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  1. eman29

    Mysterious Space Marine in Cancelled Doom

    I see a civilian militia character and I see a military soldier character. You read so much into literally nothing So much nonsense
  2. eman29

    will there eventually be good snapmaps?

    The problem is anything worth playing takes a lot of work and a lot of time to create. I've been working o mine for 20 hours, and it's only about halfway done. Testing and fixing bugs is a big time sink. Managing the resource limit is also a big caveat. This first week most players spent learning the snapmap editor and making some simple maps, but I expect to see some good campaign quality maps in the next few weeks. Just give it some time it's not as easy as you think.
  3. 1 id is EFKREFZM There are no respawns, which may have been a mistake since no one has completed it unfortunately :( but the difficulty has been tuned to compensate for that. It is slower paced doom 3 style, just search for pickups and guns in the obvious secret areas and it should be gravy. Doors need a keycard or need to be powered on, backtracking and exploring involved. The timer is a bit generous but stay moving and it will reset at critical progression points across the level. If you dont have the double barrel shotgun when the lights go out, I recommend you go back and find it before going further... I have tested this map many times, there are no bugs on my end, if you could confirm that as well
  4. eman29

    Snap Map Enemy behavior error

    not sure i understand. glory kills are enabled by default, but ammo and health confetti has to be enabled by the editor. most snaps have ammo boxes lying around somewhere in the map
  5. eman29

    My Map: UAC Stress Assessment

    i think it would be better to focus solely on a terminal puzzle, that when activated, opens up the exit and the locked hellknight at the same time. as it is now its too difficult to do the terminals while a hellknight is in the same room...
  6. eman29

    My Map: UAC Stress Assessment

    i really liked the idea, only thing is difficulty needs a bit of tuning, esp at the start. the text isnt enough signposting on what to do, and maybe make it one terminal instead of 5. took me 3 loading screens to figure out how to get out, since it looks like they didnt do anything. btw how did you empty the shotgun? also, an idea for your ammo crate, add some uac safety audio. the firearm discharge one will fit perfectly
  7. eman29

    Snapmap atmosphere are post effects

    being able to see the unprocessed room when opening a door is what bothers me. cant make a red lighted room without a sudden obvious shift in lighting
  8. eman29

    Technical question. deaths and interaction

    why not use a custom group encounter and spawn encounter/unlock door on finish? seems the simpler method.
  9. eman29

    Placing Enemies, only spawnable?

    Exactly what I was thinking. Im not a fan of lost souls in wave events, they feel a bit cheap in smaller areas and was looking for how to filter them off specifically.
  10. eman29

    Snapmap suffers from major bugs!

    I went through the same bugs you did, but being deliberate with triggers and making sure that im not using too many resources at once solved the problem for me
  11. eman29

    Placing Enemies, only spawnable?

    yes my first few maps I was left confused as to why encounters werent triggering, using the hide on start option helps manage resources used. and spawns are necessary for any semi large maps, if you rely on manually placing demons your resource gauges fill up fast