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  1. MZLXS

    RIP Kimbo Slice

    That sucks. I remember watching his street fights... I wonder what else will go wrong today err yesterday.
  2. MZLXS

    The /newstuff Chronicles #500

    After all these years its good to see there is still quality wads being made.
  3. Well hello doom World I know its a little late for this but here goes. I am MZLXS (no shit?) and I am making this fine and classy blog to get to know the people here and for you to get to know me better. I have been watching this site for awile (found it when I was keeping tabs on millennium doom which broke my heart when it was cancelled) I was a hardcore DOS doomer since about 6 years old. Now 26 I am still dooming.
    Feel free to speak your mind here. Oh and all hail Linguica, Lutz ,Graf Zahl, Bloodshedder codeimp (the doom builder builder)and others that I am too dumb to remember...

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    2. Acid


      Hi, welcome to the forums. Enjoy your stay here.

    3. Tritnew


      Welcome to Doomworld, are you ready to step up, become everything you hoped you'd ever dream? Join in today and become an shitposter!

      Hail the darklord Linguica!

      All kidding aside, welcome to the forums.

    4. MZLXS


      Thank ye kindly all. This site does a great service to all. And after all these years its good to see it alive and kicking. Raise your brews to 16 more!

  4. MZLXS

    Anyone remember EBDOOM?

    Yup kinda noob to all this new stuff I'm used to dos doom. In regards to ddf it was the whole doom definition file opposed to doomsday definition files that confused me. But as for the belphegor its a centaur like hell knight in brutal doom but somehow it comes up as the ghost baron when combined with eb.
  5. MZLXS

    what game (besides doom) are you playing?

    Blades of Exile. Changed the first avatar into a cacodemon pretty hilarious in exile 3's opening sequence.
  6. MZLXS

    The Lobster?

    The resemblance is uncanny.
  7. MZLXS

    I made a new wad

    Its NUTZ in a box.
  8. The music is interesting in there Kinda jungle-ish hey! I should do that for a doom mod, a jungle in hell...
  9. MZLXS

    Anyone remember EBDOOM?

    Worked just now for me but I wouldn't doubt it if it disappears soon... Some don't like the school doom levels in there. But there is another link somewhere where I got it from. Had to scan Google for awhile but its there.
  10. MZLXS

    I'm playing for the first time Blood (more or less)

    Cant beat kicking around zombie heads.
  11. Yeah when I rub my eyes I see multicolored geometric patterns very similar to hallucinogenic effects. After that a very complex asymmetrical pattern/symbol appears usually in contrasting colors that is never the same twice. Then the symbol fades out from within back to normal vision. Does it every time.
  12. Hopefully hell will be like Doom. Probably not going to be any weapons down there though.
  13. MZLXS


    Yes you need original Doom wad
  14. I loved those homing rockets in that map. Made up a little for the revenant missing.
  15. MZLXS

    Forming opinions on complex topics

    Damn I better finish my mod then...
  16. MZLXS

    Anyone remember EBDOOM?

    It works with Brutal Doom under Zandronum. You can play the levels. But the nonstandard doom monsters don't show up(probably fixable). But the Ghost baron is summonable using Summon Belphegor In the console. So is the iron lich.
  17. MZLXS


    I think its time to look into this. AutoCad has an Auto Script addon for .cad's. So why not one for ACS? (Geared for doom of course) one that can process and archive say massive amounts of textures and sprites (or anything) within a directory and easily make a functioning script with little to no modifying to run. That sounds better than typing 10,000 entries spanned across multiple scripts. I know that many love scripting as did I long ago. But scripting will only become more complex.
  18. MZLXS


    the only way my monsters show up in either the editor or game is to define the actor graphic set file by file in the actors.txt file (yeah I know not an ACS script its a def.) So not just autoscript/generate for ACS but .def .ddf etc files as well. Sorry been on the doom for several days in a row. Hard to function.
  19. MZLXS


    Well it could be done with a set of parameters such as Actor type/ #/ # of graphics to incorporate start/end Or even by directory. It would take a sophisticated program to distinguish between actors/other/weapons /map data Etc. And incorporate them into script compatable with the editors and ports.
  20. MZLXS


    I mean when you are makining mods especially starting a large project with alot of things that need to be used something that can generate a script(or multiple scripts) that links all the information accordingly. Like instead of typing entries for one monsters sprite set it would be able to automatically add the whole sprite set and generate script values for pixel set.(in this case the autoscripter would be an editor plugin)
  21. MZLXS

    Anyone remember EBDOOM?

    Yeah it definitely had that apeal to it back then. But the foundation it laid is still there. In that opening training could you imagine making a huge map and being able to summon those monsters to fight on your side. Against a player making his own army? Drop spawning dualrocket cyberdemons to back you up on the front lines.
  22. MZLXS

    Anyone remember EBDOOM?

    Get it while its hot.
  23. Yeah that's the last 10 wads I've downloaded.
  24. A mod like this needs to happen it would open many doors.
  25. MZLXS

    The most unusual wads

    Virgil the doom poet's black and white was pretty odd. Can't even find it anymore.