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  1. Awesome! Now we just need MIDI packs for Deathless and No End in Sight!
  2. Anyone know how to get this running with the Master Levels Menu Interface? https://forum.zdoom.org/viewtopic.php?t=20795 I've tried putting the music in the interface, i tried putting it into the wads themselves, i tried renaming it to the correct doom2 lumps AND tried changing mapinfo to the new names to no avail. nothing works.
  3. Wario64

    Deathless - v1.1 out.

    You should write a unique story for the maps instead of the default
  4. Wario64

    The Ultimate DOOM: No End In Sight - Released

    Considering it it's being "featured" on equal grounds as No Rest for the Living, TNT Evilution, and Final DOOM, that makes it canon in my eyes.
  5. Wario64

    The Ultimate DOOM: No End In Sight - Released

    Congratulations, your wad is now canon.
  6. Wario64

    Is the Doom 3 marine The original Doomguy?

    No, DOOM 3 is a separate timeline from Classic/Eternal timeline. That said, an alternate version of "our" Doomguy does exist in the DOOM3verse, and he is the protagonist of DOOM RPG, which happens concurrently with DOOM 3.
  7. Wario64


    The "Umph" guy literally died after being ambushed by a group of imps and sargeants.
  8. Wario64

    Doom Eternal's Deathmatch Shaped Hole

    If I wanted to get the "campaign experience", I'd just play the fucking campaign.
  9. Wario64

    How Doom 3 fits into canon

    It's separate timeline. In RoE (2158) the facilities are fucked, rusting, and mostly abandoned. In D44M (2151) the UAC is actively exploiting Hell with facilities in phenomenal condition. Can't build all that in 3 years. Even if you handwave all that as game logic, DOOM RPG and DOOM II RPG, which are canon with Doom 3, don't fit, since B J Blazkowicz III appears in DOOM RPG as protag, even though he should be stuck in a sarcophagus at that point. DOOM 3 is very clearly an alternate timeline to the Prime timeline.
  10. Wario64

    Spoiler Discussion

    Consider someone killing your mother VS someone killing your neighbor. Both are bad, you would try to prevent either from happening, but one will sting a hell of a lot more.
  11. Wario64

    Spoiler Discussion

    If it's an alternate Earth, it loses the emotional crux since it's no longer Doomguy's planet. He has no connections to it. It's just another random civilization in the multiverse that needs saving.
  12. Wario64

    Spoiler Discussion

    If this is a separate Earth from the one in Classic DOOM then that's kinda dumb because it undermines the emotional connection between Doomguy and the planet.
  13. Wario64

    Spoiler Discussion

    Classic DOOM did NOT take place in 2100s. Doom 1 and 2 are dated in year 2022. Final DOOM takes place one year later in 2023 concurrently with all the separate plotlines of the Master Levels. DOOM 64 takes place some unspecified amount of time after that, possibly years, but not more than a decade. That leaves at least a century gap between DOOM II and Eternal. As for DOOM 3, the Wolfenstein reboot, Quake franchise, or others, those are clearly separate universes, connected only through the Vadrigar bubble dimension. What is weird though is Eternal's dating. The game apparently takes place in 2151, but the audio logs in Arc complex are dated 2163. This doesn't mesh with it being set just 8 months after D44M, and the date card at the very start of the game. Maybe they decided to change the date partway through the game and this is a leftover oversight?
  14. Wario64

    PSX levels intergrated into PC DOOM

    DOOM 2 is up. Club DOOM isn't very faithful, but I wanted it not to rely on zDOOM tricks etc. So this is the best I could do in vanilla.