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  1. Batelli_1605

    What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

    I have been bored of gaming as a whole lately, don't know why, but I have been playing a lot of Gunbound nonetheless..
  2. Batelli_1605

    Most toxic gaming communities you have come across.

    Interesting responses I am seeing here, I personally think myself that the community of a game is a very important part of it, and if the community isn't well seen, the game might suffer from it. One example is Tribes Ascend, fantastic online shooter with an incredibly horrible community, because of no more investments, no admins and just tons of hackers in there, Tribes Ascend just stopped receveing updates and completely faded out to oblivion...
  3. Batelli_1605

    So how far did you get on Ultra-Nightmare?

    Never got past the second level... -.-
  4. Just curious on what were the most toxic gaming communities you guys have come across, experiences you had with it, and if you gave up playing a game that you liked it because of it. I haven't played League of Legends, or Overwatch, so I can't say anything about these games, but, all I hear about them is nasty things, especially Overwatch, now if I had to pick the most toxic gaming community I have come across it would be probably GTA V Online. Which is yours? PS: Also, (I think this has been mentioned here before) Doom has an excellent community overall, which is ironic in my opinion due to the nature of the game.
  5. Batelli_1605

    Whats your favourite Demon death sound?

    I like pretty much all of them, can't really complain.
  6. Batelli_1605

    Arch-vile removes God Mode?

    Actually I've never heard of that before, first time... Hmm, gotta do a research about it.
  7. Batelli_1605

    Sick Doom Frag Movie

    Awesome, very awesome indeed.
  8. Batelli_1605

    The scientist in Delta Labs 4

    That is a puzzle indeed.
  9. Batelli_1605

    Hardest level in Goldeneye 64.

    At the start of Aztec I usually walk forward and immediatelly walk back to let the guards shoot, once they stop, I storm them with the PP7 killing them as fast as I can and using the pillars for cover, if you take too much damage in the beginning you can just forget the rest, the damage in Aztec is unreal.. Now for Control, once you hear the glass breaking during the gunfight, oh boy... You're about to have a bad day xD.
  10. Batelli_1605

    Hardest level in Goldeneye 64.

    In your opinion, which is the hardest level in Goldeneye 64? I can safely say that Control is indeed very troubling at the end of it, but for me Aztec was by far the hardest. Playing it on 00 Agent with these Moonrakers and AR-33 soldiers that rarely miss a shot was a complete nightmare for me.
  11. Batelli_1605

    Most recent movie you saw

    Guardians of the Galaxy. As a HUGE Star Wars Fan that I am, I agree with everything you said, for me Star Wars Episode VII is a reboot of Star Wars Episode IV, and about Han Solo, Harrison Ford wanted Han Solo to die on Empire Strikes Back, but they didn't kill him at the time, so they called on him to do Episode VII and he only agreed to do that if Han Solo got killed, they also paid him 25 million dollars for it.
  12. Batelli_1605

    Any bad playthroughs out there?

    There a LOT of bad playthroughs out there about Doom 2016, especially from reviewing sites.
  13. Batelli_1605

    Is Doom 3 rushed?

    No, I don't feel that way at all, I think Doom 3 was really well planned and designed for it's time, stopping with the Betruger cutscene in the ending was the perfect timing for me, if they kept going, the game would probably be too long.
  14. In my opinion Perfect Hatred was the most difficult in The Ultimate Doom, now for Doom 2 I'd maybe pick Icon of Sin, I had a lot of problems in that level trying to figure out how to kill it.