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Everything posted by Alpaczino

  1. Alpaczino

    Snapmap Players UNITE!

    (PS4) T0mulaszka I generaly prefer snap deathmaches and multiplayer.
  2. Alpaczino

    "Find open match"

    I got kicked out of gary busey coke adventure as well!
  3. Alpaczino

    Hello, old friend

    Hope the one you mentioned is more spacious, cause this one is a bit crampy. And that gauss is a game breaker imo. I know sniper isnt as powerful as rail but this bastard is just too much :(
  4. Alpaczino

    How do I change the colors of objects?

    Bollocks. Use player blocking volumes. These are cubic shapes which can be resized, coloured and textured. U can build shapes from them just like u do with lego bricks.
  5. Alpaczino

    Hello, old friend

    My fav map from q3a. Sweet Jump pads ejects are a bit off course. Pad that catapults you for gauss is not far enough into abyss, so when u grab that armor on the bridge u cant jump down on the mentioned pad. Great piece of work anyway, mate!
  6. Alpaczino

    Worried about snapmap update...

    These hell modules are very claustrofobic.
  7. Alpaczino

    Worried about snapmap update...

    Nah. Im in uk. Now its 17:21 and servers are finaly down. Somethings brewin...
  8. Alpaczino

    Worried about snapmap update...

    Woke up this morning, saw the anouncement, still nothing by now on ps4. I cant wait... Im pretty sure they promised free for all but nothing seems to show it is there. Its my fav mode and players could finaly show their armor in full color instead of red/blue.
  9. Alpaczino

    Awash in the blood of the dead

    Pinkies get stuck in the debris and cant charge. First half of map i melee through in the remaining bit nothing really happens. Just mancub, game over. Gave it thumb up for the effort. Keep trying!
  10. I havent played it but video looks awesome. It defo has a cod feeling!
  11. Alpaczino

    Logic Mechanics you've created!

    Vented, would it work in dm when u kill players? That would create kind of a killstreak bonus!
  12. Alpaczino

    Deathmatch feature maps

    Im ps4 player and snapmap dm feature list since the doom premiere has been updated once from 3 to 6 maps and is dead as a dodo. Maps have very few thumbs up/down. Looks like nobody is playing and the section is forgotten. Is that the case on other platforms as well? I realize that majority of forum members prefer single/coop games so dont expect much feedback...
  13. Alpaczino


    3/12 chance thats 1/4. Anyway i'm *******ely. gonna try that map, although i am not the fan of bo: zombies. And well said about the neverending gameplay. I like to clock games :)
  14. Alpaczino

    DOOM 4 makes me want to quit gaming - DWTerminator

    Nah, im not buyin it. Funny guy tho. So much vile and bitterness im pretty sure guys covered with sores and mucus...
  15. Ive been kicked out at the very begining. Shame because it looked intriguing... Ill give it a shot later on, hope u sort things out.
  16. Alpaczino

    Arcade Throwback Pac-Doom Snap Map

    U done yet?
  17. Alpaczino

    Candyland - Feedback / Testing appreciated

    Just clocked the first candyland. Its ok, liked the lights in few rooms and mancubus fight. Horsemen well nice too. I really liked the restarts, no lives to count, just -1000pts and ur on it again. I must say that i got stuck wandering about without knowing where to go after killing horsemen, blowing the reactor and making the stairs appear. I've done a few rounds killing respawns, thinking have i misses anything, any hidden button to shoot, shall i kill everything? Then there was this supply box at end the level... Wtf? A little generic box in the corner to exit such a colorful map?
  18. Alpaczino

    Candyland - Feedback / Testing appreciated

    Search code doesn't work.
  19. Alpaczino

    Tower of Glass - Classic-style map - QKPAAUC9

    Search code not working. Cannot find this map.
  20. Alpaczino

    DOOM services disconnected

    Ps plus, xbox live they all require subsciption now. Reedeming value is that u got free games every month. It started with last gen consoles. One million subscribers times £40 a year equals 40 mil of income. It's hard to blame a company to miss such oportunity. Especialy when nobody strikes, just moans online.
  21. Alpaczino

    Arcade Throwback Pac-Doom Snap Map

    I wouldnt take potatoeguy this harsh. He was a bit blunt and in your face but *******ely had a few good points. Some of i've actualy mentioned before. Ugliness of a map. Theres a perfect example of how can u pamper a map and u can find it in another thread about Candyland. Lack of quick replay option. Three lives, three hits which can come any second and u re done: reload the map again. Not nice... And theres really something off with that teleport mate. My advice: dont get so hotheaded, potatoe wrote quite a lenghthy posts with a genuine feedback just forgot about vaseline ;)
  22. Ps4 here. I was mostly interested in snap deathmatch: quick, oldschool one vs one or free for all on small maps. It IS DEAD. Nobody plays it. There are 6 maps featurred since forever. As far as coop is concerned, you can always find a game.
  23. Alpaczino

    Arcade Throwback Pac-Doom Snap Map

    Spendid idea :)
  24. Alpaczino

    Snapmap update details

  25. Alpaczino

    Snapmap update details

    As a long awaited snap map update, these three objects seem to be a kind of a joke. Nevertheless even the drop of water on a scorched desert is a welcome gift. And they give a feeling of elevating the map somewhere above ground level.