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  1. Lupe nukem


    Very cool!!
  2. Lupe nukem


  3. Lupe nukem

    Should the Doom guy have a name, and talk in game?

    He doesnt have a nave because each one of us is the doom guy! we are all the marines that are figthing against those monsters.
  4. Lupe nukem


    check this out http://www.planetquake.com/articles/doomcomic.shtm
  5. Lupe nukem

    Lets keep this alive

    Dudes lets keep alive the forum...how? thas a good question. my idea doesnt focus on oly in talking about doom weapons, enemies, level design, etc. what I have in mind is to make our imagination create what we whant to see in te game...how we can do this, well every day i read all the post in the forum and there are a lot of doom marines that have very but very good ideas about each topic, what we can do is draw, make animations in 3d or flash, use photoshop etc. to male our own doom. We can make, our own weapons, draw our own enemies (this will very cool because some dudes have very good ideas) and if some one frome here knows how to draw but doesnt know how to use photo shop or whatever find some one in here that can help. i hope that all of you understand this, imagine what fucking cool it whould be. So let get to work on it. remember DOOM IS 4 EVER MARINESSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Lupe nukem


    LF is rigth, and for the people that dont belive that doom 3 is in devenlopment check this out... If you where idsoftware, and you know that if you bring back doom, the best game ever, (the game that put your company in a higher level in the game industry) dont you think that this will generate more money for you, so that you could buy more beer, or a new car, or some chicks (chicks are cool!!)...it will very nice... this is what carmack is tinking rigth now. DOOM the best, of the best, of the best.
  7. Lupe nukem

    They are from ST.

    check this out, some links of ST, there are some figures and they are very similar to the doom marine armor... If some company can make figures of doom, I will choose Mcfarlane toy http://www.trooperpx.com/RSTC/series.html
  8. Lupe nukem

    They are from ST.

    Yeap, thats what I was talking about, they are from the tv series, and they have a very god variety of weapons, ships, armament, etc. If any one havent seen the tv series I will try to make an asf or a mov of one of the episodes. There you will see some very good ideas for DOOM3. Disorder sorry about my fucking mistake, yeah I might be a new dude in here, but I have been playing doom since it came out and ohhh shit, every time I play it, it scares the shit out of me. Doom is the definition of perfection in a game. I really hope that DOOM 3 has the same felling. Some dudes from here have post lots of very good ideas, they shoud contact costumer service at id software and make them know what we want. And my friends, wait when we have the VR technology to play doom. And yes, sorry about my english.
  9. Lupe nukem

    They are from ST.

    They are from starship troopers. And yes, they are really fuc)( cool.
  10. Lupe nukem

    ahhhhhh!!! newbie

    My friend i really like all about the ammo stuff, it would be really cool to see a cyberdemon reloading his bazoka, or the chain gun dude taking clips from his dead partners. It will be also very cool to hear them screaming orders like in HL. BTW, in a few weeks i will upload a webpage whit images in pencil of all the charactes in the doom saga, and if anyone is looking for the poster of doom 2, send me a mail and a will send it to you, the artist who drew this is Brom, he also drew the heretic poster. And if ID has to choose and artist for the doom box,I will like a lot it was him. And well, newbie here, yes, in DOOM no, Doom is the best of best, i have been playing it for 4 years and the CyberDemon always scares the shit out of me. Also the atmosphere, men is so F*cking cool. My life in one word: DOOM and yes, sorry about my english