut: yourpath/Doom3.exe +r_fullscreen 0 +vid_restart +editor If it starts up fullscreen anyways, use alt+enter to make it windowed.
  18. BNA!

    DooM 3 Editor tutorials?

    Small listing of turials written by me or others on the web: http://www.doom3world.org/phpbb2/viewtopic.php?t=3017
  19. BNA!

    Placing Computers and such

    Right click in the grid > new model > browse the model/mapobjects tree...
  20. BNA!

    Doom3Radiant interface tips

    These windows open on the left side upper corner so if the cam window is there or other move them to the right. Anyhow, view/toggle (choose winow) they will all show up.
  21. BNA!


    In the editor: BSP (menu) > bsp Potential errors show up in the console (inspector window > console tab)
  22. BNA!

    Grid won't change

    Run the editor in windowed mode, not fullscreen 99% of the errors get resolved this way. Use this shortcut properties to start your editor: yourpath/Doom3.exe +r_fullscreen 0 +vid_restart +editor
  23. BNA!

    How to start the Doom 3 Editor

    You don't need to set any r_modes... Use this shortcut, works for everybody: yourpath/Doom3.exe +r_fullscreen 0 +vid_restart +editor There's also a short FAQ I've written which appears to contain the right way so iron out most of the squirks: http://www.doom3world.org/phpbb2/viewtopic.php?t=3
  24. Well, here's just a little list of things you might want to take into consideration to produce a nice Doom3 with acceptable performance: Lights Try to stay very conservative with Lightsources. The way the engine works it doesn't like too many overlapping lightsources at all. Try conventional set ups as found in the offline rendering world: KeyLight, Spotlight, Fill Light (which of course requires more preplanning due to the absence of radiosity effects). Light emitting textures like in Quake3 do not exist - so when you use textures looking like a lightsource, you want to place a light there. There are various light types available, so you can toy around to get the desired effects. I can't give you any limits or suggestions on how many lights to use, but try to cut it down to as little as possible. You can also break lights, switch them on and off and such - so your phantasy is the limit. Visibility blocking This is doen via visportals which get placed manually in the map. Much better control than hintbrushes in Quake3. Surfaces Doom3 handles an ungodly amount of image maps compared to Quake3. For every surface you have at least two image maps (.tga), ranging up to blending materials with 6 or more image maps. Resolutions are available up to 2048*, but you may want to stick to more conventional resolutions until computers catch up with your imagination. While the Doom3 engine has no problem handling a quarter million polys, it doesn't like too many different surfaces in view. Can't tell you a good limit, but I'm sure you all will toy around much yourself :) Map geometry vs. Model geometry Modelling skills are prerequisite for Doom3 mapping, preferably with LightWave. The engine can read the native .lwo format but also .ase If you're serious about mapping for Doom3, you'll want to learn to model. Quake3 mappers will feel at home fast. Scripting, Particle effects, Camera animations and whatnot The Doom3 engine allows very very neat effects - you can script almost anything and everything. Move stuff around, remove lights form the scene, let something explode after clicking on an ingame GUI - whatever. The scripting syntax for these things appears to be pretty accessible and easy to learn, yet it's still a language which needs to get learned. Those with a little programming experience will pick it up quite fast tho, while the others should have a weekend of fun with some good tutorials. But you'll sure love it. Physics You can place physics objects in your map, you all know that. worth to mention is, that every physics object rests or should rest in a simplified clip model to make collision calcualtions faster. You'll have fun with that too. Sounds As surfaces sounds are controlled via shaders too. There are various variables you can toy around with. Mind you that the sounds are higher quality than in Quake3, so they might eat up a lot of ram, not sure about that. But you can set volumes and stuff, very neat! I'm sure I have forgotten a lot of things, but I just wanted to put something a little informative here. Enjoy!
  25. BNA!

    Doom 3 Screenshots

    Small image gallery whith what is currentl y available, just in case the free webhosting links die: http://www.doom3world.org/index.php?milkme=show_gallery&gallcat_id=1&gallery_id=24&dir2=doom3/release1st/