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  1. You can't claim copyright on an idea. That's more of a patent thing than anything, which requires you to actually go out and acquire a patent from the government.
  2. That seems a bit totalitarian. Are there any court cases regarding this?
  3. beanz

    Recommendations for VR

    This is a longshot IMO but I think Hideous Destructor might be really fun in VR. Especially if stuff like leaning works.
  4. The only correct way to play Doom is to play on a 386 in your mother's basement with the lights off, not having showered for a month and your fingers covered in cheeto dust.
  5. I doubt it'll even be xbox console exclusive IMO. Bethesda has been living in port city with all those Skyrim remasters. Shit like Doom 2016 and Eternal and even those Wolfenstein games being on the Switch and being immensely popular (for what they are) tells me they will at most keep stuff a timed exclusive. I don't think they'll ever ditch PC support though, especially with iD games. If they do we riot.
  6. In my opinion E2 felt too boxy compared to E1, 3, & 4. I would do something to make it more organic.
  7. Well we can all agree that the bare minimum requirement is to at least have played Doom a few times.
  8. I am curious if there were any exploits found regarding loading PWADs in the original DOS Doom. I know that save game exploit thing came out semi-recently but I wonder if ACE is possible. I am aware that certain older versions of GZDoom had some vulnerabilities in regards to it's ZScript interpreter that could be used maliciously. So unless you are running that version of the GZDoom with a virus mod you should be safe. Of course don't be a silly goose and run cool_doom_wad.exe
  9. beanz

    Do you consider mouselook as a cheat?

    Mouselook isn't cheating but disabling autoaim is. The autoaim works in a particular way that I feel is "essential" to the "vanilla" experience. Mouselook is nice sometimes to be able to admire geometry of the level. If you're playing with a weapon mod or something then I don't think whether or not you use autoaim or mouselook matter, however.
  10. I'm not a lawyer but my understanding of the GPL means that you are free to sell it as long as source code changes are made public. There is the question about how far you'd have to derive something in order to be able to re-license it as you please. I'm sure there are some points made about it in the license but I'm too lazy to actually read through all of it.
  11. I was probably like 12 or 13 when I first tried it, but I didn't really get it at first and dropped it fairly quickly. I picked it back up like a year later in high school and was hooked. I remember bringing a flashdrive with me to class with all the main Doom IWADs and either ZDoom or Zandronum and playing it whenever I got some free time in the few computer classes I took. I swear I played through Ultimate Doom 4 or 5 times in that trimester alone. We would try and play LAN DM but there was only a couple of other kids that wanted to play. That was like 5 years ago.
  12. Why is it so difficult for companies to release complete and up to date versions of their old games? It cant all be due to licensing.
  13. beanz

    Is it Doomguy, Doom Marine or Doom Slayer?

    Doomguy across the board. I am of the opinion that anyone who calls Doomguy anything other than Doomguy have only played Doom 2016.
  14. beanz

    What Doom books are worth getting?

    While only partially about Doom, Masters of Doom by David Kushner is an amazing book, and is worth a read if you have any kind of interest in retro shooters.
  15. beanz

    Is E4 in Ultimate Doom optional?

    I feel like the only game that's "required" to be played in order to earnestly say you enjoy Doom or not is EP1-3. I may sound like a jackass but I don't think you can really have a worthwhile opinion on a game such as Doom (or any of the other classic shooters, for that matter) without having played them in their entirety. But yeah, EP4 is optional in my mind considering at the time of release you either had to buy the Ultimate edition or apply a patch to your original copy to play. The casual player in '93 could've bought the game, played through 1-3 and then never touched the series again.