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  1. Well hello doom World I know its a little late for this but here goes. I am MZLXS (no shit?) and I am making this fine and classy blog to get to know the people here and for you to get to know me better. I have been watching this site for awile (found it when I was keeping tabs on millennium doom which broke my heart when it was cancelled) I was a hardcore DOS doomer since about 6 years old. Now 26 I am still dooming.
    Feel free to speak your mind here. Oh and all hail Linguica, Lutz ,Graf Zahl, Bloodshedder codeimp (the doom builder builder)and others that I am too dumb to remember...

    1. Voros


      Welcome to Doomworld, buddy!
      There's no need to "hail" the mods, its not the UAC.

      Also, that signature ain't authentic. I swear one of the old members had that signature(I forgot who).

      Enjoy your stay!

    2. Hellbent


      What's your favorite level from doom 1?

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