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  1. TheGrumpyGuppy

    New encounters each visit?

  2. TheGrumpyGuppy

    New encounters each visit?

    right now im just using one survival encounter or whatever well call it lol i just wanted to set it up for the whole thing i have been able to make it reset to 1 when hit but not a multiplier like how to explain i kill one its worth x2 all the time no up no down but i get hit goes to x1 ive used the number module to try and hit multiply but i think im messing the connections up somehow (my map is a survival map see how long you can last just wanted to add that is to someway add an element of wanting to keep ur multiplier up im close but so far...excuse the terrible punctuation lol
  3. TheGrumpyGuppy

    New encounters each visit?

    thanks ill give it a shot still messing around with a lot of different things this was not as easy as i thought it would be. Ive been able to go to the score settings to multiply the base value of the points for the kills but the rest escapes me lol. appreciate the help
  4. TheGrumpyGuppy

    New encounters each visit?

    Hi i was wondering if there was a way to set a score modifier. If so how would i go about setting the modifier to increase by on on every kill. Example being kill one x2 kill 2 x3 so on and so forth and when you are hit that score multiplier will revert back to x1. if it is possible can someone please explain the chain or leave a map id for me to reference. thanks