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  1. Orchid87 said:

    Correct me if I am wrong but historically in fiction only Coil guns were called "Gauss guns". But DOOM design is clearly a Rail gun. While every electromagnetic gun could be called "Gauss gun", DOOM is probably the first work of fiction who uses this name for a Rail gun.

    You are right, only coilguns are called "Gauss gun" (not only in fiction). Given the form of the gauss cannon and the codex stating it fires a steel projectile it definitly is a railgun and not an energy weapon.

  2. MiNaM said:

    it does that in the final release when you first meet the cyberdemon!

    I know but that doesn't change the fact that both are cutscenes which gives more opportunities of adding special effects that might be too performance-hungry or hard to implement during actual gameplay.

  3. Given how much has changed compared to the E3 gameplay and that the BFG shown probably wasn't an ingame weapon the changes to its visuals don't surprise me. The end of the E3 Demo was more of a rendered cutscene (zooming in on the cyberdemon; sudden cut to black) so they went for a more cinematic look of the effects that may be hard to reproduce during gameplay.
    Also the shortened charge time is better for its intended role as an "emergency weapon".

  4. Tetzlaff said:

    That's not true: Wraiths, Trites, Cherubs, Maggots, Zombies, Z-Secs, Commandoes, Vagary all add something new and as a result the monsters diversity is greater than in the classic Doom games.

    - Vagary and Tentacle Commando: They are the only true new ideas in the game and I have no problem with them existing.
    - Cherubs and Maggots: Why do we need more monsters that can jump in your face when Imps can do that too?
    - Z-Secs and Chaingun Commando: Except from the rare shield guy they are this game's former humans.
    - Zombies: They aren't really a threat, more an annoyance. I do like the Chainsaw Zombies but those are way to underused.
    - Trites: would be okay if the game spawned a lot of them at once so they would swarm you but in vanilla Doom 3 they are Zombie-level dangerous.
    - Wraiths: Maggots with a weird teleport gimmick that is to slow and obvious to be interesting.

    RoE brings us a few more enemies:
    - Bruiser: a mix of Hell Knight and Mancubus. I like the design and due to it being so aggresive it feels like thats what the Mancubus should have been.
    - Vulgar: It's an Imp with slightly different behaviour.

    So yeah, while the statement "all new enemies add nothing new" might be wrong I would change that to a "a lot of the new enemies feel pointless".

  5. I think Doom 3's problems were that it is rather repetitive (a lot of the levels look similar because of the darkness), the new enemies didn't add anything that wasn't there already and that it had some really annoying sound effects (especially that one when demons spawn).

  6. Voros said:

    If you ask me, making the suit that color is just awkward.

    I'm feeling the same about the colour. If they had maybe used a darker tone or two different colours it would be easier to distinguish her from the suit and the exoskeleton. As of right now she just looks like one white/beige human-shaped mess.

  7. MacBeth said:

    The amount of armor and health you get from pick ups are greatly diminished depending on difficulty level, Ultra Violence for reference gives you a +5 with an armor shard, Nightmare and Ultra Nightmare only give you a +1.

    I'm pretty sure shards only give you +3 on UV.

    Other than that enemies have more hp on Nightmare and Marty said in one of the streams that enemy AI is more aggressive on higher difficulties. From my experience that is something best seen on the Imps as they will swarm and flank you more on UV than they do on HMP.

  8. I was mainly using Armored Offensive, Vacuum and Equipment Power during my playthroughs but sometimes swapped one of them for the more-ammo-rune. Getting 2 or 3 BFG ammo drops during larger encounters is always great.

    But as the triple chaingun is my favourite weapon I found myself switching to Rich get richer when I was replaying some of the early levels or playing on lower difficulties.

  9. For me its a close one between the Chaingun and the Gauss.
    The Gauss with the Siege Pulse mod is the second best problem-solver in game (after the BFG, of course). Corridor full of soldiers? A group of Revenants/Hell Knights/Cacos? Have a Summoner-based problem? Siege Pulse got you covered. The only enemies you can't oneshot are Barons and Mancubi.
    On the other hand, the mobile turret is just awesome and I used it when enemies are spread out or I don't feel like using the micro-missiles.

  10. I would have liked more diverse mods for the "heavy" weapons (Gauss, Gatling) as the gauss rifles mods are just "charge for more damage" and the gatling's mods are both "more bullets in less time". If they had made the gauss more of a laser style weapon (something like a Spartan Laser) you could have a mod the creates a continuos beam or so.

    Maybe more equipment items. The tesla rocket from MP would have been nice.

  11. Urthar said:

    Just to clarify, when I got my 650Ti a few years back, I was looking for the cheapest card with 4GM of memory, so it may be a non-standard variant.

    System information:
    Total availiable graphics memory: 4096MB
    Dedicated video memory: 2048MB GDDR5

    From what I've found it seems you have Gigabyte's OC version of the 650.

    Urthar said:

    The fans cetainly kick in while playing DOOM, and I'm wary of pushing this rig on a hot summers day. I should also note that I'm running Windows7. I'm no tech expert, but I get the impression that Windows10 is a bit of a resource hog, and DOOM appears to be equally hungry.

    As far as I know the difference in gaming performance between Win 7 and 10 is only ~1% in favor of Windows 10 so that shouldn't be too much of a problem. If you're concerned about your PC overheating you could use a program to monitor your system's temperatures.

  12. So I've been playing Doom on an AMD FX-4100, 4GB of DDR3 RAM and a GTX 660Ti and it actually works. I'm using lowest graphic settings and only 720p. During larger fights the game runs at an average 30-35 fps (which I can live with) and it can reach up to 90fps when there are no enemies around.
    On some occasions when I enter a new area or a level starts the games stutters extremly for a few seconds which may be caused by loading but other than that I haven't really had any problems with low (= unplayable) fps.