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  1. I was cleaning my mega folder and must have deleted it by accident. Fixed.
  2. Alrighty people, The Mansion is done and only Club DOOM remains. This is gonna be tough to do.
  3. I'm already balancing a thin line by porting official ID software levels and releasing them for free. I have also started work on DOOM II. The level order is as follows: MAP02 > (Betray) > MAP03 MAP16 > (The Mansion) > (Club DOOM) > MAP17 MAP27 > Redemption Denied > MAP28
  4. I have found out today the exit to E1M10 doesn't work properly. I apologize. I uploaded a fixed version with the secret exit functioning.
  5. Can't wait for it to be finished. Even if it's too intensive for my PC now, in future this will be much appreciated.
  6. Thank you. Finally a sensible answer
  7. I don't understand how Quake having worse graphics has anything to do with anything. You seem to forget Quake also had to run at worse COMPUTERS. There is a huge list of games with non-dissapearing corpses. Even have a game from the same publisher that came out just two years before DOOM - Wolfenstein: The New Order. And it didn't have dissapearing corpses, unless you piled up a fuckton of bodies. And that game looks way prettier than DOOM. Hell, RAGE was even developed by the same studio. AND it was open world. And it still didn't have dissapearing corpses. These games didn't struggle with non-dissapearing corpses, then why should DOOM? DOOM doesn't do anything differently.
  8. All they say is that computers wouldn't handle it even though there is bazillion games which do not have dissapearing corpses and computers can handle them with ease.
  9. The same was true for Quake in 1996.
  10. If Quake in 1996 could do it, why can't DOOM in 2016?
  11. I have put up download link for PSX levels of The Ultimate DOOM. They need to be ran with zDOOM based ports, such as zDOOM, GZDOOM or Zandronum. There is issue with blood splatters on intermission screen which I hasn't been able to fix. If anyone knows what is causing the issue, PM me please. If you meet any issues with the maps, comment here or PM me please. The final 2 maps, Marshes and Threshold of Pain, are quite different from their PSX counterparts due to the PSX version using DOOM 2 weapons and enemies. Please keep this in mind.
  12. That looks great, but I want to stick to the original layouts as close as possible. I might make edits like this once the WADS are completed and release them separately.
  13. Edited versions of E1M1, MAP02 and MAP16, with the secret exits from console DOOM added into them, will be included with the WAD
  14. The level order for DOOM II: MAP02 > (MAP33) > MAP03 MAP16 > (The Mansion) > (Club DOOM) > MAP17 MAP27 > Redemption Denied > MAP28
  15. The maps are placed after the maps they happen after in console doom. E1M1 > (E1M10) > E1M2 E2M7 > Hell Gate > Hells Keep > E2M8 E4M8 > Twilight Descends > (The Marshes) > Threshold of Pain > Episode 4 Ending Didn't look up Doom 2 maps yet